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Scott Lasky
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"Here on Gilligan's Isle: Part 2" - November 30

Green team returns to find mattresses and other bedding waiting for them. Professor Eric gets a picture of his boyfriend. And Millionaire Donna, being the bigot that she is, doesn't understand how gay people can be like "I have sex with a guy." Her words.

Meanwhile, the Gold team is still on the beach as the medical team takes watch of Skipper Bob. He is med-evac'ed out of the island. Our hopes for the best. "It was like there was a piece missing from us," Mary Ann Kate says. "It was pretty apparent that everyone's nerves were frayed," Millionaire Glenn says. Professor Pat accuses Green Team of trivializing what he saw was a serious medical emergency. "The game is irrelevant." Rachel echoes the sentiment, asking how they could keep going when a man's life was in danger. Millionaire Bill calls it "poor sportsmanship." Donna agrees. "When you're out there racing, you hope your competition breaks down. That's what competition's all about." Way to win friends and influence people, guys. Just remember one thing I like to say all the time... "Karma is a bitch, and she cares not who she screws."

Gilligan Gooner wakes up the crew. And no sooner than that then Glenn and Rachel talk about how his competition said that the bed was "too luxurious." Rachel agrees, but says that Gooner, Eric and Skipper Jim were cool with them. "I'm out to get those guys."

Meanwhile, Donna says that you can't stop a competition. "You can go back to see if everyone's okay, but you can't stop it." Funny... I didn't see YOU going back.

Gilligan Chris showers his millionaire teammates, Glenn & Mindy, who share a tender moment... Yeah. Gooner, meanwhile, gives foot rubs, while Kate gives back rubs to Glenn.

That night, crab race. Skipper Bob returns to camp with a cheery "Hey... what's everybody doin'?" The gold team is overjoyed to see him again, but alas, this trip was to say goodbye one last time. "I realize that my health is more important." He gives his hat to Jim, and is sent on his way. "We lost Bob", Mindy says, "but we gained resolve."

"Attention castaways... follow the pathway to the Voodoo Village. It is there where we'll find out who will be competing to see which castaway will be permanently banished to the other side of the island."

Scott enters with a box, which, like all boxes from the Voodoo Village, must be returned to camp. It contains instructions as to who will compete in the next head-to-head challenge. The winner will be one of the final 7 and share a reward with their teammates, while the loser will be banished to the other side of the island. Jim opens it up to reveal... the Professor.

After returning, Glenn decides to dress Eric in drag. To that end, the girls steal Donna's boa. Or at least they ask for it, Donna says no, it's her daughter's, but they find one anyway. Jim comes to commandeer the boa, and the girls decide to have it out with Donna over her "sentimental boa". Eric wouldn't wear it anyway... but he would wear a dress. ... and I thought "He's a Lady" ended last week. Glenn thought it was hilarious... until he kissed him. Bill didn't like Eric using his daughter's clothes.

Next, Donna complains about men having sex with snakes. Don't worry, Glenn... I don't get it either. "I would love to get to know the Beavens and like them," he says, "but it's not going to happen."

The next day, Chris & Kate share a moment, talking about moving, and best friends and such.

Talking challenge, Nicole says that she might not be an ideal candidate if it was physical. Meanwhile, Prof. Pat and Rachel discuss last night's arrival and dismissal of Bob. Rachel doesn't want Pat to be the second eliminated.

Prof. Eric peps up his team, as Mary Ann Amanda notes that any loss is a team loss. They do some light stretching while the Yellows pledge solidarity. And then Nicole cuts her dress off, while Gooner cuts off his sleeves. Kate notices, while they concentrate on their mental game.

"Attention castaways... Yoo-hoo! Professors, it is time to prove your intellect."

The challenge: using the parts provided and a Lowe's toolbox ($PLUG$), build a raft and then have two race to a buoy. Eric and Jim team up on the direction of a boat. Gold, on the other hand... has no idea what they're doing. But that won't stop them from crafting the ghetto Minnow. The ships are done, and now all that we can do is race, Eric & Bill vs. Pat & Chris.

We don't know if the gold raft will make it to the shore, but that doesn't stop Chris and Pat from giving it their all. Chris jumps off and couldn't get back on. On the other hand, Bill & Eric can't row worth a crap, as their boat proves more than heavy. "It was all show, no go." Gold team wins it, and Pat is THE PROFESSOR. He joins Skipper Jim as one of the final seven.

And Donna wins the award for most grating backhanded compliment: "I didn't want to see any of our team members leave, but hey, might as well be Professor Eric."

And as for Minnow Gold, they get fishing equipment. And a fish! And Donna calling them bad sports. Bill steps in and tells her to knock it the hell off. Donna calls him out for not being mature.

Dinnertime for Gold, as Glenn & Mindy dress up. "If I catch another one, I might wear a tuxedo!" Rachel just thinks it's great to have protein.

Next, a trip to the Voodoo Hut, where Pat and Jim pull out... Mary Ann. So next time, Amanda and Kate will fight it out to see who will be banished to the other end of the island. Chris will do his best to keep his best friend on the island, while Nicole will give it her all for "her little sister".

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