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Two women... whittled to one: Stewardess Rachel Veltri. Fifteen men... whittled to eight. $1 million on the line for any one of them... possibly whittled to $1.

Who's in it for love... and who's on it for the other thing?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
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"Phone of Phate" - August 2

*K-Ci and Jojo's "All My Life" playing in the background* Preston and PJ... STILL together.

Shooting stuff and drawing leads to two eliminations: one, Chris. And two... Rachel's secret. Tonight, there's one more person getting the rub-out, and four more dates.

First, to recap...

Morgan - $1,000,000
Mike - $250,000
Caleb and David S. - $1

Crunch time. It's all about getting close to Rachel now. Are you in it for love? Money? Rachel's truth? Other men's truth? We'll find out soon enough, as it's time for the round robin dating. We went by clocks and limo rides last time. This time, though, it's a Sony Ericsson camera phone (cha-CHING!).

8:58.07am: the event room with a TV/clock. When it's straight-up 9am, then Rachel will message the house back with one picture. In this case, it's Mike, who is now secure in the thought that he's the first thing she thinks about in the morning. Rachel's secure in the thought that she knows what Mike is worth.

Solo? We know. This is the first? We know. Rachel's wondering if Mike's really open book? We know. She didn't have time for small talk, and it's driving her nuts.

Back at the house, the men talk about kissing, as we recall Mike and Rachel kissing, and Morgan and Rachel "not kissing".

Back on the bowling lawn. Yep, lawn bowling, as Mike and Rachel get changed. Can't say much for Mike, but for Rachel... sweet Jeebus. They play for kisses, and Rachel plays for keeps, prompting Mike to call her a hustler. Obviously she's never heard of Ice-T before, because the word messes with her head. Mike is becoming too much of a risk in her eyes.

11:58.15am. Almost time for the next picture. After a more-than-intentional homage to "24", we get... David S. He's prepared to get more intimate with her. Meanwhile Mike gets the third-degree about his make out session.

Rachel gets an attraction while wearing blades (and by that, I mean it's easier to play him). From blading, we go to the picnic site, as Rachel decides she wants more time with him, but as you know, she's too busy thinking about the checks to really REALLY have a good time. After all, she's in it for love. David, on the other hand, only has a dollar to worry about. He wants to take it to another level, but she sees it as strategy.

But enough worry, it's time to go to the phone again.

2:59.57... 58... 59... Caleb. Destination: wine tasting. Rachel's proud that Caleb opened up some more. She got some more open action this time, and she's all smiles about it. Or maybe it's the wine talking. She is amazed by the connection she feels with the man whom, at first, was a long shot.

Meanwhile, David gets the third-degree on his date. "Did you make out?" "What did you think?" Of course, we never saw it, but David thinks that she wants it. Why else would she start it?

Back at the wine-tasting, Rachel sits on Caleb's lap, while Caleb swears that he won't get too excited. After all, she has the type of personality that I would go out with... and that she would take my brother out with the next day.

Smuggling wine bottles out of the park, and Caleb continues to play hard-to-get. Worked for Erin, didn't it? But is Rachel truly buying into his wishes? Survey says.. I don't think so. He caved in ... eventually... "That first kiss was amazing. Caleb's kiss was the end-all and be-all."

She comes up for air in time to make the final call. It's 6pm... and Mike gets one final shot. Rachel still has some unfinished business. They can take those up at home.

But be careful for Morgan, as he's wallowing in self-doubt, much like Rachel was before him. "I'm glad that everybody got to get out of the f(^_^)ing house today."

But let's get back to the guy who got out and stayed in. Mike is noticing that Rachel is not being... Rachel-like. She says that he was being stand-offish. To quiet her inner rage down, Mike lets her know that something is definitely there. Then the word Jacuzzi comes up and Mike's like "Huh? Really?"

Yeah, really. He goes up to change and catch the rest of the boys' venting. They think that Rachel's unsure of Mike, and that Morgan's unsure of Rachel's motives altogether. "There's a lot of different ways to look at it."

Back to the Jacuzzi, where Rachel has NO PROBLEM showing off her bangin' body. She thinks that Mike is her type, but she also thinks that he's going for the money. Mike thinks that he's being genuine.

Next day, Morgan's pacing mentally, wondering whether or not he's going to be the one tonight.  Caleb doesn't buy all that Rachel's selling, while David doesn't know where he stands. All coming down to elimination night again.

David S. is first ("First?!")... and in. Caleb is next... and in, leaving the dreamer and the dreamt. Morgan gets the calldown... With apologies to him for leaving him hanging... Rachel asks for her ring back. True to Rachel form - make out, then say "sorry, but you were playing me." Mike'll be back next week for the finale, and so will David, Caleb, Rachel, Jordan... and myself.

As for Morgan's million dollar check? Gone, which means that there's going to be a run on invisible ink between now and next week, methinks.

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