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Two women... whittled to one: Stewardess Rachel Veltri. Fifteen men... whittled to eight. $1 million on the line for any one of them... possibly whittled to $1.

Who's in it for love... and who's on it for the other thing?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
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"Drawing Dead" - July 26

*K-Ci and Jojo's "All My Life" playing in the background* Preston and PJ... STILL together.

Last time, a date went too far, as Josh and Rachel's dream date turned into a nightmare, as he! Goes! All! The! Way! ... out the door, alongside Rudy and Alex. Here's who we have left.

Caleb - $1,000,000
Mike and Chris - $250,000
Morgan and David S. - $1

Rachel now knows that Mike is playing for $250,000. So what does Jordan have up his sleeve today? A single date, of course, the only one before the elimination. But what will the guys have to do to get it? They'll have half and hour to play Titanic with Rachel... That's right. She's going to pose, and you're going to draw. And you can't sub James Cameron's hand for your own. The drawing she likes best will get the single date AND a chance to swap his check for another from another player.

The boys head to the studio, where Rachel is, true to form sprawled out onto the couch wearing a robe. Because we'd lose the TVPG rating if she was naked. Rachel sees this as the ultimate equalizer, as she gets to find out where motives lie. But how can she do that without knowing who drew what? Osmosis?

Caleb is feeling pressure to perform, as he has $1,000,000 and ZERO artistic talent. While the others go for symbolism (Mike has read Tupac's book of poetry one too many times from his "rose growing out of concrete") or lack of it, Rachel just lies there.

Mike and Caleb begin the double date action. She knows what Mike has, but she thinks that Caleb may have a large checking account. They head up to a ranch, where they compete in archery for alone time. Mike just asks "Is this being rigged for me?" Mike has a tough choice to make, does he rely on his expanse knowledge of archery to shut Caleb out of the running... or does he throw it?

He throws it. Caleb wins the alone-time, while Mike sees this as a gift for both Caleb and Rachel. So how do we know that he was throwing it this whole time? (shoots arrow at bullseye) That's how.

Caleb and Rachel paddle their way to the lunch area... or try to, at least. Rachel can't stop laughing. Eventually, they do make lunch. Caleb can't stop thinking about her eyes. Rachel starts to develop some feelings for him, while she starts to think about Mike and his check. Mike reassures her, and we have to wonder if she notices the target. All in all, two great guys, one great date...

... Until we head into the limo, where the following discourse takes place. We want to warn you that the following is pretty graphic.

Rachel: "When you held my arm like that, Jordan... I mean, Morgan..."

Yep. Definitely a no-no. If you remember, Rachel supposedly never met Jordan and is not playing the game. However, Mike and Caleb start to think otherwise. But what would the others think? "I get called different stuff all the time." Morgan wants to figure out her secret, as he, Chris, and David go on their date with Rachel.

And nothing says love like... Automatic rifles! Whoever gets a shot off at a clay duck gets alone time today. Who's the best crackshot? It's Chris, who gets to kill Rachel with kindness now. Chris goes a hunting for a connection... and maybe a secret or two. Rachel says she's excited to be here, and she sees Chris as not a player.

Later that day, it's time to reveal who's the best artist among the final five. That person will get a single date AND the chance to swap out his check with someone else's. It's Jor... Morgan. She's got me doing it. And Mike hits it on the head, coming from an artist ("Apparently symbolism doesn't win any favors in this world"). Morgan was surprised that she came onto him.

The two arrive at Shambala wildlife reserve. Morgan reserves his right to manipulate until after dinner. "It's like having the angel and the devil" on your shoulder, he says, while Rachel fears the things she loves the most about him, that he's older, more experienced. Morgan felt like he was playing her. Rachel felt like she was playing him. Guys, "The Player" is next week.

Next up, Morgan's chance to brag, schmooze, and switch out checks. But first, he lies about kissing her. "Guys, it's over." The next day, he swaps checks with Caleb. Good move, if only because he got $1,000,000. Everyone finds out about this, and Caleb is kicking himself, because now he's playing for $1. Morgan's thoughts: "I brought out my B-game, I'm bringing out my A-game." Everyone thinks he's been playing everyone else. Morgan... doesn't think so.

Caleb thinks that someone told Morgan what his check was. Yeah... YOU!

Elimination time. Mike is down first... and chemistry works. He's in. Morgan's next... same thing. Only less open. Caleb also gets the spiel about chemistry, and he's more open than he was last week, so he's in, leaving David S. and Chris. Chris is down... and out. No romantic chemistry. One burned check for him. David is spared the speech, and we're spared five minutes, because this edition ends right on the dot at straight-up 10.

Next week, the men strike back.

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