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One man looking for love. Sixteen women also looking for love. But what happens when you throw in sixteen checks worth anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000?

Only Preston knows for sure.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"Too... Many... Choices" - July 5

Last time, we were all evened out as each of the four women traded their checks for mystery drafts, two worth $1 million, and two worth $1. Fantasy dates turned into the battle of good (PJ and Rebekah) versus evil (Andrea and Rachel), as Andrea and Rebekah had to be sent home. Andrea had one of the million dollar checks, while Rebekah had a buck. Now here's the rub. If Rebekah was SOOOO in it for love, then why did she trade the check? Guess we'll never know.

Okay. Known: either PJ or Rachel still have the second million. Known, whatever happens, Rachel's in it for money. Unknown, whether PJ will go for the man or the money.

Day breaks over southern California, where the sun always shines, unless of course, it rains. PJ can't believe that she's still in the running as she begins her breakfast. She feels bad that she said something about Rachel, but she's going to keep letting Rachel think that nothing was said. This girl's a playah.

PJ and Rachel meet Jordan in the event room... with a box. Now, if you've ever seen a show like this, you know that usually there's something in the box of great importance.

And Jordan is wearing my frigging shirt. What's up with that? Anyway, Jordan the shirt-stealer gives the ladies the spiel on how one of them is a potential millionaire and that that claim is dependent on who Preston picks tomorrow night. Both ladies say they could use $1 million.

Jordan opens up the box to reveal Rachel and PJ's check... and then reveals their value. "One of you is holding a million dollar check. One of you is holding a dollar." PJ has a gut feeling that hers is the check. Rachel suddenly is torn between love over a dollar or $1 million over love. Stirring the pot even further (EVIL!), Jordan suggests to the women that Preston may have been leading them on the entire time. "If you choose love, he'll make the same decision, your love or your money. Weigh your choices wisely, because if the final woman chooses money, she'll never be able to see Preston... again."

Yeah, tell that to Paige Jones, why don't you. PJ wants Preston more than anything, but she is playing it coy. Rachel is still thinking about the million.

Preston, still proud of his decisions, goes to meet Jordan in the drawing room. Basically tells him the same thing, in an edited form, that he told the ladies. All of a sudden, it's greedy gut versus loving conscience. He's still thinking "future wife". Rachel speaks her mind. PJ has potential for long-term romance.

He goes to have lunch with both, and while Rachel is starting to exhibit human emotion for the first time EVER, PJ is feeling a lot more confident. While Rachel rolls her eyes again, PJ steps out for a walk with Preston. She says she wants the happy fairy-tale ending. Preston "knows she has a lot to offer." But still, right now she stands with no confidence. "I have this gut feeling that she would choose Rachel over me."

Rachel, the riskier choice, meets up with Preston. She's not feeling good about the situation, as she has to defend herself over everything that has been said about everyone. Rachel is asking why he questions everything and telling him to just pick her to prove herself. He initially had doubts. Not anymore.

Afterwards, Rachel runs up the stairs seemingly in hunt for PJ's lifeless body. Boy did she ever find it. "I'm almost 100 percent certain that Preston is choosing Rachel. I'm willing to bet my check on it." Meanwhile, Rachel... won't... shut... up.

The day of reckoning is finally upon us. PJ's protective shield is beginning to wither, as she is fearing getting hurt. Rachel is still thinking about all the choices that await her. Nerves are getting to both, as Rachel would smart over losing Preston to a dollar. Meanwhile, PJ's future has caught up to her.

Jordan meets PJ and Rachel one final time. Lather, rinse, repeat. "From this point on, you will not see each other again." They say their goodbyes and head to their rooms. Preston, meanwhile, thinks in his head - happiness or a million? PJ would choose him over the money, he thinks. With Rachel, he may be willing to take the leap of faith. PJ's the parents favorite seemingly, while Rachel could be the beer drinker and bud smoker friends' favorite.

Like the last two seasons, we'll learn the fate of both PJ and Rachel in tandem, split screens and all. Rachel first. They recap their time together and how he was wowed. "I get this weird feeling about you. I'm crazy about you, and you're crazy about me," he says, while shaking nervously, "but..."

Cut to PJ. We recap their time together. "I have to be honest. I have a little hesitation with you." Still shaking.

Back to Rachel. "... my feelings were hurt over the fact that you really didn't trust me and that you doubted me. I've never lost faith in you, but at one point, you lost faith in me. So much of me wants to be with you, but..."

Back to PJ. "But you have come full circle, and I know this has been nerve-wracking, but... I choose you." Good man, Preston. And PJ... she's just floored.

Back to Rachel. "... you tell me that you're crazy about me. I really am crazy about you, but I don't know if that chemistry translates into something long-term. I think I might be making a huge mistake. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to ask for the ring back." Good man, Preston. And Rachel... she's just floored. And unlike PJ, she has words to back it up. "And why aren't you picking me? Because you doubted me? I'm very disappointed, and I'd be lying to you if I wasn't." Yeah, yeah (makes talkie-talkie hand motion).

Not even a goodbye handshake, just "here's your ring back." He thinks PJ's intentions are right.

Meanwhile, Rachel is absolutely devastated in her room. She cryingly says that she was going to pick him over the money. Riiiiight. "It's fine, it wasn't meant to be. But it hurts!" But she says that she still has hope with one of a million guys. Good attitude to take, bad way to take it.

But that's not all... Her check... blurred. "Unbelievable!" Whether that means one figure or seven, we don't know, because we still have to find out PJ's choice. Going through the motions while being taken aback by his decision. "I can't say that I wouldn't need that money, because I would. My family could definitely use it. But I also know that money doesn't buy happiness. Like I said from the beginning, the money wasn't a factor, and I choose you over the money."

Now Preston chooses, with check in hand. Again, a long way for his family, but... "You've been too good to me. You didn't doubt me for a second. So I say no to the money. And most people would think I'm crazy, but I'm not most people." Told you this guy was for real. And as for PJ's check?

"I have no clue what the value of my check is, and honestly I don't care to know." Well, PJ, if you're reading this, do not highlight the bracketed text here: [one dollar]

There's your happy fairy-tale ending. Just goes to show that everything happens for a reason, a recurrent theme in today's episode.

But a recurrent theme next season? Cut to two weeks later, as a limo arrives at the mansion. Jordan goes through the gates to greet our now-not-so-mysterious guest.

"Hello, Rachel." She said she could try again with any one of a million. Well, we don't have a million, we have 15. Rachel's thrilled as hell that she has no other women to compete against this time. The lowdown: Two weeks ago, she failed to capture Preston and $1,000,000. But they're giving her a guaranteed second chance at the million. If Rachel can convince the final guy that she's worth more than money, she get the final say - the men or the money. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? But wait, here's Mr. Announcer Guy.

"BUT, what Rachel doesn't know is... she's not alone." Another limo pulls into the mansion.

"Hello, Andrea."

Jordan presents Andrea with the same offer. Are both women up for the task?

Rachel/Andrea: "Oh, absolutely!"

So the game is on again for both Rachel Veltri and Andrea Langi... both unknowing if each other's existence. That'll change (and not necessarily for the better) when "For Love or Money 4" starts.... next week.

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