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Two women. Fifteen men. $1 million on the line for any one of them. Which FLOM3 castoff is going to get the chance for a million - former cheerleader Andrea, who we know was in it for money, or stewardess Rachel, who surprised everyone by revealing that she was in it for love?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble" - July 12

THE STORY SO FAR!!!! Known, for the last month or so, fifteen women competed for love, until they realized that they were on "For Love or Money". Then they competed for love... or money. Anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000.

Unknown... at first, the amount of the checks.

Known, we went from 15 to two: PJ Spillman and Rachel Veltri. A battle between good... and evil.

Known, one of them had a dollar, and one had a million.

Unknown, which had which.

Known, Preston Mercer chose PJ, and PJ chose him. And he chose PJ... again.

Known, Rachel, after bawling her ass off, was invited for another shot at true love and/or seven figures.

Unknown to Rachel... So has her rival, Andrea Langi. Oh, sorry... An-DRAY-uh Langi.

Which brings us to... today. Fifteen men will play "For Love or Money" for a known amount (anywhere from $1 to a million), while Rachel and Andrea are oblivious to those amounts. And as if the tables haven't turned enough today, at the end of this episode, only ONE woman will remain.

And there's the theme song again. Well, in case you have short-term memory, here is the match up.

Rachel Veltri, 26, hails from city that Mike built, Chicago. Andrea Langi, 28, hails from the land that Pepper built, New Jersey. Rachel was runner-up. Andrea was out in the round of four. Rachel is excited to be back. Andrea is excited to be back. Words such as "honored" and "opportunity" are misappropriated all over the place.

Next, the caravan... Caleb (realtor; Tempe, AZ), Mike (corporate financial sales; Santa Monica, CA), David S. (sales representative; Miami), Wes (surfer/massage therapist; Hotlanta), Morgan (sales; also from Chicago), Rudy (mortgage broker; Newburyport, MA), Brian (software sales; Frisco), Josh (real estate project manager; Lake Tahoe), Steven (mortgage loan consultant; Lansdale, PA), Ben (hotel industry/management; ALSO from Chicago), David K. (EMT; Waimea, HI), Jai (investment broker; Houston), Chad (bar manager; Tarboro, NC... about 2 hours drive from Fayetteville... in good traffic), Chris (fitness professional; ALSO from... Tempe), and Alex (industrial engineer; Omaha) head up to... well, it's definitely not the Munch palace, that's for sure... to meet Super Demonic Host Jordan Murphy (*poses*). Quoth the guys, "This oughta be fun."  Once again.. the spiel: "I know you've all come here looking for love. I'm happy to inform you that you've found a whole lot more than that. Welcome to 'For Love... or Money'."

Needless to say, they know the game all too well. "Is anybody here waiting for something to happen?" Enter... well, something. SDH Jordan enters with the news and, almost more poignant than last time, a reminder that it's semi-formal ONLY! See what fifteen men will do to a host. Now, the news. Everyone knows that they have a one-in-15 shot at a million... or not. The checks, once again, are blank. And by blank, I mean, written in invisible ink.

Love or money... Million... or one. Pick and choose and may Lady Luck shine your way. However, once they are chosen, they will know what they are playing for. And because I'm a nice guy, now so will you. Hell, I'll even spare you the invisible ink.

David S. - $1
Chris - $250,000
Caleb - $1,000,000
Alex - $500,000
David K. - $1,000,000
Steven - $1 (did not look at his check)
Wes - $100,000
Mike - $250,000
Brian - $50,000 - "Not bad for a day's work."
Rudy - $1,000,000
Josh - $500,000
Jai - $1
Ben - $1,000,000
Chad - $100,000
Morgan - $1 - "There HAS to be another twist." This man is a gamer.

Again, keep the secret, stay in the game. All of a sudden, it's like "What'cha'get, What'cha'get?". Steven still doesn't know. Everyone else doesn't even believe him. Ben's in it for the right reasons, which to him is a million dollars. Either way, the next couple of weeks will change someone's life... right? Right?

Ladies arrive, still unknowing of the twist that befalls THEM. No, actually, it's a replay of the last few minutes of the last episode, with the addition of the ring balcony. And Andrea seeing Rachel for the first time since she was eliminated. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUN!

Andrea stops just short of the breezeway, long enough for Rachel to recognize that long flowing blond hair of hers. Then she sees the body attached to. First thing on her mind, "God why me?" Andrea's first thought... "I guess you weren't chosen."

Small talk = still a bitter pill between those two. Heeeere's Jordan. "Thanks a million." Again, two women enter, but only one will leave. So hopes for a ménage... GONE.

Enough awkwardness for one day, let's go meet the girls... or the guys... or something. Steve thought he had a game... game... ALSO gone. And so were the others, as they are taken aback by two women instead of one. And already, Andrea and Rachel are annoyed by each other. For Rachel, it's Andrea's "hey cutie, hey cutie". For Andrea, it's Rachel cutting things short. For some of them, it was attention to Rachel, none for Andrea; or the other way round; or to just both. But the ladies put on their best game, because in the end, it's not the men who are going to be eliminated... it's the men who are going to be eliminat-ING.

Andrea thought she was the better initiator.

Next day, it's lunch, as the two rush to play Iron Chef with the guys on his way. Wes thinks that Andrea is the great cook, while Rachel's food was... interesting. If you remember, Andrea is an event planner. Point, Andrea, as the boys flock to HER table. Not looking good for Rachel, who just wants Andrea gone.

The men are talking elimination, as they're getting a little more than paranoid. Jordan eases their pain, by letting them know that tonight's elimination won't involve him, because apparently he's part of the big secret that Andrea and Rachel aren't really supposed to know.

Elimination time is upon us early, as Andrea doesn't want Rachel to have a second chance. And vice versa. Enter nameless auxiliary host with "something that you should know". "Gentlemen, these ladies won't be eliminating any of you. You will be eliminating one of them." They will vote by crowding around the women they want to... crowd around at a later date with.

Gentlemen, if you're ready... Vote now! (*Millionaire ATA music*)

ANDREA: David K., Chad, Jai, Ben, Brian, Wes, Steven
RACHEL: Mike, Morgan, Rudy, Chris, Josh, Caleb, Alex

Seven up... Last one is David S... He's going to Rachel! And Andrea is going to the house... This is her show, and those are her men... in more ways than one, because NAH has "one other thing."

"The guys standing by your side are leaving with you. Gentlemen, you've just eliminated yourselves." Ouch. I saw it coming, but I still don't believe it. So the men ponied up on the wrong horse, and now they're riding off into the sunset. Dating begins tomorrow (and by that, I mean next week).

"Good night."

Oh yeah, and let the check burning begin!

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