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Two women... whittled to one: Stewardess Rachel Veltri. Fifteen men... whittled to eight. $1 million on the line for any one of them... possibly whittled to $1.

Who's in it for love... and who's on it for the other thing?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"The Price is Right" - July 19

*K-Ci and Jojo's "All My Life" playing in the background* Preston and PJ... STILL together.

THE STORY SO FAR!!!! The game began anew with two women, Andrea and Rachel, both of whom lost out on the man of their dreams and a million-dollar payday. Andrea parlayed her loss into a party-time feat fit for a king, which Rachel.. well, let's just say she's better off serving dinner. But in the end, it's the server who takes the chef for a ride as Andrea... and her seven suitors... are exited off the premises by Nameless Auxiliary Host. *pose*

And Rachel chooses the dumbest time to say "Good has triumphed over evil." Gee, you think she was a Ranger or something. Anyway, here're who remain.

Caleb and Rudy - $1,000,000
Josh and Alex - $500,000
Mike and Chris - $250,000
Morgan and David S. - $1

Morning breaks again. And so do the balls on the billiards table, as the men exchange check values and/or member sizes. Jordan, the head master (this is slowly going south, isn't it?), lets everyone in on the events of the day. Of course, there's alone time... but only one of the eight will get it. How? Glad you asked. It's time for the FLOM Auction. Item up for bids: a private date with Rachel, the only one before the next elimination. And in case you thought Jordan was going soft...

"You will be bidding with the money from your CHECK! And it's not gonna be cheap." Bidding starts at $25,000. Well, Morgan and David are out. Involved are a $500,000 necklace and a limo to the Biltmore Hotel. Turns into a bidding war between Alex and Mike... and Josh? He can afford it. Mike turns with $250,000, meaning that if he gets the date, he will play for NOTHING! Chris is out. Josh goes for it for $275,000. Going once... Going twice... Hammer down. Josh gets the date and he plays for $225,000.

But for now, group dates. Mike, Alex and Chris leave today. Rachel, looking great as always, takes each one of the "very special" men for a round of beach volleyball. Rachel is gauging which one will pick her over the money. While Chris cooks, Alex holds her hand... a little too much, she thinks. Alex seems to think that he ISN'T being creepy, which is weird. "I wanted to make him feel like he has a great connection." Just the type of man that she wants, because she wants the choice in the end.

Mike is next with lunch, as he's trying to figure out her motivations, catching her off guards. Mike seems like a wild card, even in Rachel's eyes. But Mike professes to be the only one who doesn't give a damn about the money. He was willing to blow it all on one date. I believe him.

But God is Rachel seeing dollar signs in her eyes again or what?!

Back at the house, the hot tub was getting even hotter with the heat of rage, as Mike and Josh have it out about the auction overbid. That's what you get for playing an open hand, Mike. You play enough poker, you know to keep your pocket aces to yourself.

Next day, Dave, Morgan, Rudy, and Caleb are heading to the House of Blues. Been there, done that, got the hat (T-shirts are overrated). While Morgan yuks it up with the other playas, but nothing is funny about the decision he faces... the possibility of not liking Rachel... or a dollar.

And speaking of gambles, it's a casino party up in here, where "Bet it all on black" is proven to be a pretty good roulette strategy. Telling everyone you're a gamer... isn't, Rachel.

Little tete-a-tetes, as Rachel thought that Rudy was nervous but funny, Caleb is lost for words thanks to his check ("He did not play his cards right"), and that Morgan's "a man"... with a dollar.

The rest of the night turns into FLOM Blackjack Showdown, as the winner goes home with Rachel in the limo. Losers walk. Everyone's all-in, obviously. David wins this hand and the alone time home. And how does he celebrate? He carries Rachel all the way down the steps and into the limo. How gentleman-like. She says she needs a man. He might be the ticket.

Next, Josh, who is now playing for $225,000, primps himself for his fantasy date. They head over the Biltmore ballroom, as Rachel is fascinated by his physicality. "All I know is that I'm attracted by him."

In the ballroom... wow, she's swinging that thang, ain't she? You might hurt somebody. It's basically your movie-climax moment, as there are violinists, rose petals, and a serious amount of bling. "I could possibly have two half-million dollar necklaces." But he wasn't thinking of the check... or maybe he was. $275,000 well spent, indeed.

And you know when you're on a first date with an attractive woman, you think that there's a line. And temptation tells you to say "hi" to it. But you know you can't. That's when you decide. You go for the long-term sure deal? Or do you just throw caution to the wind and aim for the kill zone? Josh is faced with said decision. He chooses... kill zone. "I felt like I was mobbed by a wild animal. It was terrible."

Note to all the brothers out there... Kill zone... BAD. And the new defense, "I misread that situation." That's when Rachel starts thinking that she screwed up possibly her only chance at a million. So much for true love, I must say. She thinks that Josh would choose her over the money.

As Josh came home, everyone wondered what happened. He just breaks it all down. "We kissed a little bit." Didn't say ALL the way down. But it's down enough for everyone to think that he's playing for money.

Jordan meets Rachel in the drawing room, where, as usual, he has news. She can now pick any one man and learn the value of his check. Gleam in her eyes. Yay. She chooses Mike, who is not in it for the money... As you know, he's playing for $250,000. "I was really hoping that Mike had a dollar."

Elimination time again... Tonight, three will go home. Morgan will not be one of them. Rudy will be. She asks for the ring back. Tarzan Dave goes to the winners' block as well. Chris, who looks like a friend... also named Chris, gets more screen time next week. Alex... gets the "buddy" spiel. I HATE THAT! He's gone. Mike isn't. He joins Chris, Morgan, and Dave. That leaves Caleb and Josh. Josh looks smug. Caleb looks like he (^_^) a brick. Caleb goes down... and he's still nervous. She wants to see more of him. And she'll get what she wants, as Mr. Grabbyhands takes the stroll... much to everyone's surprise.

Remember, kids. Kill zone = BAD. Next week, huntin' and killin' for love... and sport!

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