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One man looking for love. Sixteen women also looking for love. But what happens when you throw in sixteen checks worth anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000?

Only Preston knows for sure.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"Checkout" - June 28

Ali was next up on our hit parade of losers last week, as not a one woman has $1,000,000 left... for now, at least. Now Preston has his eyes on Andrea, who at the drop of a ring, found out that she was playing for $500,000. Until she found out the price of the check was half its value, so we have these now.

Andrea - $250,000
PJ - $50,000
Rebekah and Rachel - $1... each.

Breakfast, and the girls are trying to figure out what Rebekah and Rachel are worth. Rachel thinks she has a dollar (RIGHT!), and Rebekah thinks she has $50,000 (Wrong... so wrong...).

Now it's time for an event in the event room with the evil snark of a host. What is a snark, anyway? Oh well, Jordan enters and gives our ladies... and Rachel... the opportunity to swap out their checks for new ones. Right after he says that the million dollar check is not among them. In the case, four new mystery checks -- called so because for the first time, NO ONE will know their value. Well, not per se, as we learn that two of them are worth one dollar, and two are worth $1,000,000. Perfect opportunity to gauge Preston's motives.

Rachel jumps at the swapout... and she learns of the buck she was worth. Which has her all giggly. Andrea, on the other hand, is in big trouble. But she swaps out (Rachel: "She is a royal idiot."). PJ chooses to swap her $50K for another check. Rebekah also swaps. She finds out that she was playing for $1 as well.

All of a sudden, Rachel and Rebekah are serious threats, and Jordan has yet another surprise. Could it have something to do with Preston being downstairs? Short, unfulfilling answer... Yeah. Preston gets the news of the buy out. And everything else. Today, the overnight fantasy dates. the former dollar chicks are heading to Cabo San Lucas (tell Sammy I said what up).

Rebekah views Rachel as thinking that she's top dog. On the way to the airport, Rachel brings up some point about some champagne and not being able to trust him. Oh yeah... she's playing the game hard. Much to Rebekah's dismay... and mine. How dare you defile such a poor woman with evil thoughts...

In Cabo (MAS TEQUILA!), the group of three (well, Rebekah mostly) jump at the new beachhouse. Then it's bikini time on the beach. Oh yeah, and snorkels! Preston and Rebekah do their own thing, while Rebekah was playing third wheel. "Hello! Hello cute guy! Hello boat man!" At this point, Rachel doesn't feel the vibe with Preston, and thinks Rebekah is a two-year old.

"Geez, Rach..." My thoughts, exactly. Preston calls Rebekah, who swears that she's not in it for money, a dream. Rachel says that if they want to be idiots together, go for it. Rebekah thinks she needs something like this because she hasn't been able to find a date, which I think is ridiculous because she's cute as a button. Hell, I'd date her given half the chance.

Back in America, PJ and Andrea think that the fantasy is about to end. "I'm not gonna let Rachel win this thing, no way," Andrea says.

In Cabo, Preston and Rachel go for a walk, which totally throws her off guard because she didn't think that he had any vested interest left. But then it's back to the threesome, and it's up to Preston to handle the drink situation. Which he does... wait... a LETTER! (for your anime buffs like myself, imagine motion lines and blurgits)...

"You are cordially invited to a romantic evening for two. Unfortunately, one of your dates must go home immediately. Please make your decision now."

Don't pick Rachel. Don't pick Rachel. "Rachel, I would like it if you'd stay tonight." D'OH! But Rebekah gets some reason for his dismissal... which still cryingly sucks for her. "Maybe I should've been a party-pooping crybaby." She's still attracted to him...

But Rachel, riding off the high of being picked to continue, meets Preston for dinner, as she says that she LOVES hanging out with him, but then makes the cardinal mistake (at least in my eyes) of just saying "Can't you tell who's sincere and who's not?" in the most condescending voice you'd ever hear. Like "Come on, like I'm not sincere?" If I were Preston, she'd be on the next taxi to Loserville.

Hot tub moment #32. Bathing suits. Kissing. Nothing we haven't seen before.

From sand and surf to snow and more snow, as PJ and Andrea rush out the door to meet Preston for a winter wonderland of fun. For PJ, it's another date with Preston. For Andrea, it's one step closer to the big bucks, she hopes.

Big bucks, no whammies, STOP! Stop at Reno, as the threesome make their way to Lake Tahoe. Nice ski house. PJ says it was still a fantasy date, but with Andrea... yeah, some fantasy. Her strategy, play cool and act like she's still interested. Hoo boy. Another one.

Preston knows that Andrea and Rachel aren't really the clique in the house. IN fact, you could say... they hate each other. In fact, she goes so far to convince Preston (without naming names) that she doesn't have the purest of intentions. Pot, kettle, black, Andrea.

PJ wants to tell Preston everyone who's been a vetty vetty bad girl, but again, how would that reflect on her? She just says that she loves Rebekah, thinks Rachel doesn't think before she speaks, and isn't sure what to say about Andrea.

Going to the house, where Rachel thinks that Rebekah hates her, and apologizes for being a brat. Rebekah calls bluff, saying that Rachel isn't willing to put out what she asks of others. "She changes her mind like she changes underwear. It's different every day. If I have to spend one more hour with Rachel, I think I'll shoot myself."

Back to Tahoe, baby, and Preston gets... ANOTHER LETTER (motion lines)!!! You know what it says. You know what you must do. So do it. Don't pick Andrea, don't pick Andrea... "PJ... I would like if it you would stay." YAY! Preston apologizes... and Andrea receives it coolly, and didn't give reasons. He says he connected better with PJ, and blind cavebats could see that. And even through all that... she still has a high opinion of herself the little gold digger.

Going to dinner, and Preston and PJ start with a toast. "To Preston and PJ." So much potential, Preston says. Now that they're alone, PJ starts chomping at the bit about Rachel. Not what he's expecting to hear from so many women (and by so many, I mean two).

Fireplace moment #55. Cushions. Kissing. Nothing we haven't seen before.  Until... PJ: "I'm not stupid. I'm playing a game, too." Preston: "PJ isn't playing any games with me."

That tears it. Rebekah is now my favorite. Which of course means that she's going home. Because that's the way it always works...

Returning home, fantasy becomes reality, as Andrea is twisted through opportunity, PJ is reserved, Rebekah is confused, and Rachel is... well, what can we say about Rachel that hasn't been said already?

Going down to elimination night. They think that one woman is going home tonight... And they would be right. After a bit of thanks for the dates, Andrea gets the call down first... "I'm going to have to ask for the ring back." COMBO BREAKER!!! Andrea pleads for her life and then calls him on having another ulterior motive. "Preston, you are a coward. You need to be a man, step up to the plate, and justify your response."

Honey, last week's dealbreaker was all the justification he needed. "Money was an issue. If money wasn't an issue, she never would've dropped the ring." If you're just tuning in, "Who Wants to Marry My Dad" follows shortly. Meanwhile, fastforward through ... no, wait. Here's Jordan. "I apologize for interrupting, but I have something important to tell you. The woman behind me represent the final three. But I have some... bad news. Tonight, they have to become the final two. One more woman has to go home right now."

Well (^_^). PJ gets the second calldown... she keeps the ring. So it's down to Rachel and Rebekah. Because that's the way it works, the sweetie versus the schizo. Rebekah gets the call down ...and surprise, surprise. He asks for the ring back. Preston, you blockhead. You could've had a sure thing... "If Rachel is the girl for him... then God help him."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Rachel stays, meanwhile we find out that Rebekah's mystery check... wasn't really THAT much of a mystery. It was still a dollar. "I've got two bucks and no man to spend it on." Shame, shame (does "call me" motion). Andrea finds out that she had a million bucks. "Good thing he did get rid of me. We all know what I probably would've done."

Next week, PJ and Rachel. One dollar and a million dollars. Who can he trust? Who can Preston see himself with? It's more than a game now, and someone's going to get what they rightly deserve in the 65-minute blowout next time... What, no two hours?

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