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One man looking for love. Sixteen women also looking for love. But what happens when you throw in sixteen checks worth anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000?

Only Preston knows for sure.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 1 (or "New Money") - June 7

FLOM1: Erin chose money.

FLOM2: Chad (sorry, guys) chose love.

Thus begins the third chapter of our little story here. And so far as we know, Erin, Wade, and that other guy are pretty much out of it. Think of this year as the Final Fantasy of the series. At least for now.

Preston Mercer is your typical 25-year-old businessman looking for love on television. Or at least a pretty good showmance. These sixteen women are also looking for love. But what they don't know is that aside from one strapping hunk of Preston, they're also competing for a cash prize, anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000. They don't know how much they're worth, and they won't know until they either cash the check or burn it. Preston knows, though, and he also knows that they must ultimately make a choice. He also knows that the women don't know about who has what. He ALSO knows that the women don't know that he knows, and... well, you get it. The rub is, all 17 people involved will be forced to gauge why they're here. For love... or money.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let's go to the beginning (and a pretty One-Tree-Hill-ish theme), where no one knows a damned thing.

Ladies arrive in a cavalcade of overpriced luxury SUVs: By name, we have Jamie (asst. buyer/Bucks County, PA), Lauren (administrative assistant/Winchester, MA), Leslie (estate planner/Boca Raton, FL), Monica (student/Pueblo, CO... and if you were "very mature for your age", you wouldn't even be ON this show), Rachel (flight attendant/Chicago - she's great in bed... her words), Meredith (branch manager for a rental company/Dallas), Rebekah (bartender/West Palm Beach), Melayne (communications specialist/Mesa, AZ - virginal cuddle slut... okay, those are MY words), Beth (Pilates instructor/Palm Beach), Tiniesha (paralegal/Pennsauken, NJ), Heather (government clerk/Lancaster, PA), Andrea (party planner/Marlton, NJ), Johanna (yoga instructor/Phoenix), Melody (account manager/Pasadena, TX), Ali (business development/Santa Monica), and PJ (assistant media buyer/Rockwell, TX).

Jordan meets the ladies out in front, telling of their adventure in true love... yeah, right. For those playing along at home, this is twist #1: "I've come to break you" form: "I know you've all come here looking for love. I'm happy to inform you that you've found a whole lot more than that. Welcome to 'For Love... or Money'." New game on. Right now, the ladies have a million things going on in their heads, all with George Washington's face on them.

Next up, it's bedroom picking time. Yes, it's about as bloody as its gets for a TV-PG show. And yes, Andrea's going to be an issue. Quote of the night: "You're not going to sleep with some guy's money. You're going to sleep with him." Dinnertime next, and Jordan's back with news of the upcoming bombshell (twist #2.. dizzy yet?).

Jordan tells the ladies of the man that will arrive at the mansion in the very near future. Since we know of FLOM, we know that there's more than love at stake. How much more? Well... "There's only one problem. These checks are blank." Of course they're not REALLY blank, but they are printed with invisible ink. Cue the black light. Jordan tells the women of the spread, from a cool mill to a cool mill on a million-dollar spectacular final spin if you follow. There's a choice, of course, but this time, they have to make the decision without knowing how much they have. Theoretically, you could blow the house on a nice piece of Preston, or you could pass up true love for a measly buck.

End question: What price love?

Jordan mixes the checks, and the ladies pick and choose, hanging them in the secret gallery. Ali notes the game can play them just as well as they can play the game.

Next morning, and the ladies train to keep a straight face while "lying". Technically, it's not lying. It's just hiding the truth. And even more so, you're doing it in front of fifteen others who are also doing it. Who's telling the truth around here, anyway?

Jordan enters again with news that the man will arrive tonight. Expect more bloodshed. But first, expect makeup to the fullest, as prepwork goes into meeting the bachelor. Andrea wants to make herself known. Rachel wants to play the game. Which will work? We'll see, as Preston Mercer makes the scene. Preston started out as a mortgage broker. From there, he made his way to casinos, skiing, golfing, fishing, and ultimately the top of his game.

But where would he be without his parents? His mom's German, and his dad is half Japanese. Interesting mix of family. Interesting mix of friends. Interesting well-wishers around, as Jordan enters the scene again. But not without Preston. He's outside on "the balcony" with a second host (does that count in the twists? Guess not). Taking a hint from Erin Brodie, Preston will present each woman with a ring symbolizing friendship and the possibility of something more.

Meanwhile, Jordan informs the ladies that the only way they will ever know how much they're playing for is either if they are eliminated or if they manage to get Preston to fall headoverheelsinlovewithyou. Time machine?

PJ meets the man first, followed by Monica, Jamie, Melody, Rebekah, Lauren, Meredith, Johanna, Melayne, Beth, Ali, Heather, Rachel, Tiniesha, and last but not least by any stretch, Andrea. He's in it for fun. They're in it for blood. Or something.

And now Jordan's in it, letting everyone know that tomorrow, six women are going home empty-handed.

Cut to tomorrow, as Preston surprises the girls with breakfast. Yes, he can cook, too. So while Preston is thinking about cracking eggs, the ladies are thinking about cracking heads. Heather vents about not liking to play games, especially with love, and especially for a dollar. She and Ali join the stragglers club for breakfast. There are some people who are competitive in this game, and Preston hopes to bag one of them.

Well, his first cut (which is always the deepest) comes tonight, and no one is looking forward to it. At all. Jordan arrives with an umbrella. It's storming outside (SYM-bolism). Jordan leaves, and Preston arrives. This is beginning to look more like "Clue". But needless to say, Preston must make his first kills.

Melayne is down first, and she's back up. Joining her in the winner's stair is ... not Johanna. She has to give up the ring. PJ stays, as do Jamie and Tiniesha. Beth exits. Ali doesn't. Heather exits, having not said a thing. Meredith goes, being too "friend" like. Rebekah and Leslie stay. Lauren goes. Monica stays. Bug stays, bug goes. Andrea stays, leaving Melody and Rachel. Melody gets the call down... and the hook. Rachel stays. Elimination ends, as now we reveal how much the eliminated women were playing for.

Johanna - $1,000,000
Beth - $250,000
Heather - $100,000
Meredith - $1
Lauren - $500,000
Melody - $50,000

Over? Not by a longshot, as auxiliary host leads Preston to Jordan... and the gallery. Instantly, he's in for a roller coaster. "They're not here for love. They're here for love... or money." He tells Preston of the choice and, in twist #3, his own choice: "her love... or her money." But again, the spread, which will be revealed to Preston and only Preston. But of course, being the diligent recapper I am, I reveal, now, to you...

Ali - $1,000,000
Jamie - $250,000
Rebekah - $1
PJ - $50,000
Tiniesha - $1,000,000
Leslie - $1,000,000
Monica - $1
Andrea - $500,000
Melayne - $100,000
- $1

Nothing beats the vision of your world through a blacklight. Next day, a game at breakfast involving boxes. And look, Jordan's back. Dating starts today. But not all of them are going. There will be two group dates, and three ladies are going to stay at home. In one of the ten boxes is a silver heart. Whoever has the heart decides who stays home. That would be Rebekah, as she decides (tearily) Leslie, Jamie, and Rachel - who didn't get a reason why... BUT her plan may have backfired (twist #4), as they compete for a one-on-one dinner. Each woman will write a poem to Preston anonymously. Best one wins.

As for group dates, Melayne, PJ, Ali, and Tiniesha leave in an hour. Meanwhile Rachel rushes up to her room, having been crushed by Ali... among others. Andrea notes that "it's all about Rachel".

Preston arrives in a track suit, ready to blow off some steam - cycling. PJ walks through first, giving Preston the opportunity for some me-time. Two of them, Ali and Tiniesha, have $1 million checks. He's hoping to connect with both. While PJ and Ali cycles between money and Preston, Preston just plain cycles. PJ gets some more one-on-one time, as Preston wants to break her bubble. He admires her innocence.

Next day, a message at breakfast: "3 OF U HAVE $1 MIL". If my knowledge of text messaging serves me right, that basically means... three of you have $1 million checks. Andrea, Monica, and Rebekah head out for their group date in a limo, while Monica is extremely excitable.

So we have a limo leading to.. a gym. Preston and the girls are playing a little NBC Street. Andrea comes out with the midriff. She's come to play. So has Preston, as whoever makes a basket first wins the alone-time. That would be Rebekah after a couple of bricks. Preston has a chance to figure out where she's coming from. She's very flirtatious. "She'll make you feel like a million dollars, but she's only worth a dollar. She definitely has the potential to be in it for love."

And Monica's idea of flirting? "I can put my legs behind my head and make a pretzel out of my body." Alrighty then.

Def Poetry is next, as Preston chooses... Rachel's poem. She's really going to have to put out in order to make up for the $1 check. They head to Paradise Cove, taking in the sights and the sounds of the beach. Preston starts to fall for the personality as the two take in a kiss. Rachel can't stop talking, as she tries to win his favor. "Just fall for me. That's all I need. There's money there, and I'm not screwing up my chance at that."

Oh my God, she IS evil!

It goes on a bit, as Preston realizes that "if she can lie to them, she can lie to me." And PJ - and the rest of the girls - catch wind of her plan to pawn the ring? What the hell?! Rachel told the ladies that her and Preston did not kiss. Big lie. 

So basically, she's not even worth the dollar she's up for. Can Preston read that before elimination time? We'll find out, but first, it's pool time.

Okay, it's elimination time now. Four are leaving tonight. It's nice and... not raining now, so we're going out back. Rachel's first... she's staying. Melayne's in... and she's gone. PJ joins... Rachel. Leslie joins... Melayne. Rebekah goes to the balcony. Tiniesha goes... to the house. Andrea and Jamie join the winners, leaving Ali and Monica. Ali gets the call down. And she's staying, leaving Monica with nothing left to do than give back the ring... and tell Preston off for not choosing her. It felt like breaking up with a girlfriend. So says Preston. Walk it off... Walk it off...

Okay, here's where we stand. One woman - Ali - still has $1,000,000. Two women - Rebekah and Rachel - have a dollar.

And Jordan has a secret. We play Garry Moore next time.

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