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One man looking for love. Sixteen women also looking for love. But what happens when you throw in sixteen checks worth anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000?

Only Preston knows for sure.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 2 (or "The Coin, The Pills, and the Kiss That Wasn't") - June 14

Last time, Preston Mercer met sixteen lovely lovelies looking for an adventure in love. The seventeen of them got more than what they had hoped for, as they found out that they were playing a new round of "For Love or Money". This time, the money could be anywhere from one picture of George Washington to one million of them. And if Preston can convince the woman to pick love over money, then he gets the choice: her love... or her money. Thing is, only Preston knows who's worth what. As a reminder:

Ali - $1,000,000
Andrea - $500,000
Jamie - $250,000
PJ - $50,000
Rebekah and Rachel - $1... each.

Who's going to get their hands on John Foy's money? We'll find out in time, but right now, it's the celebration of the fittest. And Jordan. Of course, Jordan has something important to lay on the ladies. He tells the ladies that Preston knows about the money and furthermore, how much each lady is worth. So now the ladies aren't to tell him that they know that he knows. But they still don't know, you know? Okay, I'm coming down with vertigo here.

Rachel hits it on the nose with the thought that Preston is playing to win their checks, but will she share that little epiphany? Umm.. yeah? Andrea thinks the ball is in Preston's court.

Next morning, and in a twist of zen-like enlightenment, the ladies start to think that the more they learn, the more they don't know. So I personally think that the victor of this game will learn so much that they realize they know nothing. Then, and only then, will they be able to snatch the pebble from my hand, got it, Grasshopper?

Next up, competition, as Jordan enters again with portraits and checks. Each lady has a box with two symbols, <3 and $. Guess what they mean. Jordan will ask each of them to place <3s next to women whom they think are in it for love, and do the same for the women whom they think are in it for money. You cannot choose yourself. Here's how they stand... I love that I can do charts now.

PJ Rebekah Rachel
Jamie PJ Rachel
Andrea Ali Rachel
Ali Jamie Rachel
Rachel PJ (not viewed as a threat) Jamie (viewed as a threat)
Rebekah PJ Rachel

Any surprises? Nope. PJ and Rachel... are going on dates with Preston. The others are upset, understandably. But it gets better, as Jordan offers the value of someone's check. It all comes down, literally, to a coin flip... and PJ wins the chance to see how much she's playing for. So now PJ's starting to think "life-altering decision". Speaking of which, Jordan gives PJ the opportunity to switch her check with someone else's. She decides to stay at the $50,000, not wanting to risk getting one of the two dollar checks. "If you wanna keep that crappy check, you keep it," Rachel quips. Don't throw stones, m'lady.

As for the other four, they go on a group date today. In the limo, the girls decide on a plan. Andrea stops short of using the phrase alliance. Preston arrives at a Japanese garden with umbrellas for the four ladies. Last time Preston will see the ladies before elimination comes at tea, so it's really time to gauge, as he wants to work the big money ladies.

Jamie is first, as she gets the third degree on what she's here for. The only thing stopping him from making a move are three others watching her. Andrea gets a different reaction, as she is very forward. "I'm very open and touchy-feely". Are you really? Or is he playing? Jamie thinks she's playing, because Andrea's not the "touchy-feely" type.

And it's back to the house, much to Ali's dismay. She's throwing in the towel, and Preston is sensing that, hoping for chemistry and getting none. So we know that love isn't worth a million dollars... at least for now.

PJ and Rachel watch Preston hug all four women coming home: "Andrea - fake hug. Jamie, surprise, fake hug. Ali - fake hug. Rebekah - that was a sincere hug." Rachel plays third degree again, and Andrea's sick of it. "I'm not your buddy, Rachel. I wasn't before, and I'm definitely not your buddy now."

Next morning... DRAMMMMMMMA! Preston is wondering how he clicked with Rachel so quickly, while Rachel sees advantage. A bouquet of flowers with the inscription "Bob and Kay" await. Odd. While they ponder the clue, they start clicking some more. He's instantly drawn to her, and Rachel's thinking that his advances equate a big old check.

We find out what "Bob and Kay" means as Rachel notes a cake saying "Happy anniversary Bob & Kay - 62 years." Bob dances with Rachel while Preston gets a dance from Kay... and some hints from Bob. "Honesty has to be there all the time." Preston feels greatly for Rachel, even as she has a check for $1. She's still thinking "what's my check worth." Rachel lets him know that she would move to Denver if she won.

Preston's final notes: "Girls that I make a connection with just happen to be worth nothing."

And Andrea's still wondering "Is this girl still talking?"

Final date of the show is with PJ, who meets Preston at the limo. "She's a real natural beauty." Preston and the natural beauty head over to the Pasadena Civic Center for a show on a loveseat. We get a ballet show. Preston feels so spoiled being here with PJ, as he starts to fall for her. Meanwhile, PJ thinks Preston is just what the doctor ordered... right before she backs away from yet another kiss. "It's kinda strange for him to go so fast so quick." She has to stop and think.

Back at home, dinner turns into a Coupling episode (the good version), as someone brought libido enhancers to the party. Quick, someone get the Reality TV Anti-Doping Agency! Rachel's got foot-in-mouth disease, as she notes that she's been "deprived" and can't "indulge herself" in "private time for her needs".

Then all hell breaks loose as is wont to happen with five women at the dinner table. Rachel, what happens in the bedroom is between you and... the wall socket.

Ali tries to make peace with Rachel, who is yelling even though she says otherwise. She shuns Andrea, who leaves, not wanting to listen to her crap. Rachel's ending quip: "Regardless of how this ends, these are not my friends."

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, with Preston and PJ going at it about his advances. This time, it ends in PJ embracing said advances and being more intimate. Preston realizes that her intentions might be the purest of them all. And they just might be, as PJ caps the most romantic night she's had in a long time.

Getting close to elimination time, as everyone except Rachel is nervous. PJ thinks that Ali or Rebekah will get the heave-ho. Andrea hopes that Rachel is eliminated. Rachel would be thrown off if that were the case. Rebeka just wishes that there was more time. Onto elimination, as one woman will learn the value of her check... the hard way. It won't be Rebekah, Andrea, Rachel (d'oh!), or PJ (yay!... although she might just be setting herself up to be the Paige Jones of the series). That leaves Ali and Jamie. Jamie gets the call down, and after the shower of praise... she's got to give up the ring. So maybe Preston's for real here. But then again, Ali's still in it, the one woman with the million.

But how will Jamie react when she learns that she's about to burn a quarter-million? "I came into this to meet a guy." Wonder who else did? Let's see...

LOVE: PJ, definitely; Ali and Rebekah, maybe.
MONEY: Rachel, definitely. Andrea, maybe.

Preston's take? "The perfect ending would be to fall in love with one of the women, and she says no to the money, and she takes me. Sunset behind us, and we kiss, and credits roll."

Cue the credits, and we'll see you next week.

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