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One man looking for love. Sixteen women also looking for love. But what happens when you throw in sixteen checks worth anywhere from $1 to $1,000,000?

Only Preston knows for sure.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jordan Murphy
JD Roth
EP: John Foy, Bruce Nash, Todd Nelson, JD Roth
Packager: 3 Ball Productions, Nash Entertainment, NBC Studios
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 3 (or "A Bitter Pill to Swallow") - June 14

Well, we cut it down to five, as we bid Jamie into that cold dark night called... the after-reality. Right now, it's up to these five...

Ali - $1,000,000
Andrea - $500,000
PJ - $50,000
Rebekah and Rachel - $1... each.

... to win over our hero's heart... or pants... or something. Morning dawns again, quiet reigns, and Jordan suddenly appears. "Go away!" Why? He's cool! Good news, you MAY have some quality time this episode with Preston. Bad news, that ugly three-letter word in that last sentence. How will this work? Preston will show up to take lady #1 on date #1. If he wants more, he'll ask lady #1 to stay for date #2. Otherwise, lady #2 steps in. Continue until we reach the 39-minute mark. "Preston will be arriving shortly."

We need more Jordan Murphys in the world, I swear. So we have the mad makeup and shaving scrambles. Rachel starts to fall for this guy... until the moment when things go south. Then, she's in it for the simolean she doesn't know about.

9a: Preston takes Andrea, much to the chagrin of Rachel... and PJ. Then again, Preston hasn't really taken Andrea out anywhere, but he's looking forward to her "comfiness". And her nice abs. Yes, very nice.

First stop: Moonlight Rollerway. Old-fashioned roller rinking. Complete with disco music in the background. While Andrea's charmed into playfulness, in the back of her mind is the money. He falls for her charms, she falls for his charms, and both of their lips fall into each other. But don't think for a moment that Preston hasn't picked up on the fact that the $500,000 just happens to be the most flirtatious.

How would that play? Noon: Exit Andrea, enter... Ali. She of the sole million-dollar check. She of the hope that she would either take the date or throw in the towel. She of the next date. She of the kicking legs. Not to sound like a kid or anything, but her legs + Andrea's body + PJ's lips = me melting.

Ali feels like there's something that she doesn't know. Preston knows, but he wants to see if there is a compatibility factor as well. They pull into a silent movie theatre, and... well, let's just say the description is quite apt, as there is NOTHING to their conversation. Today's movie: "Growing Up Ali". She explains the stills. And Preston's still not buying it. He's ready to go home now. And I would be too at this point. She's high risk, but she's also high reward.

Back at the house, Andrea holds back details about the date, while Rachel's just grinning and bearing it. PJ thinks that Andrea knows she's not Preston's type, and that she's here for the money. Wouldn't surprise me.

On the way home, Ali thinks that she's made a connection. Preston thinks that he'd like to take her money and put it into someone else. "But I can't do that, which sucks!"

3p: If he's true to form, then PJ's next. Hell, I'd take PJ on all four. Anywho, Preston goes with MY gut and sweeps PJ onto the next date, leaving Rachel to pretty much put any semblance of an iota of an inkling of a date out of her head.

Thirty feet below and incline, PJ and Preston head into a tent for a Turkish delight (rimshot). Actually, it's a picnic with an Arabian theme. PJ thinks he's here for both. But that doesn't stop him from spending some quality (and I do mean quality) time with PJ in a golden cushion. She thinks more and more that he's in it for love. Preston's just disappointed that she's only worth $50,000, but he's pleased that he can see a future with her.

Meanwhile, Rachel's fingering her food, while Rebekah is finding her annoying. As is the rest of America. Andrea thinks that negativity breeds negativity, and that Rachel's endless bitching is causing the others to become a bit bitter.

Meanwhile Preston gives PJ a kiss. Keep in mind that this is only 30 feet below the house, and the other girls might see. So PJ is remaining hush about it.

6p: Final date. Preston and PJ head 30 feet back up to meet Rachel and Rebekah. I'd keep PJ longer or take Rebekah. "And Rachel... (commercial break) ... we will do it some other time." Rebekah piles into the limo. And Rachel is ready to call it a game. "I'm not having fun anymore."

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Preston are AMPED! Seriously, they have a lot of energy to expend. And understandably so, because the fact that she's only worth one dollar has zero bearing on the way he feels. "I don't take life very seriously." Good philosophy. One I take to heart.

It's dinner on a penthouse tonight, as Preston talks of saving the best for last. Rebekah thinks he's a very nice guy, but at the same time, he doesn't know what his motives are. Then, because we've gone two and a half episodes without one, a hot tub. "She has a smokin' physique. Her body was ridiculous."

And speaking of ridiculous, here's Rachel again. "I'm not good with knowing that I'm not the only one." PJ thinks that Rachel's trying to laugh it off. PJ notes that right now, Rebekah is in a hot tub with Preston. Basically, she sums up relationship series key to victory #34: If you have an opportunity to get some time alone, and there's a hot tub involved, take it. Exhibit A, Rebekah and Preston kissing... a lot. Rebekah thinks of herself as a candidate to be played, as she doesn't know whether Preston's attracted to her (I'd be) or her check. "She'd seem like someone who would be a great wife." That answer your question, America?

Ali's sum up: "Amazing, amazing, amazing. He is not what I expected at all. And if he's playing me, I'm going to kill him." Isn't she cute when she threatens to kill people?

Next day (39 minutes... what did I tell you?), breakfast with the story of Ali's date... as told by Rachel. Everyone else wisely shuts their mouths. Rachel, getting more and more irritated, leaves for a spell... until she hears that Rebekah doesn't even notice her body. "Hold the line!" And hold the Absolut, apparently.

Then comes the chime of doom, meaning that elimination is looming near. It also means that Jordan has... well, something. Remember the setup in the event room of FLOM2 where one person had the opportunity to leave the game with a bribe by dropping their ring on a pillow? Similar setup, BUT this time, the value of your check is up for bids. As PJ already knows the value of her check, she's sitting out. "This valuable information will cost you 50 percent of your check." Meaning that for Ali, she could go to half a mill, Andrea could go to a quarter-mill, and Rebekah or Rachel could go ... to fifty cents.

That's is the offer on the table... and someone jumps at it... after lengthy inner monologue. Jordan tells the ladies that he would've gone as low as a 20 percent cut, but nevertheless, Andrea will now know what Preston knows. She knows that her check WAS worth $500,000. Now, only $250,000. Although she now realizes what she is playing for, she's still playing, and so is Rachel, repeating those three words over and over again... five, hundred, thousand.

Jordan meets Preston in the drawing room, where he gives him the DL on the offer. "All my trust basically went out the window. If money never was an issue, she never would've dropped the ring."

Would that have a bearing on tonight's elimination?

No. Turns out that a boring movie is more damning than a $250,000 ring drop. Ali, the sole woman with a million dollar check, is going home. But then again, since this is FLOM, that can change.

Predictions from yours truly don't change any.

LOVE: PJ and Rebekah.
MONEY: Rachel and Andrea.

Ali tears up her million-dollar check before incinerating it. Yeah, drive the point home, why don't you? As for Preston, "I feel pretty confident that my future wife is one of these four women."

Hm... Methinks that Mr. Mercer may be for real here. And so is Rachel's who says she's in it for money.

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off now. Next week, it's good versus evil. Literally.

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