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Five city-slicker couples head way out west to Hawaii to compete for $25,000 and the title of All-Around Cowboy.

But do they have what it takes to Cowboy Up?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Rocco Wachman
Wrangler: Judd Leffew
EP: Stu Schreiber, Stephen Kroopnick, Chris Greenleaf, David Wechter, Melanie Moreau
Packager: Triage Entertainment, CMT Productions
Airs: Fridays at 9:00pm ET on CMT

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"Cowboy Ride, Part 1" - December 3

Last time, we had a tea party with meat, and Sandra & Tom, having shown the least progress in boot camp, were on the next boat off the island of Moloka'i. Probably for the best, as the remaining couples are now going to war. For four days and three nights, the cowboys are going to go off to gather cows, and at the end of the road, another couple will be riding off into the sunset. The basis for the next cut, though Rocco doesn't out rightly say so, will be the Cowboy Code.

Now it's time to ride into a beautiful scenery. After a lunch of apples and beef jerky (that's it), Rocco informs the team that if they need to go to the bathroom, they'll have to a) dig a hole in the ground and b) wipe themselves after they've finished.

The team sets up for camp at a beach. There, we go to a horseback triathlon, racing for a saddle, saddling a horse, and then roping a target.

First heat, Lance & Vicky vs. Bill & Annette. Annette is the first at the stick...  and she ends up roping Vicky's horse. She wins after she gets a stick.

Second heat, Eric D. & Tiffany vs. Eric R. & Yancy. Yancy has to tell Eric how to saddle a horse. This one's not even close, as Eric D. swings his rope to a win.

Final heat, Bill & Annette vs. Eric D. & Tiffany. A dead heat to start, Eric says forget the saddle, I'm going to ride. And he does... to a win. Bill's a little disappointed.

Judd: "I just got one question... Is anybody hot? Last one in the water is a city slicker!"

That night, it's fish for dinner. And centipedes to sleep with. Tomorrow, they have to go to a dustbowl inland. First, though, Vicky finds a mouse in her bag. Vicky's exhausted, Lance thinks he has a swamp in her butt, and Judd says "Enough of the whining!"

They make camp, and then go on some pole bending, cowboys vs. cowgirls. Losers cook dinner.

Yancy: :57. Tiffany: :50. Annette: :59. Vicky: :43, a new best. Total: 3:29.
Lance: :53. Eric D.: :51. Bill: :38... a NEW new best. Eric R: :34... a NEW NEW new best. Total: 2:56. To the kitchen, woman!

Dinner: Spam and chili. Yum yum.

Now to the reward and penalty. First, the penalty. Eric R. & Yancy (due to Yancy needing to Cowboy Up) will have to wake up and saddle all the horses. The reward: Eric D. & Tiffany get to spend one night in the Cowboy U tent. And there it is. With a little drink it go with it.

Next time, we go dogie-punching. And then, one more couple will get the ax.

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