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Five city-slicker couples head way out west to Hawaii to compete for $25,000 and the title of All-Around Cowboy.

But do they have what it takes to Cowboy Up?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Rocco Wachman
Wrangler: Judd Leffew
EP: Stu Schreiber, Stephen Kroopnick, Chris Greenleaf, David Wechter, Melanie Moreau
Packager: Triage Entertainment, CMT Productions
Airs: Fridays at 9:00pm ET on CMT

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"Cowboy Guacamole" - November 26

We start with Eric D. & Tiffany's adventure with Eric R. & Yancy, while the others go to the stalls for a preg-check. You know what that means... Get a glove, go up the birth canal, and into the uterus. Lance is stained with "cowboy guacamole". And it doesn't end with just Lance. Soon everyone either feels a baby or gets dookied. But because of the penalty, Bill & Annette have to check two more cows.

Meanwhile, the two couples are rewarded with downtime at a waterfall, where Eric R. is treated to Yancy's boobs, while we're treated to Jimmy Buffett. Rocco may have lost the two couples today, but tomorrow, it's back to training for the rodeo, which is still eight days away.

Next day, the mechanical bull. Remember, heels even with the rope, head down, chest out, hand up. It seems like we still have problems in that area. "It takes heart and desire to be a cowboy," as Eric R. demonstrates. Lance.. definitely lacking in both. But Yancy looks like she's being pushed to her limits, as she says that $25,000 or $25 million isn't enough to get hurt.

The next event, pole bending. The object, weave the poles as fast as you can. Broken patterns are disqualified. Each pole down is five seconds added to your time. Annette (:39) seems to have the best form. Bill (:37) likewise. Tom (:41) is literally hard to control. Sandra's run (1:23) you could time with a sundial. Vicky knocks three poles over for a final time of :51. Lance (:48) has no natural horse sense. Tiffany (:36) and Eric D. (DQed) are polar opposites. Eric R. (:32) is the best. Yancy is DQed on a broken pattern (fear). Bill & Annette win.

Now to fence some cows, one herd separate from the other by barbed wire. Ow. And the only thing you have to help you out... A weed whacker. Then to calf shaving for TB. The secret is in the sleeper hold once you get a rope on him, as Bill demonstrates. Winner winner, lobster dinner. Vicky & Lance.. not so much. Eric R (whipped) and Yancy (whip)... even worse.

But the worst is yet to come, as one of Tom's calves decides to go for the money shot once Sandra gets a rope and lets it go. You never let go of your rope. End result, Tom is faceplanted into the ground. "We need a medic," Judd calls as Sandra's cries go unheeded for the moment.

Sandra just wants to go home, but Tom decides to cowboy up. Rocco asks if he knows where he is, to which he answers... "Cowboy U.. Moloka'i."

Now to rewards and penalties. It's the last time, as the next time will be cut. Rewards go to Bill & Annette, as they get a sunset dinner for two at the beach. Now Judd gets to deal the pain. That penalty goes to Tom & Sandra. The penalty is to stack hay and feed the animals. Rocco says that they have all the heart in the world, but heart is not enough in crunch time.

Tomorrow, Rocco has to cut one couple.

Pony up to episode 5.

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