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Five city-slicker couples head way out west to Hawaii to compete for $25,000 and the title of All-Around Cowboy.

But do they have what it takes to Cowboy Up?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Rocco Wachman
Wrangler: Judd Leffew
EP: Stu Schreiber, Stephen Kroopnick, Chris Greenleaf, David Wechter, Melanie Moreau
Packager: Triage Entertainment, CMT Productions
Airs: Fridays at 9:00pm ET on CMT

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"Cowboy Slack" - November 19

The tides have changed as has Lance's less than rosy disposition, but with 10 days until the rodeo, can the rest of the pack follow suit? Eric R. and Yancy (Team Latin Heat) get to soak up the sun on the beach. The rest of the crew follow them to the beach for bull-riding lesson #2: the lunge line. What's a lunge line, you ask? It's basically a tether used to teach turning. Today, we're using a horse instead of a bull. Yancy: "They say you're not a cowboy until you've fallen off a horse, so I'm there!" You and everyone else, honey.

The Erics are stellar, though.

At lunch... flies? "I think it has something to do with the bulls(^_^)!"

After 7 days, we now have an event in the rodeo that we're actually practicing: rescue racing. Judd and local cowgirl Rial demonstrate. It's especially dangerous at high speeds. Other than that, it's just ride, sweep, and ride again. Lance & Vicky went from great to disastrous. Bill & Annette were shaky, causing Annette to fall, but they get it eventually. But then, Annette falls again, and she's having trouble getting up. She gets up, though. "Only the dead stay down."  The next try.. flawless.

Day 8: morning chores. It's literally a lot of crap.

Next event: team penning. This will also figure heavily into the scoring at the rodeo. Only problems occur with a very bitchy Lance & Vicky... Eric & Yancy, though, have the edge at this event, though. Yancy notes that the couples that do the best communicate the best and the couples that communicate the worst do the worst.

They take the confined in a small space scenario a bit further as they go their separate ways, with the guys taking on Lance and Tiffany consoling Vicky.

Now to evals. Reward today, the best one yet, is a trip to the rainforests of Moloka'i. That reward goes to Eric D. & Tiffany. And as an added surprise, they can take one other couple with them! Judd hates to be the bad guy of the scene, but Bill & Annette have to take the Penalty. They have to do the chores of everyone who leaves the next day.

So who will Eric D. & Tiffany take with them? They can't bring Lance & Vicky because they fight all the time. They can't take Bill & Annette because they are being penalized. They choose... Eric R. & Yancy. Their fantastic voyage... Next time. 

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