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Five city-slicker couples head way out west to Hawaii to compete for $25,000 and the title of All-Around Cowboy.

But do they have what it takes to Cowboy Up?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Rocco Wachman
Wrangler: Judd Leffew
EP: Stu Schreiber, Stephen Kroopnick, Chris Greenleaf, David Wechter, Melanie Moreau
Packager: Triage Entertainment, CMT Productions
Airs: Fridays at 9:00pm ET on CMT

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"Cowboy Cutoff" - November 26

We're at the last two days of boot camp, as we start with final bull-riding instructions. This one is the real deal, as the players mount their meat. They don't ride it yet, and it's good for the ladies, who don't want to do it. And just to prove that it is indeed feasible, Judd demonstrates. But if you think it's going to be that easy, you are in for a world of hurt.

Final practice for rescue race. Team Green Acres (Eric D. & Tiffany) are first on the horse... and first on the ground. But it was after the cross, so it's good for time: 14.90 seconds. Team Double Threat (Bill & Annette) still have nerves to overcome. They do... but it takes a while. 19.09. Team Hollywood (Lance & Vicky) score 16.81. Team Legally Pirated (Tom & Sandra) mount up to 23.16, while Team Miami Heat (Eric R. & Yancy) score 18.31. Winners: Team Hollywood and Team Green Acres. Now they have a horse race to determine the winners. Vicky falls off twice, while Eric D. & Tiffany cowboy up to the win.

Argument ensues amongst the losers.

It's off to the beach for the ranchers... except for Tom & Sandra, who are still penalized. On the other hand, Bill & Annette are off to dinner (with Rocco warning them not to be too late. No sooner do they leave than the others discover that the small animals have been let out. Sandra thinks Tom left it open, as the ranchers wrangle up chickens. Cue freakout.

As for dinner, it's authentic Hawaii. They needed this, as Annette says that they were running on fumes.

Will it be enough? Next day is elimination day, as we start with a tea party, with a guest of honor... "1500 pounds of beef." Last one seated at the table wins. Nerves are in high gear, as Tom is the only one with a red vest on... Uh oh. You know, in all the confusion, I lost count of who was still standing after the beef came in. But we do know that Lance wins, and Bill is second. "What do you know, the stupidest person won!"

And now, the end of boot camp, and the end of the trail for one couple. Everyone comes with bags packed. Rocco notes that they have come a long way. "It's not a good day for Rocco. Not a good day for the boss man."

Final elimination time. The boat is ready. The final reward goes to a turn around team... Lance & Vicky. The reward: a couples' massage. And now, the ultimate penalty.

Lance & Vicky had difficulty as a couple. Eric R. & Yancy are lopsided, with Eric shouldering the responsibility. Eric D. & Tiffany have both wins and setbacks. Sandra & Tom have struggled since their first win. Bill & Annette ride well, but Rocco doesn't see a fire to win.

That said... Sandra & Tom have to leave. They have memories, and Rocco says that they have won more than any money that they had a chance to win. So off they go into the sunset, on a boat, as opposed to a horse.

That night, the cowboys head back to the bunkhouse and try to call dibs on the last mattress.

The next day, it's time for a field ride to herd cattle. No bed. No running water. Every thing for four days has to be packed into one stimpack.

And the night before the rodeo, one more couple will be cut. Who will it be? The answers are in the next couple of weeks. Boot camp is over... and now it's time, as Rocco put it, to go to war.

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