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Today is

Round of 4: Big Band - August 27-28

We're down to the final 4, and this week, it's time to bring in a big band. That's because with some help from Paul Anka, they have some standards to sing!

In addition, this week, the singers will each sing 2 songs for Canada's vote. Once we get through the opening comments from Jake, Farley, Sass, and Zack, we find out some more about Mr. Anka. He has released 126 albums over the course of 50 years, and he's still going today, because he has a new album coming out, called "Classic Songs My Way"!

Time to get right into the performances, with Carly Rae Jepsen leading things off. During the workshops earlier, Paul told her that once she gets over her nerves, and she stays within herself, she'll be quite far ahead. We'll see how that works out for her, as she sings "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" by Ella Fitzgerald. Jake figured that this theme would fit her, and felt that she didn't disappoint. Sass thought it was her best performance so far. Zack wants to see her sizzle more, but he thought it was okay nonetheless.

Up next is the resident Elvis impersonator (singing voice-wise), Jaydee Bixby. As other guests have done, Paul tells him not to smile through the whole song. Will he listen this time? We'll find out soon enough, as he performs "Fever". Farley thought he didn't look comfortable, but at least he tried. Zack suggested that he get off this show, head to Nashville, and cash in there. Jake thought he wasn't in the groove, and wasn't convincing enough with the singing, but at least he finally listened to the advice not to smile the whole time.

Moving on, it's now Brian Melo's turn to wow the audience. Paul told him to think about what he's singing, and not to be afraid to get more aggressive when he sings. With that, we go to Brian's rendition of "Mack the Knife". Sass said that his performance had attitude. Jake liked the attitude that he brought, which he didn't remember seeing from him before. Farley thought that it looked like he's feeling like a star, and he's really starting to emanate comfort on the stage.

One more performance to go in the first half, and it will come from Dwight d'Eon. Paul wants to see a certain kind of confidence from him with this song. Let's see if we get to see that, as Dwight performs Frank Sinatra's "I Get a Kick Out of You". Jake thought it was a good effort, but felt that this just isn't Dwight's thing. Farley thought it seemed like he was worried about what he was doing, and said that he needs to relax. Sass really appreciated that he did make an effort with this.

The singers aren't done yet; Carly Rae returns to the stage for her second performance of the night, this time with "I've Got it Bad and That Ain't Good" by Mel Torme. Jake thought she sold that song like he never saw her sell it before. Sass felt it was so believable, it seemed like Carly Rae had gone through what the lyrics described! Zack said it was "killer", and just adorable.

Now, for Jaydee's performance of "When You're Smiling" by Louis Armstrong. And he danced with one of the backup singers in the middle of it. Farley thought he was believable and he had fun with it, and he did a good job. Zack said that when America discovers him, he's going to "blow up" no matter what. Jake felt that he actually sang well this time, and was impressed by it.

Keeping things going, Brian has now chosen to go with Michael Bublé's version of "Feeling Good". Sass wondered if he's charging for real estate on the stage, because he owns it. Zack, after praising Paul Anka's advice to the final 4, said that he could see Brian wearing the Canadian Idol crown comfortably. Farley felt that he should definitely stick around "until the cows come home".

Dwight will close the show tonight, singing "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole. Jake reiterated what he said to Dwight earlier, saying that he just finds it hard to believe him doing this kind of thing. Farley said that he just needs to go out onto the stage and have fun. Sass simply said that he looks wonderful.

Well, it was an interesting night for standards. As for my predictions, I think that Brian and Carly Rae are just too strong for Jaydee to continue staying out of the Bottom 2 this time. But considering this just wasn't a good theme for him, I see Dwight heading home this week.

Tomorrow, Paul Anka performs! And yes, 4 will be cut to 3.


We have seen 4 singers perform standards last night. Tonight, we say good-bye to one of them.

As usual, we begin with a group performance; this time, the Top 4 performs some of Paul Anka's hits. And soon enough, Mr. Anka joins them on the stage! What a way to start the show! Then, after a recap of the previous night, and a break, he is again on stage for more, doing things his way! He gets a standing ovation afterwards, of course! He then takes some time to talk about his new album "Classic Songs My Way", then mentions that he'll be on tour starting in western Canada in a couple of weeks.

Alright, still to come is the other reason we're here; the results. But first, a bit of product placement with a "Kraft Idol Confidential" clip, this time featuring the Top 4 chatting while enjoying salad, using salad dressing from Kraft (of course).

Okay, now, it's results time. Before Ben announces it, let's see what the judges think of them. Sass felt that Carly Rae has touched a lot of hearts this summer, Jake thought that with the proper development, Jaydee could be an international star in a couple of years, Zack said that Brian is walking the walk and talking the talk, and Farley said that Dwight needs to squeeze as much of this opportunity as he can and take it with him. Okay, with that out of the way... we have one more break. Figures. After that, we finally get some results!

Carly Rae - SAFE
Brian - SAFE
Dwight - OUT
Jaydee - SAFE

Just like that, Dwight d'Eon's hopes of winning are now gone. But he did very well in getting this far, and he also showed some great skills with the guitar in previous weeks! He closes the show with "I Get a Kick Out of You". As for the other 3, the end is near, and next week, they'll each have another 2 songs to sing; this time, one is chosen by the people, and the other is chosen by the judges.


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