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Today is

Round of 18 - July 2-4

The competition has just begun.  18 have made it this far, but for 4 of them, this week of performances will be their last.

Ben starts the show, and among the things he says, he mentions that at this point, the competitors will be allowed to use their instruments, if they have 'em.  After introducing the 9 men who will be performing tonight, and some comments from the judges, we see the women in the "TD Canada Trust Comfort Zone", who will be watching from the sidelines for the next hour.

On to the performances, as we begin with Liam Styles Chang performing "She's So High" by Tal Bachman.  Jake remarks that he is very good at singing the low notes, and didn't expect him to do the falsetto parts as well as he did.  Sass thought he did an amazing job.

Andrew Austin takes the stage next, with guitar, to sing Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning".  Farley says the song was perfect for him.  Zack says that though he seemed a little light and fluffy around the edges, he was a lot better than he was last week, and Jake thought the performance was strong.

Moving on to Dwight d'Eon, who rocks with his rendition of I Mother Earth's "Used To Be Alright".  Zack feels that he's the first "balls to the wall" pure Canadian rocker on this stage, and he "killed it".  Jake would've chosen a different song, though, but he says the performance was great.

Next up, Clifton Murray.  He performs "You Give Me Something" by James Morrison.  Zack says he didn't get it, Farley thought the grit that was needed for this song was missing, and Sass figured that he seemed uncomfortable with the song.

Now, Greg Neufeld, with guitar, is looking to get further into the competition than he did last year, singing "Geek in the Pink" by Jason Mraz.  Jake says it was explosive and strong, and Zack says it was a good performance, adding that he's glad Greg does what he does in his comfort zone.

Right away, we go on to Brian Melo, who goes with Robbie Williams' "Angels".  Farley thought it was a fantastic performance, and Sass thought it was a fantastic song choice.  Zack thought that Brian sounded pitchy, though.

Jaydee Bixby has his guitar ready to go, and he goes into his version of "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles.  Zack thought it was stiff and cheesy around the edges, but Jaydee "is a slam dunk for a career".  Jake figured at first that this song choice would be perfect, but he says it could have been more explosive than it was.

Let's see if Matt Rapley can do better.  His song this week is Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up".  Jake says that he needs to watch the vibrato, because it doesn't seem to work as well on TV as it does live.  Farley thought that vibrato compliments the kind of singer he is, but he does need to improve his showmanship.

Closing this show is Tyler Mullendore, who has chosen to sing "Have a Little Faith in Me" by John Hyatt.  Farley feels that he is so natural on stage, and he has a great sense of song choice.  Zack thought he lost focus a bit near the end, but he sang like he belongs in the Top 10.

Another strong week for the men, though maybe not quite as strong as they were last week.  We'll see how the women do tomorrow.


The remaining 9 men have done their thing last night.  Tonight, the remaining 9 women take the stage.

This time, as expected, the guys are sitting in the "TD Canada Trust Comfort Zone" tonight, and after the ladies are introduced, the usual comments from the judges follow.

We get moving quickly, starting with Martha Joy's rendition of Josh Groban's "To Where You Are".  Jake thought the singing was good, but she still seemed to be stiff and not showing emotion.  Sass thought it was shaky at the beginning, and Zack says that she needs to show some "Joy".

Next is country girl Tara Oram, singing "Safe in the Arms of Love" by Michelle Wright.  Farley wanted to see more physical performance from her, though the singing was great.  Sass felt that the song suited her.  Zack called the vocals "Carrie Underwhelming".

Naomi-Joy Blackhall follows that with the theme song from "Roswell", "Here With Me" by Dido.  Zack thinks that this week and last showed that she doesn't sing that well.  Jake mentions that she was able to sing that well in the earlier rounds, but this performance just didn't measure up to those she did in the past.

Let's see if Carly Rae Jepsen can do better than that, as she delivers her performance of "Sweet Ones" by Sarah Slean.  Jake loved that she showed her personality, and can choose songs that do just that.  Farley agrees with the great song choice, and adds that she could be the girl to beat.

Scarlett Burke is next, and she has chosen CCR's "Proud Mary".  But Jake doesn't get the song choice.  Sass thought she hit the killer note at the end, but the rest of it didn't show off the best parts of her voice.  Zack simply shook his head, having nothing to say.

Rocking the stage now is Montana Martin Iles, who once again goes with a recent hit; this time, it's Fall Out Boy's "Thnks fr th Mmrs".  Farley says that she can definitely entertain, which she did once again, but he challenges her to focus on singing as best as she can next week.  But Jake feels that she should keep doing what she has been doing, because it'll take her far into the competition.

Having to follow that up is Mila Miller, with "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding.  Sass feels that Mila has a sense of humour that she loves.  Jake thought it seemed like she really felt the whole song, like every word meant something to her.

Now, it's Annika Odegard's turn.  She is going with Joss Stone's "Super Duper Love".  Zack thought it was immature, uncool, and just not good.  Farley didn't see enough soul in that performance. 

It's up to Khalila G (full last name Glanville) to close the show on a positive note, as she performs "I Can't Help Myself" by the Four Tops.  Jake thought the performance was strong, but she was out of tune while dancing around.  Farley tells her that she and the other women need to make sure they spend time and use whatever resources they have to pick songs that are good for her.  Zack's message is clear: "Sing songs that matter!"

Just like last week for the ladies, we heard another mixed bag of good performances and not-so-good performances tonight.  Tomorrow, it's results time once again.


Another set of performances have come and gone, and now, it's time to see which 4 won't be on the stage next week. 

The procedure is the same as last week.  After the recaps, we get right down to business with the women...

Martha - SAFE
Montana - SAFE
Scarlett - Bottom 4
Naomi-Joy - Bottom 4
Khalila - Bottom 4
Annika - SAFE
Mila - Bottom 4
Carly Rae - SAFE
Tara - SAFE

Of the ladies, Scarlett, Naomi-Joy, Khalila, and Mila had better hope for the best.  But what about the men?

Tyler - SAFE
Clifton - Bottom 4
Matt - SAFE
Liam - SAFE
Jaydee - SAFE
Dwight - Bottom 4
Andrew - Bottom 4
Brian - Bottom 4
Greg - SAFE

Of the guys, Clifton, Dwight, Andrew, and Brian are praying that they won't be leaving.  What do the judges think?  Well, Jake thinks that Clifton and Dwight will be going home, and Farley agrees.  Sass can't see Khalila or Mila leaving, and Zack agrees.

Of course, Ben, being the nice guy that he is, will save 2 of them before announcing any eliminations...

Dwight - SAFE

Khalila - SAFE 

And now, it's time to break some bad news to 4 of the 6 that remain in danger...

Clifton - OUT
Andrew - OUT
Brian - SAFE

Scarlett - OUT
Naomi-Joy - OUT
Mila - SAFE

That means that Clifton Murray, Andrew Austin, Scarlett Burke, and Naomi-Joy Blackhall are done for the season.  Next week, the 14 that remain will be performing yet again, and by the end of that week, we'll have this season's Top 10.


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