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Today is

Round of 14 - July 9-11

One more time this year, the men and women sing on separate nights.  Time to get started in finding out which 10 of the remaining 14 will reach the next phase of the competition...

Once more, the ladies are resting comfortably in the "TD Canada Trust Comfort Zone".  After the judges give their comments, we see the 7 men that will be performing tonight.

Starting things off this week, Matt Rapley is hoping to become a true performer through this competition.  Getting into the Top 10 would really help, and he hopes to do so with "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5, playing the piano while performing.  Jake thought he was really strong vocally, but he might have been too close to the mic a few times.  Sass felt that it sounds smooth when he gets into the higher registers.  But Zack thought that he hasn't shown enough maturity, and he doesn't think Matt is ready for the Top 10.

Before we continue, we see footage of Ben and Season 3 winner Melissa O'Neil visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver.  Soon enough, we find out that Canadian Idol and the Ronald McDonald House charity will join forces to build a family retreat at Bear Mountain in B.C., and all proceeds from auctions at will go towards this project!  Nice!

Alright, back to the singing.  Greg Neufeld has now made it further into the competition than he did last year, and he hopes that Canada will see fit to send him into the Top 10 this year.  And with his guitar, he hopes to convince viewers to send him there with John Mayer's "Daughters".  Farley noted his broad comfort zone, and he brought a sense of intimacy with that performance.  Zack thought that he's maybe a little too perfect, but it was a good song choice.  Jake tells the ladies that that's their competition.

Tyler Mullendore is next, and he feels that song choice has a lot to do with knowing oneself as an artist.  And looking to prove that he knows himself as an artist, guitar in hand, he has chosen "Rock N Me" by the Steve Miller Band.  Sass, after her best Paula Abdul impression, said that it's not the best that he has ever done, but she enjoyed the performance.  Oh, and she referred to Zack as Simon at one point.  Heh.  Anyway, after Zack did his best Macho Man impression, saying "Oh, yeah, brother!", Jake said that Tyler continues to be genuine, and hopes he'll be in the Top 10.

Now, it's Liam Styles Chang's turn.  He just wants to show who he is, and feels that he needs to be true to himself, as cliché as it sounds.  With that, he performs "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by the Fray.  Zack thought that he's consistently "bang on", but he still wants more explosiveness from him.  Jake agreed with Zack on the explosiveness, but felt that he does deserve to be in the Top 10.  Farley thought that Liam has shown how smart he is with his song selection.

Up next, Dwight d'Eon is ready to go.  He feels that his guitar is 50% of who he is, and he's going to show the real him tonight, singing Matchbox 20's "Bright Lights".  Jake said that was a rock star moment, and he wouldn't take the guitar out of his hands at all.  Farley felt that Dwight is the most improved there, and the public now truly knows who he is, thanks to a fantastic performance.  Sass thought that he has the vibe, but not the voice; nonetheless, she thought that was his best performance so far.

Let's see if Jaydee Bixby can top that.  He says he likes to "ride" the songs that he sings, so to speak.  That means that, so to speak, he'll be "riding" John Michael Montgomery's "Sold" tonight.  Farley simply said, "Going once, going twice, gone to the Top 10!"  Zack said that that kind of music is further away from what he likes or knows about, so he doesn't comment.  Jake thought that he was working the room like he has done it forever, and Jaydee seemed to be a little out of breath at the end of the performance.

Brian Melo feels that he has a lot at stake this week, especially after being so close to elimination last week.  And to close the show, he looks to show that he shouldn't be that close to elimination again, with his performance of "Drive" by Incubus.  Sass loved the vibe that he showed.  Jake felt that it was a strong performance, though screechy at times, and he hopes that Brian will be around in the Top 10.  Farley said it wasn't his greatest performance, but he looked quite comfortable up there, and has a good vibe.

Each of these 7 have made a good case for the Top 10, but of course, only 5 of them will make it there.  Tomorrow, we'll see the women make their cases for the Top 10.


You know the drill.  The men sang yesterday, and the women will sing tonight.

Ben goes through the usual spiel, getting comments from the judges, and introducing the ladies who will be performing tonight.  With the guys sitting in the "TD Canada Trust Comfort Zone",

And on the piano to start is Annika Odegard.  She feels that the judges have a misconception of what she likes to sing, and she plans to show what it is that she likes to sing, with her rendition of Vanessa Carlton's "Ordinary Day".  Jake says that that's the Annika they saw in the auditions, and that is who she should be.  Farley thought it was a really good performance, and it was the first time they saw the real her.  Sass adds that this is where she belongs.

Khalila G is next, and she says that being in the Top 10 would certainly make her and her family happy.  And she hopes to convince voters to send her there, singing "For You I Will" by Monica.  Sass wasn't as blown away by her as she was in the past.  Zack saw that she was "trying to hit a home run", but it was a bit flat around the edges.  Jake thought that it sounded a little off at a couple of moments, but it was strong.

After a reminder of last night's announcement, Carly Rae Jepsen takes the stage.  She compares the all-important song selection to a tightrope walk.  And hoping that it'll help her get across to the Top 10, she has chosen Annie Lennox's version of "Waiting in Vain".  Sass felt that there's always something magical about her presence on the stage.  Jake said that it was a bit shaky at the beginning, but it was nice when she stepped away from the backup singers.  Farley thought that despite that shakiness, she managed to get back into the pocket, and he sees it as a sign of maturity.

Moving right along to Tara Oram, who is excited to hear what the judges have to say, and likes to hear what she needs improvement on, so she can work on it.  We'll see how well she listened, as she goes into "When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues" by Martina McBride.  Zack says that country is not his thing, and found it to be average.  Jake saw some physicality in her performance, and feels that this is the kind of song that she should be singing.  Sass didn't think the singing was fantastic, but she loved the confidence that Tara showed.

Montana Martin Iles is hoping that she can connect with the viewers at home this week, after making connections with the band and the studio audience in the past couple weeks.  And with guitar in hand, she is performing "Ironic" by Alanis Morrisette to hopefully achieve this.  Jake says that it could've been better vocally, but it was nice to actually hear her sing, and she should be in the Top 10.  Farley isn't sold on the vocals yet, but sees that x-factor in her.  Zack agrees with Jake, and adds that he thinks she's a star.

Next up is Martha Joy.  She respects the judges' comments, because she knows that they know what they're talking about.  Hoping to impress once again, she sings Celine Dion's "That's the Way It Is".  Farley thought that she really pushed herself, and it was great.  Zack thought the performance was sophisticated, and he feels that she's technically the best singer there.  Jake thought that the last half of that song was one of the best things he has seen this year.

Closing the night is Mila Miller, who has been known to pick older songs.  But tonight, she has decided to go with something more recent; "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse, to be exact.  Sass said that Mila is one of her favourite performers, and it was a "really good imitation".  Zack was glad that she did something more recent, and it was cool.  Farley thought that she felt that song and did it her way, and she emanated soul from that performance.

A much better week for the ladies overall, so this could be a tough one to call.  But tomorrow, we'll see who Canada liked more.


14 singers.  10 spots in the next round.  Time to find out who will fill those spots.

After the usual recaps, we see that these 14 got a chance to relax before performance time.  While the ladies got a day at the spa, the guys got a day at the races.  Nice.  But now, we have some results to get to.  This time, they're split into 4 groups, and 1 from each group is going home.  So let's see what Canada has done... 

Martha - SAFE
Montana - OUT
Matt - SAFE
Dwight - SAFE 

Greg - SAFE
Tyler - OUT
Brian - SAFE 
Carly Rae - SAFE

Tara - SAFE
Liam - OUT
Jaydee - SAFE

Khalila - SAFE
Mila - SAFE
Annika - OUT

And with that, we have to say goodbye to Montana Martin Iles, Tyler Mullendore, Liam Styles Chang, and Annika Odegard.  I personally was shocked about a few of them, but c'est la vie...

As for the remaining 10, it's time for the next phase of the competition.  Next week, they perform on a bigger stage, and they will be performing #1 hits.  But that's not all; next week's special guest is none other than Rihanna!  This should be a good one!


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