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Today is

Round of 5: My Own Idol - August 20-21

These 5 singers are competing to become this year's Canadian Idol, but that doesn't mean they don't have idols of their own. It's "My Own Idol" week!

To help the singers this week, they have brought in none other than the first winner of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson! After some comments from the judges and the intro of the Top 5, we go into a brief bio of Ms. Clarkson. Since winning American Idol 5 years ago, she has sold over 16 million records and plenty of music awards. Her latest album, "My December", goes into darker, more personal territory, with songs like "Never Again". And wouldn't you know it; she's in the audience tonight!

First up tonight is Matt Rapley, whose idol is Stevie Wonder. During Matt's meeting with Kelly, she thought his voice was more into it than he looked, and he just needs to physically get into it more. We'll see if he does that, as he sings "Higher Ground", a song of Stevie's that was covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Jake liked that he went with the RHCP version of that song, and he looked fierce during the performance. Farley was glad that he really took Kelly's advice to heart. Sass said that he has the heart and soul that was needed, and it shone through intensely.

At this point, we see a clip of the Top 5 sitting in the kitchen at the Idol Mansion, talking about what has happened so far while enjoying Ritz Chips. The segment is called "Kraft Idol Confidential". Product placement, much?

So, how will Dwight d'Eon, who was inspired by Bon Jovi, follow the previous performance? Kelly felt that Dwight has a dramatic voice, and he doesn't really need to sell it, kinda like Bon Jovi. That could make for an interesting performance, as he has gone with "Bed of Roses". Oh, and he plays the piano for the first bit of this one. Sass felt that was the best thing he has ever done, in her opinion. Zack thought that that was the best he can do, and that he can sing well enough to sell records, but not well enough to win this. Jake thought he was a bit shaky at the beginning, but it was a strong performance overall.

Up next is Jaydee Bixby, and of course, his inspiration comes from Elvis Presley. Kelly was surprised at Jaydee big and loud voice, and felt that since he likes to do older country songs, with a voice like his, that's what he'd have to go with. And of course, that's what Jaydee did this week, performing "I Can't Stop Loving You". Zack said that maybe Jaydee should be happy if he goes home this week, so he can get on with his career without having to sing something other than "Schmelvis" here. Jake thought he left a bit to be desired rhythm-wise, but he does sings a lot like Elvis. Farley thought it was fantastic, because Jaydee hasn't swayed from who he wants to be.

(By the way, not like it matters or anything, but I just recently found out that Jaydee has the support of Frankly, I'm not surprised.)

Carly Rae Jepsen is the only woman left this season, and she enjoyed the music of Rickie Lee Jones since she was a child. Kelly noted that Carly Rae has a cute, distinctive voice, and she's the most comfortable of the bunch since she knows exactly what she wants to do. And Carly Rae is going with "Chuck E.'s in Love" this week. Zack felt that she is definitely memorable, and if that wasn't lovable, he doesn't know what is. Jake was nervous when she chose this song, but he was impressed by this performance. Farley said that she is a professional, and she knows how to entertain people.

Finally, we have Brian Melo, who is a big fan of Radiohead. Kelly loves that Brian went with something from them, and after hearing him, she felt that he doesn't really need any advice. We'll see if she's right, as Brian sings "Karma Police" to finish this show. And afterwards, he gets a standing ovation from most of the crowd (including Kelly), as well as Jake, Farley, and Sass! Jake just hopes that the people at home understand what they saw, as it was one of the most magic moments ever on the show! Farley thought that he just made his family and town proud. Zack felt that Brian could very well be the next Canadian Idol, and that he just gave credibility to the whole franchise! And with that, Zack finally offers a standing ovation of his own!

Man, what a night! I'll admit, this could be one of the toughest weeks to predict! But if I had to predict, I think that while Jaydee's fanbase will keep him around again, I see him in the Bottom 2 this week, and I think Dwight will be on his way out in 5th place. Again, I could be wrong.

Tomorrow, we'll find out who has to bow out, and of course, Kelly Clarkson will be on the stage!


The 5 remaining singers have performed songs from their idols last night. Tonight, one of them will see their hopes of being Canadian Idol taken away.

Once again, they start the show with a group performance, this time of "Change the World" by Eric Clapton. And we find out that nearly 4 million votes were cast this week! After the usual recap, and a break, it's time for a performance from the woman who won in Season 1 of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson! She performs "Never Again", and she certainly sounded as great as she normally does! Afterwards, Ben presents her with a platinum award for her latest album, "My December"! Then, after we find out that she will be returning to Canada in the fall as part of a tour, Kelly goes into another awesome performance; this time, it's "Because of You"!

Now, it's that time again. Let's see what the results have in store this week...

Brian - SAFE
Dwight - Bottom 2
Matt - Bottom 2
Carly Rae - SAFE
Jaydee - SAFE

Just like that, either Dwight or Matt will be on their way home. As for what the judges think, Zack has put his faith in Canada because they're picking the winner, Jake thought that they both did a great job, Sass felt that at this point, it's not who goes home but what they do when they get here, and Farley wants to see the 4 that remain after this week to really step up next week.

Of course, one of these 2 won't get that chance to really step up. Who is it? After a final break, we find out...

Dwight - SAFE
Matt - OUT

With that, Matt Rapley will have to settle for a 5th place finish. He closes the show with "Higher Ground". And then, there were 4. Those 4 will be singing standards next week, and none other than Paul Anka will help them prepare for it!


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