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Today is

Round of 9: 60s - July 23-24

I hear that the '60s was a groovy decade.  Tonight, the remaining 9 singers will be picking songs from that period, to see who has the groove, and who is too square to continue on.

There's 9 performances to get through in 60 minutes, so after the judges' opening comments, the intros of the 9, and a brief look back at the '60s, we get right into it.

And to start, Jaydee Bixby goes into his rendition of Elvis Presley's version of "Runaway".  Jake thought he sang it well, but he wasn't "in the pocket" with the band.  Farley thought it was good vocally, but he was hoping Jaydee would take a bit more of a risk with it.  Sass loved the singing, but she wanted to see more movement from him.

Next up, Tara Oram performs a classic from Elvis, "Suspicious Minds".  Farley thought it was cool that she showed a few things that she hadn't done before.  Sass felt that it was her best performance by far.  Zack said that this was the first time that he saw no nonsense from her, and that this was the best performance since the Top 22.

Moving right along, Matt Rapley goes into his version of "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers.  Sass can only say, "Oh my God!"  Zack felt that this is now a whole new game, and Matt came to play!  Farley thought it was a phenomenal performance, and he really stepped up this week.

It'll be a tough act to follow, but Dwight d'Eon hopes to do his best, with the Guess Who's "Undun".  Zack thought he sang it good, but he needs to push it even further.  Jake thought it was a bit pitchy, but this was a good song choice for him nonetheless.  Sass says that this was the best singing she has ever heard from him.

We now go right to Carly Rae Jepsen performing "Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles.  Jake said that they got to see her range, stylistic abilities, and vulnerability, and he loved that.  Farley thought it was really touching, and really well done.  Zack said that he would recognize her instantly if he heard that on the radio.

Next up is Brian Melo, who goes into "Bold As Love" by Jimi Hendrix.  Farley noticed his immaculate phrasing, confidence, and use of the stage, saying that it was a solid performance.  Sass thought it was an excellent performance.  Jake said that it was the best performance he ever had, and that this was a good time for it.

Khalila Glanville is on the stage now, ready to sing "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin.  Sass thought it was fantastic, and the best performance she has seen from her.  Zack felt that he wanted more at moments, but it seemed to him like she was holding back at those moments for an artistic reason.  Jake said that it's a tough song, but she lived up to all expectations, if not exceeded them.

Let's see how Greg Neufeld does with Johnny Cash's "Long Black Veil".  Zack felt that this may have been better on TV than it was live, because it sounded uptight to him.  Jake thought it was so smooth, calm, and together, and he's proving to be a pro at this.  Farley was really comfortable hearing this performance.

One performance left tonight, and it is Martha Joy singing "Love Child" by Diana Ross and the Supremes.  Jake said that she shouldn't be singing songs like that, and it didn't work for him.  Farley said that he can't really say what he thinks of that performance.  Sass, on the other hand, thought it was the best thing she has done.

This was a definite overall improvement from last week.  As for my predictions, it's a tough one to call, because they were all strong for the most part, but I think that Dwight and Martha could find themselves in the trouble zone, and Jaydee could be headed home.  But I could be wrong.  Tomorrow, we'll find out how Canada felt, and we'll see a special performance.


The 9 remaining singers have gotten into a '60s groove, but one of them is about to be left behind...

After mentioning that tonight, the Top 9 will be delivering a special performance, the judges are briefly introed, and that is followed quickly by a recap of last night's performances.  After a break, we get a clip of the 9 visiting the Ronald McDonald House in London, ON.  This is followed by the special performance; the 9 singers sing "Believe in You", dedicated to all the sick kids across the country.  I gotta admit, that was really touching.  Afterwards, Ben says that that single can now be downloaded from the Canadian iTunes store and Puretracks, and it can also be downloaded directly to Telus phones.  That was quick.  Anyway, he adds that proceeds from those downloads will go towards the construction of the family retreat at Bear Mountain in B.C., which was mentioned a couple of weeks ago!  Nice.

Before we get to the results, those who may be wondering what happens at the Idol mansion (where the singers are staying as long as they remain in the competition) after a show get to find out now.  They enjoy some Jell-O and Cool Whip, and chat.  Yeah.

Okay, enough stalling.  Let's see who is in the Bottom 3 this week... 

Martha - Bottom 3
Dwight - SAFE
Matt - SAFE
Tara - SAFE
Greg - SAFE
Khalila - Bottom 3
Carly Rae - SAFE
Brian - Bottom 3
Jaydee - SAFE

So, one of either Martha, Khalila, or Brian is heading home.  Zack still wants to see the "Wow" factor, thinking that only Matt really showed it last night.  If he had to choose which of these 3 will go home, Farley says Martha, though he doesn't think that should happen.  Sass just thinks they're all terrific.  Jake wants to see intense emotion from those who make it to next week.

Just before heading to a commercial break (Ben almost forgot to do this)...

Martha - SAFE

Now, there's only 2 still in danger.  One of them is about to leave... 

Khalila - OUT
Brian - SAFE

..and it is Khalila Glanville.  She finishes in 9th place, and so, she'll close this show with "Natural Woman".  In the meantime, the remaining 8 singers will be going unplugged next week, with acoustic performances.  And who is the special guest?  Enrique Iglesias.  It should be interesting to see how this one goes.


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