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It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, with only one rule... Get rich... or get caught.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Trey Farley
Hunters: Amazon Beard, Robert Grant, Berglind Icey, Benjamin Kim, Thibault "T-Bo" Laporte, Jilina Scott, RJ Vazquez, James Wong

Akifumi Takuma (based upon "Run for Money Tosochuu")
Rick Telles, Akifumi Takuma

Packager: Fujisankei Communications International & ABC Media Productions for SciFi Channel
Airs: Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi

In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Theme Park 1.0
December 9

Tonight, it's a battle of beauty versus brains as five beauties take on five geeks... and they ALL take on a team of Hunters.
San Diego
nursing student

Strategy: play dumb
NIKI; 26
Riverside, CA
interior designer

Strategy: get the geeks on her side

personal assistant

More street smart than book smart

Riverside, CA

Ideal type of guy: muscles and tats

New York City

Strategy: use her petiteness to her advantage

San Francisco
former kennel attendant

Wants to buy a hypoallergenic cat

Thinks he's the smartest

NICK; 28
Los Angeles
office manager

Plays video games A LOT

KYLE; 24
Glendale in the hizzle

Strategy: what would James T. Kirk do?


Strategy: be an opportunist

Each player is armed with a pack and nothing else. As the game continues, Trey will release more Hunters onto the play area. The objective: survive for 60 minutes. First one to do that and find the exit point wins $25,000 plus $1000 for each one of 25 money flags hidden on the game board.

Tonight's gameboard is Universal Studios Hollywood and City Walk. At this moment, we'll remind you that NBC Universal is the yada yada blah blah blah. Let's get to the action.

Speed Type

Former Marine

Parkour Type

Free runner and ninja

Speed Type

Martial artist

Agility Type

triathlete and marathon runner

Endurance Type

As cold blooded as her name implies

Sprinter Type

Fastest kills of all Hunters


As cold blooded as her name implies

Challenge #1: Ice Breaker. Inside frozen blocks of ice are boxes. Inside each box is a Freeze Ray, which will incapacitate a Hunter for one minute. It's got a one-time, one-Hunter use-by date, so use it wisely. You have seven minutes to use ice picks, blow torches, and hammers to get your gear.

Ready... Set... The Cha$e is ON!

While the guys whack haphazardly at the ice, Brittanee seems to have a plan. She uses the icepick AND the hammer together. She's the first to unlock her freeze ray and has free reign of the game board, but not for long.  Halfway through the mission, Trey releases Hunter #1.... And HERE COMES THE AMAZON!

Back at the ice blocks, Kyle unlocks his freeze ray and helps Larry with his... when Larry comes up and steal's Kyle's. NICE.

The ladies stick together, but Matthew gives up and Nick forges ahead... fogged up glasses and all. Matthew is the only one without a Freeze Ray.

Whitney is holding onto a grudge... and her freeze ray case. She's... not good at opening things.

Matthew says he's extremely stealthy. Apparently not THAT stealthy, as Amazon catches a glimpse of the dude... aaaaand he's gone before his first $1000. Ouch.

Trey's releasing another Hunter... and it's T-Bo. And he's already got the beauties spooked... Never mind the fact that he hasn't found one yet. Brittanee goes into hiding. She has no idea where she is. And it doesn't help that a) it's dark, and b) Amazon's looking right at you.

Oops. Too late. ELIMINATED. Let's forget about her now. Meanwhile, the Runners are cleaning up on cash flags. Kyle thinks he saw a Hunter. And he knows what to do... Run in the other direction.

Bernadette is sighted by T-Bo... but she says... FREEZE, dirtbag! She can't do it again, and just her luck, here comes Amazon. ELIMINATED.

The Beauties pull Larry into the fold. They hope to use him to test the water. He hopes to do the same thing to them.

Amazon's on the hunt AGAIN... She loses Kyle... and finds him... And... near miss... And direct hit. ELIMINATED. Without using his Freeze Ray.

And with six players remaining, Trey releases Kim onto the board.

Amazon's earning her pay tonight. She's got Nick cornered. FREEZE! Meanwhile, the other five (and Nick) get the next mission.

Challenge #2: Chains of Love. In five minutes, beacons on your tech packs will start to flash. To prevent that from happening AND unlock your Deflector, find someone of the opposite sex and cuff yourself to them. As long as you stay cuffed, the lights will not go on. Think of it as a first date... in the dark... with handcuffs.

Niki & Larry are first. They get Deflectors. Whitney and Lauren need to find geeks. Whitney finds Haben, and... "Handcuff action?" Oh yeah. By the way, T-Bo's there, too. He captures Whitney... and she forgets to use her Freeze Ray. Haben says he doesn't need a stinking deflector.

Niki & Larry get to know each other. How nice.

Mission is now over. The consequences for failure: five minutes of "Here I am!" light. The rewards for success.. five minutes of "getting to know you sexy time".

T-Bo picks up Lauren's light... and it's time to run. And just like some other before her... She forgets about her Freeze Ray. ELIMINATED.

Mission 2 is over.

Clue to the Exit Point coming...

CLUE: Always make sure you're steps away from winning.

That could be... the City Walk escalators. Haben's at the halfway point.

Trey's releasing Scott now. Meanwhile, Niki & Larry decide to stick together. And you thought it wouldn't last.

Nick evaded Amazon once, but without a tool, he has no other choice but to hide. That... Works? But not for long. ELIMINATED. That leaves Haben, Niki, and Larry.

Larry tells Niki to keep her freaky voice down. Hunters are closing in on both sides. And here comes T-Bo. FREEZE, (^_^)hole! On the other end, Amazon... DEFLECTED!

Challenge #3: Flash Points. Go to either Karl Strauss or Terminator 2: 3D and find a display of flashing lights. Match the pattern of flashing lights with your keypads to unlock Invisibility Glasses, which not only offer 2 minutes of invulnerability to Hunter attack, but also are quite the fashion statement.

There's a catch, though. There is a Hunter locked in a cage at each station, and after five minutes, they'll be released.

Larry & Niki find the first point, Karl Strauss, where Grant is caged. Haben goes to T2:3D, where Icey is caged. Haben gets his glasses first. Niki & Larry... Next. So the mission is over, BUT the Hunters go live in five, four, three, two, now.

Grant sees his first kill... And Niki freezes him.

Trey comes in with Exit Clue #2...

CLUE: Tonight's not a good night to walk in the city.

So take some steps... and avoid City Walk. Seems simple enough. Though Haben decides to STAY in City Walk.

Scott sees our happy couple... and then loses them. And then finds them.. well, one of them... and she's invisible. But now the two are separate.

Haben freezes T-Bo in his tracks. "Peace!"

Larry's asking for more clues. He's not getting any more clues, but he's about to get a fistful of Hunter. Or not. INVISIBLE!

Before Trey opens the Exit Point, he has an offer of $3000 to the first person to drop out of the game. Who'll be the first? It's Niki. She leaves the game with $3000.

Exit open!

EXIT POINT: Starway Escalator

First Runner to make it to the Exit Point wins cash money. But you have to get there before 60 minutes or else... not a drop. And, of course, you have to elude capture.

Larry deflects Amazon, but now has to deal with Scott. Or not. She loses him. But not for long. ELIMINATED.

That leaves Haben, but he has to find the Exit Point in 30 seconds. And outrun Icey in the process... He.... does one. But it isn't the one he wanted. Today, no one has found the Exit Point, so there is NO WINNER.

I guess beauty and brains can't exclusively function well. Let's hope twin power wins out in the end on the season finale. Until then... game over.