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November 11

It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, with only one rule... Get rich... or get caught.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Trey Farley
Hunters: Amazon Beard, Robert Grant, Berglind Icey, Benjamin Kim, Thibault "T-Bo" Laporte, Jilina Scott, RJ Vazquez, James Wong

Akifumi Takuma (based upon "Run for the Money")
Rick Telles, Akifumi Takuma

Packager: Fujisankei Communications International & ABC Media Productions for SciFi Channel
Airs: Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi

In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Botanical Gardens 1.0
November 18

Time for another game of cat-and-mouse as 10 more players go up against the Hunters for up to $50,000 (that's $25,000 for winning plus $1000 for each money flag, up to 25).
PAUL; 29

Strategy: hunt the Hunters
Kansas City, MO

Her child thinks mommy is invincible

Agoura Hills, CA

Strategy: Patience is a virtue

New Bedford, MA
police sergeant

Plays video games all the time.

Orange County, CA

Three words: awesome, awesome, awesome

Los Angeles
security guard

Strategy: stay incognito, efficient
LUCY; 26
commercial realtor

Looking to outsmart the other players

Defiance, OH
mortgage broker

Ran over 10 marathons

Boise, ID
marketing director

Grew up chasing things

Cupertino, CA

Strategy: mental toughness

Each player is armed with a pack and nothing else. As the game continues, Trey will release more Hunters onto the play area. The objective: survive for 60 minutes. First one to do that and find the exit point wins.

Now, today's playing field is a special one. All of the networks of NBC Universal are commemorating Green Week, and SciFi is no exception, as they stage today's Cha$e at a botanical garden, Descanso Gardens in nearby La Caņada Flintridge, CA.

Challenge #1: Caged Runners. Once the Runners are divided into two groups of five, they get inside one of two bamboo cages. The task is simple... Break out. To do that, move your cages along an assigned path to one of three waiting tools. You only have five minutes to escape before Trey sends the Hunters loose, but if you do, you'll get some much needed help in the form of the Deflector. Even if you don't complete first, there are five more Deflectors hidden in a nearby clearing. But after the challenge ends, they are off limits.

And bang a gong... the Cha$e is on!

Both teams retrieve a file and a saw. Cage 2 decides to cut while walking, while Cage 1 waits to get all of the tools...

And because Trey decided to jump the gun, it's time to meet... Today's HUNTERS!

Sprinter Type


Stealth Type


Jumper Type


Endurance Type


Speed Type


Parkour Type


Grant & Wong have initiated search mode, and the runners are now sitting ducks unless they manage to free themselves.

Game is on for cage 2, who have freed themselves first. They get the open Deflectors. Cage 1 frees themselves with seven seconds to spare. Now everyone with the exception of Dianne and Lucy has a Deflector.

Tyler begins the game by finding a nearby river and camo'ing himself up.

Wahed sees a Hunter that is not active... That would be Icey. He also sees a money flag. She won't be active for a bit, but one other hunter, Vazquez, is now active. Which has Wahed spooked. The others, though... not so much.

Lucy, meanwhile, has no map and no Deflector. Jessica is wandering off the map. Dianne calls Shane to get a read of where she is... Didn't help. Mardell is just about to come face to face with a Hunter according to the game map. Or she will, rather, if she doesn't stop watching deer drink.

Yeah, Mardell, you know what to do. Just don't drop your Deflector... Crap, you dropped your Deflector. Pick it back up and... DEFLECT!

Shane wants a hunter to come and play with him. Wong says... "...", giving chase. Shane DEFLECTs... but now is completely powerless.

And Jessica... is still lost.

Messge from Trey... Hunter #4, the one Wahed saw earlier, is now active.

Lucy needs to stay hidden, and Wahed... is in deep doo-doo. He and Portia get out of sight... Doesn't work for Portia, though. DEFLECT!

Paul catches Icey... and runs the other way. Same with Shane. They team up together to get eccentric all in this. But Grant's there too and... Paul, that's a Deflector, not a Taser.

Next mission takes us to one of three locations: the Japanese garden, the international rosarium, and the redwood rest.

Challenge #2: It's a Trip. In these locations are a tripwire maze. In the middle of said maze... a Sonic Stunner. You have five minutes to get it.

Portia and Wahed head to the Rosarium... and trip one of the wires. Meanwhile, Steve and Tyler head to the Japanese garden, retrieve the Sonic Stunner, and set off every freaking wire in the place.

Dianne & Lucy find each other... no map, though.

Wahed isn't going to take the rap for Portia, especially with a loud obstacle. Doesn't stop Dianne from getting a Sonic Stunner. That leaves Mardell, Lucy, Paul, and Portia weaponless.

Oh, and Shane, don't look now, but there's a Runner in the clearing you're entering. Will his earlier bravado come back to haunt him? Yep. Eliminated with $4200 zapped to zero.

Two Runners... Two Hunters... DEFLECTED! AND AGAIN!

Tyler's chased by a Hunter... and STOP RIGHT THERE! He has 30 seconds left of power to freeze another Hunter.

The girls find Wahed, who has a map.

Message from Trey... clues to the exit point.

CLUE: Stay on track and you could win.

That means the railroad tracks. Wahed leaves the girls to go off on his own... but not with his map. The girls manage to steal his.

Icey finds Mardell... and Mardell finds Vazquez... And Mardell finds the exit courtesy of Vazquez.

Thirty minutes gone, thirty to go, meaning it's time for Trey to offer a buyout of $2000 to leave the game. Five runners want to opt out... but Lucy's the first to get through, so she's gone with $2000. And Dianne gets her map. And the only thing Tyler's gonna get is some much needed exercise courtesy of Grant.

And target lost. Tyler's a sprinter.

Wahed's about to get cornered big time. And DEFLECT! Meanwhile, in running, Wahed took a fall. And it looks like he might've twisted something. That'll cost him. That'll cost him BIG. He's gone.

Down to six. Maybe five in a moment, because Steve's just been spotted... and gotcha.

Jessica's busy being lost... and DEFLECT! New strategy: hide.

Dianne, meanwhile, is running for her life from Wong... and FREEZE!

Time for the final challenge.

Challenge #3: Smile! Your coms are also cameras. You have 10 minutes to snap a picture of a Hunter. Once you do that, Trey will activate your invisibility glasses.

And to help the Runners out (heh)... Trey is releasing Hunter Kim.

The tables have been turned to a point.

Paul is the first to take a picture. "I got what I needed... and I'm going home." Guess the Hunter was waiting for you.

Dianne's the second... and she's not so lucky. She has to use those glasses. Grant looks about as disappointed as one with no emotions would look. Tyler snaps him and hides. Quickly.

Paul continues to hide... and it's almost too late... but Paul has the glasses and uses them. Mission's over, and of the people who got the glasses, Tyler's the only one who didn't have to use them.

Jessica is walking right into a hunter... and now she's running again. And now she's gone.

That leaves four. And Trey gives another clue.

CLUE #2: The early bird catches $25K.

Looks like our Runners are going to the Bird Observatory. All except Portia, who's still stationary... while the Runners and heading in her direction. Sorry, Portia. You're outta here. That leaves Paul, Dianne, and Tyler.

Trey releases the final Hunter, Hunter T-Bo, a spotter Hunter on a Segway. Remember, he can't catch you, but he can alert the other Hunters to your whereabouts.

And not that it matters, but he's a parkour type Hunter, which means he doesn't go over or around obstacles... He goes through them like a free-runner.

And T-Bo has already spotted Paul. And here comes Icey to clean up. Paul outruns her.

Now with three Runners remaining, it's time to head to the Exit Point...

EXIT POINT: Maintenance Gate #2

First Runner to make it to the Exit Point takes home all the money they've earned. Fail to get there in time, and you leave with nothing.

Tyler puts on his glasses... and goes full-on sprint, racing against Dianne to get to the gate... Both get their in time... but Dianne pushes through first to win the $25,000! Her strategy: hide. Seemed to have worked for her as she's now $25,000 richer.

And because this is Green Week, Trey takes Dianne off the game board in an electric Tesla. Let's beef it up to 88 and see what happens.

Next week, the Hunters are joined by a special guest...  Until then... game over.