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November 11
November 18

It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, with only one rule... Get rich... or get caught.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Trey Farley
Hunters: Amazon Beard, Robert Grant, Berglind Icey, Benjamin Kim, Thibault "T-Bo" Laporte, Jilina Scott, RJ Vazquez, James Wong

Akifumi Takuma (based upon "Run for Money Tosochuu")
Rick Telles, Akifumi Takuma

Packager: Fujisankei Communications International & ABC Media Productions for SciFi Channel
Airs: Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi

In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Studio Backlot 1.0
November 25

The race between runner and hunter is tough enough... but imagine throwing an ECW wrestler into the mix and the results are... well, vocal. For once.
Fontana, CA
sports official

Strategy: let the game come to him
Carlsbad, CA

Wants to pay student loans


Background in tae kwon do

Los Angeles
general contractor


Mt. Holly, NJ
USCG (Ret).

Served for 27 years

Mililani, HI

Freak, gamer, hardcore
EVAN; 29
Long Island, NY

Thinks he's the best combination of brains & brawn

Redondo Beach, CA

Strategy: be stealth


Quick and smart

Santa Monica, CA

Thinks everyone's competition

Each player is armed with a pack and nothing else. As the game continues, Trey will release more Hunters onto the play area. The objective: survive for 60 minutes. First one to do that and find the exit point wins $25,000 plus $1000 for each one of 25 money flags hidden on the game board.

Now, today's playing field is one that we at GSNN have firsthand experience walking through... the Universal Studios backlot (C-Note: NBC Universal is the parent company of Universal Studios and SciFi Channel), where Trey introduces them to our special guest Hunter... ECW/WWE superstar Ricky Ortiz.

ECW Superstar

"I'll eat these people for lunch!"

Stealth Type


Sprinter Type


Jumper Type


Endurance Type


Speed Type


In each tech pack today, color coded goggles, red and blue. These are the teams for ...

Challenge #1: Mirror Mirror. Head to Robertson's Saloon, where you will have five minutes to use mirrors to align a laser to a target. Doing so will unlock your first tool, the Deflector.

And as the rain sets in and the floodwaters hit the bridge...  the Cha$e is on!

Aaaaand the Red Team lost the map.

Blue team almost has their shot aligned, while Red Team can't get it together. Blue Team needs to focus a little more... and DEFLECTORS UNLOCKED! But with two minutes left, it's not over. If they finish, they get to search for hidden Deflectors outside the saloon. If they miss, then they're on their own. Not a problem.

And not a moment too soon as Trey releases the first two Hunters: Wong and Grant.

Red Team has all their Deflectors. Except for Lynda.

Four money flags get snatched by four different runners. Meanwhile, London finds an inactive Hunter, Vazquez, on his twelve.

The money flags continue to be gobbled like biscuits, while Vazquez, formerly inert, is now active.

Meanwhile, while Lucas is now in possession of eight money flags, Ameenah is covering herself in the fog at War of the Worlds. Also there... three runners... and two Hunters. Double back? Nope. That'll lead to danger. Time to cut across. It doesn't work for one runner as a Hunter finally sights a TARGET. Err... Targets. DEFLECTED! Lucas gets away. London and Trisha seek cover in the tram station. Yeah, that won't work either. London draws the deep cover. Wong plays along and... DEFLECTED!

Vazquez gets sight of Evan... and London deflects!

Challenge #2: Hamper the Hunter. If your packs are a little heavy, it's because Trey snuck a five-pound weight in it. He's sorry, but he had to do it. To lighten the load and earn a Sonic Stunner, head to Jaws Lake and give your weight to inactive Hunter Ricky.

And you have 10 minutes to do it before he's allowed to feed.

The runners are headed to Jaws Lake right now. At the end of 10 minutes, Ricky's got himself added weight totaling 45 pounds.

Wong finds a runner... and Wong loses a runner. And Vazquez finds the same runner... Woops. DEFLECT!

If you haven't gotten your Sonic Stunner yet... you better get it now, because... well, Icey's on the board now.

Warning, Ameenah, Grant's found you... STUNNED!

And mission 2 is over. Which means Ricky is now active. And angry. Understandably.

Grant finds Ameenah... again. And it's another footrace. Think doubling back is a good option? Think again. ELIMINATED.

Halfway through the game, Trey gives clue #1...

CLUE: Steer clear of the Bates Motel.

Tracy: "You ain't gotta tell me twice, that guy is psycho! ... Get it?"

Next, Trey offers $2000 to the first person who hits him back to drop out of the game. Evan is the first, and he gets $2000, while Darin's inability to work an iPhone means... it's time to go jogging again with Icey. DEFLECT! Now it's time to go jogging with Wong. ELIMINATED.

Meanwhile, Grant has Evan in his sights. DEFLECT!

Icey sneaks up behind Lynda and... ELIMINATED.

They're playing Ricky O's song, Tracy hears it and DEFLECT! But can she outrun Wong. She doesn't have to. SONIC STUN! Adria finds Vazquez and runs in the other direction to find Tracy. Grant finds them both and Adria's running again. Tracy... Too slow. ELIMINATED. Adria trips and uses her sonic stunner.

Challenge #3: Deactivation Station. Attached to your tech packs are homing beacons which will, in five minutes tell the Hunters where you are. You don't want that. Deactivate it (by swiping your runner ID) and pick up Inivisi-Goggles by heading to a deactivation station either at War of the Worlds or on Denver St.

Five minutes, starting now.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Ricky has been allowed to drop his extra weight. He's leaner and meaner. And he's got his eyes set on Lucas. SONIC STUN! That gives him two minutes to deactivate his beacon and get his glasses.

Wong finds Runners... Trisha stuns... and Adria wastes her Deflector.  On a frozen Hunter. Great. London, Adria, and Trisha are armed with glasses. Andrew... "(^_^) that mission." In about 20 seconds, we'll find out if that was a good decision, because now all the Hunters know where he is. He can try and run and hide, but if I were him, I'd just run.

And Ricky gets stunned AGAIN. "Awww... Lucky." That's what Andrew's thinking, Ricky, but he still has four other Hunters to worry about.

Meanwhile, Wong finds... Kim. Standing by. And... there's a runner! Trisha better boogie... She GOGGLES.

And Kim is still... oh, never mind, he's active. And he has eyes on his first kill.... Adria, who GOGGLES up. She has two minutes to figure out someplace to hide. ... make that thirty seconds, as she takes off her glasses prematurely. Now they're useless.

London redoubles his bearings. And cuts himself. "Sometimes you have to spill a little blood to get some freedom." Ain't that true. Go stun Grant now.

Lucas is blinded by greed, because he doesn't see three Hunters after him. Soon, he gets winded and has to use the GOGGLES. Andrew, on the other hand, has no place to hide... and one of them is on Andrew's tail... GOTCHA. Eliminated.

There are now more Hunters than runners. London uses his goggles. Lucas ... takes off his glasses after a minute. He'll regret that, as Ricky gets'im. ELIMINATED.

That leaves three, Adria, Trisha, and London. London still has his stunner. With less than three minutes on the clock, it's time to head to the Exit Point...

EXIT POINT: Red Flag on the Shark at Jaws Lake.

First Runner to make it to the Exit Point AND grab the red flag takes home all the money they've earned. Fail to get there in time, and you leave with nothing.

The race is now on, but no one has ANYTHING to defend themselves with. The Runners are heading to Jaws Lake... the Hunters are heading to Jaws Lake. Ricky's heading toward Adria. ELIMINATED.

Down to two. Who'll get to the shark first? London! The bad news... Trisha snatches the flag right up under him to win $25,000 PLUS $1000 for a money flag. Trey signals for a ride for him and Trisha off the game board.

Next week, six more Hunters, ten more runners, and up to $50,000 more money...  Until then... game over.