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It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, with only one rule... Get rich... or get caught.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Trey Farley
Hunters: Amazon Beard, Robert Grant, Berglind Icey, Benjamin Kim, Thibault "T-Bo" Laporte, Jilina Scott, RJ Vazquez, James Wong

Akifumi Takuma (based upon "Run for Money Tosochuu")
Rick Telles, Akifumi Takuma

Packager: Fujisankei Communications International & ABC Media Productions for SciFi Channel
Airs: Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi

In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Warehouse District 1.0
December 2

Ten players are about to head to the warehouse district. Waiting for them... $50,000 and six Hunters ready, willing, and able to do ANYTHING in order to stop them.
San Diego, CA

Competitive figure skater for 15 years
Aurora, CO

She's tall...

JOSH; 38
Austin, TX

Strategy: use the other players

Alta Loma, CA
auto finance

Her father has cancer

ANUP; 37
Austin, TX
graphic designer

Trained martial artist. Strategy: be totally calm

DES; 70
New York City
real estate broker

Former soldier knows what it's like to be chased
Long Island, NY
sales associate

Strategy: help each other out, then it's do or die

Annapolis, MD

VERY competitive

Los Angeles
marketing analyst

Strategy: keep cool about it

Napa, CA

Strategy: play dirty.

Each player is armed with a pack and nothing else. As the game continues, Trey will release more Hunters onto the play area. The objective: survive for 60 minutes. First one to do that and find the exit point wins $25,000 plus $1000 for each one of 25 money flags hidden on the game board.

Trey's chosen the warehouse district of Los Angeles as today's gameboard. With its streets and alleyways, there are countless places to get lost... or to get found... by THESE guys.

Jumper Type

Finds Runners faster than any other

Stealth Type

Great talent for sneaking up on Runners

Speed Type

Fastest track record of all Hunters

Agility Type

Most relentless, inactive since episode 1

Speed Type

Not the biggest, but all muscle, inactive since episode 1

Parkour Type

Can go through ANY obstacle


As cold blooded as her name implies

Challenge #1: Mirror Mirror. Head to the NNR Shipping Warehouse. You will have five minutes to assemble a gear mechanism, which operates the lock and opens the door. There are 10 gears, of which seven will fit into the console. Fit the missing pieces in their place and crank open the door. And be quick, because the first Hunter will be released in one minute.

Ready... Set... The Cha$e is ON!

Two minutes into the mission, Trey releases Vazquez onto the board. And the runners complete the mission for Deflectors. Now let's see if they'll be able to hold onto them long enough.

As Davey decides to stray from the pack, Trey is releasing another Hunter, Wong. Jenny & Dalet decide to team up for the onset, but we'll see who's aligned with whom when the pressure is on.

A rule for this gameboard: Runners and Hunters must obey ALL traffic laws, which can work for or against you.

Everyone's using the buddy system EXCEPT for Davey and Apryl, who have gone their own way.

Things are about to get interesting as the Hunters begin to close in. Now he has to choose which one he wants to take out first. Not an issue. Brian DEFLECTS. Vazquez shrugs it off and moves on.

Des' weakness is lack of speed. His strength is his brain. The teams continue to scatter... and Trey says that three's a charm. But not in this case. Kim is now active... and Brian & Anup may learn that the hard way.

Davey hasn't seen anyone, or so he says. Lesson 1 of Cha$e... Trust no one. Lesson 2... Wear your good sneakers. Josh & Cassy are going to need them right about... NOW.

Actually, change that.. DAVEY's going to need to beat feet now. DEFLECT! Instant karma. Now he's defenseless.

Apryl collects some quick cash as the others follow her. Meanwhile, Anup and Brian are about to come in contact... Kim collects his first kill of the night. Brian's been ELIMINATED. And before Kim can collect his second, Anup DEFLECTS.

Wong sees somebody... and we're running. DEFLECT. Brianna's helpless.

Challenge #2: Hamper the Hunter. Head to a flower shop, a fabric mart, or a luggage shop. They're marked on your map. A locator device is hidden inside the tech pack. Use it to track down the signal from the hidden case containing your invisibility glasses. You can only use your own locator to find the case. And you have 10 minutes to find them.

Des is right there, but Anup has a problem. His locator drops and breaks. Into five pieces. Meanwhille, Apryl teams with Des. Together, they find TWO pairs of glasses. Dalet & Jenny find... Wong. Wong... loses them. In the chase, Jenny drops her locator.

Davey finds his glasses, while Josh & Cassy are still searching... For now. They're armed. Jenny's locator... Broken. On the other end of the board, Brianna finds trouble... and runs in the other direction.

Mission ends there. Anup, Brianna, and Jenny have no glasses. Of them, only Jenny still has her deflector.

Wong searches the area for fresh meat... and he misses everyone.

Meanwhile, Trey releases Hunter #4, Scott.

Jenny & Dalet find Vazquez... He finds them. Running ensues. Dalet leaves Jenny to fend for herself, while Jenny DEFLECTS!

Half of the game is now over. Trey delivers the first clue to the Exit Point.

CLUE: Hitting the wall is not a bad thing.

Is it a street or an actual wall? We could find out in a moment... were it not for Scott finding Dalet and Jenny. DEFLECT!

Meanwhile, most of the players converge onto Wall St. and decide to hide. Davey decides to call it like he sees it. Everyone will have to break up sooner or later.

Jenny and Dalet are cornered and she doesn't have anything that can save you, so... it's only a matter of time now... And right after Dalet uses her glasses, Jenny gets tagged in the back.

Davey finds another flag right before Trey releases... THE AMAZON!

Dalet and Scott are right next to each other. Dalet doesn't know because she isn't looking. Scott doesn't know because she "can't see her". That'll change in about 20 seconds.. Okay, make that three. Dalet takes her shades off, and now Scott can see ALL OF THAT. ELIMINATED.

Josh & Cassy decide to head to 9th. So does Scott. She's looking to record her second kill tonight. Josh tells Cassy to DEFLECT. She does. Hunters run the town.

Trey calls at the 39-minute mark to offer $2000 to the first person to drop out of the game. Brianna may want to consider that offer, because Scott is... really... really... quick. ELIMINATED before she can make the call.

No one else opts out, so we go to...

Challenge #3: Magnetic Maze. Head to either the San Pedro parking lot of the parking structure on Maple, marked with a Y on your maps. There, you'll find an overhead maze. Use a metallic wand to guide a magnet to the end. The disc is also a key that will unlock sonic stunners.

And it's first come first served.

Ten minutes, starting now.

Josh & Cassy say "screw it". Apryl... same thing. But there's no hiding from Amazon. DEFLECT.

Davey attempts the maze, as does Anup. They both find and procure Sonic Stunners. And not a moment too soon, because they're both being watched.

And to make things that much more interesting, Trey releases T-Bo. Without the motorcycle from episode 1, he's free to free run his way through the board.

Wong finds Josh & Cassy... and it's time to start moving. Cassy invisifies (no that's not a word) herself. Josh does the same when confronted by both Wong AND Scott.

Apryl and Des have to figure out where the Exit is.

And Trey releases the final Hunter, the spotter Icey in her little truck.

Anup says he's going to hang out. Bad idea. Here comes Vazquez... and here comes a STUNNER!

Trey comes in with Exit Clue #2...

CLUE: It pays to find the most alleyways.

So Wall Street... Alleyways. All of the Runners are pretty much there... So are the Hunters... and the Spotter.

Davey finds a couple of Hunters... and T-Bo finds Davey. STUN! That gives Davey two minutes to wander aimlessly and five to "take it to the house". Davey uses his glasses to evade another.

Exit open!

EXIT POINT: Top of the ramp, 117 E. 11th St.

First Runner to make it to the Exit Point wins MONEY. home all the money they've earned. Fail to get there in time, and you leave with nothing.

The race is now on, and Icey has spotted some easy kills. Cassy being one of them. She sends Josh to the exit before Amazon ELIMINATES her.

Davey wants to be chased by a sexy girl Hunter. Well, Scott's not there, but Vazquez is.

Josh gets NABBED.

Four Runners head to the finish.... and Davey takes it to the HOUSE for $25,000 PLUS $1000 for the money flag. $26,000, all his. Now pull your pants up.

Next week, the game goes back to Universal for a battle of the sexes. Who'll win, beauty or brains? Until then... game over.