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Teenagers are about to take on America's wildest rides for over $5000!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Lamorne Morris
Co-Host Sarah Karges
Creator Michael Krupat
EP Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti, Dave Noll, Michael Krupat, Rob Swartz, Jon Cooper
Packager Superdelicious for the Cartoon Network
Origins Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Airs 8p Wed, Cartoon Network

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Nick vs. Austin vs. Larenz
July 15

No, you're not imagining things. It's Wednesday, and it's time for the Rush.

LEVEL 1: BOOMERANG (Height: 11 stories; Top forward speed: 48 MPH; Length: 875 ft; Loops: 6; max G's: 5)

First up is Nick. He's not scared. He says he has 32 girlfriends. None of them will be in the Quick Quiz.

1) What is Red Sox star David Ortiz's nickname?
- Big Papi ($25)

2) How many fingers does Homer Simpson have?
- 0 (CORRECT: 4)

3) Is Green Day a rock band or a holiday?
- Rock band ($50)

4) Which "Saturday Night Live" star plays Vice President Joe Biden?
- Will Forte ($75)

5) TRUE or BOGUS: The Black Eyed Peas have broken up.
- Bogus ($100)

Four questions right out of five for $100.

Trying to beat that is Austin, who pitches for baseball.

Austin plays second.

1) TRUE or BOGUS: The New York Yankees have won the World Series only four times.
- True (CORRECT: Bogus)

2) How many dollars make up a "C Note"?
- 3 (CORRECT: $100)

3) Is Ghost Rider a superhero or a super villain?
- Superhero ($25)

4) What's worth more, two quarters or six nickels?
- Six nickels (CORRECT: two quarters)

5) What is the most populous U.S. state?
- California ($50)

Only two right, giving him $50.

Finally, Larenz takes the player position. He makes music. He needs to make three right answers to move on.

1) Who played Batman in "The Dark Knight"?
- Christopher Bailey (CORRECT: Christian Bale)
2) Is Sidney Crosby a hockey or a baseball player?
- Hockey player ($25)

3) How many "Shrek" movies are there?
- 3 ($50)

4) Who is the current Secretary of State?
- Hillary Clinton ($75)

5) Is Chalupa a Mexican food or a Mexican town?
- Both (CORRECT: Food)

6) TRUE or BOGUS: James Franco is the star of "CSI: Miami".
- Bogus ($100)

7) Which is longer, an inch or a centimeter?
- Inch ($125)

8) TRUE or BOGUS: The scientific symbol for water is H2O.
- True ($150)

9) Who is older, Eli Manning or Peyton Manning?
- Peyton Manning ($175)

Seven of nine is good enough to move on, but for Austin, it's the end of the ride. Go study some math.

LEVEL 2: SILVER BULLET (3125 ft of suspended metal; top speed: 55 mph; cobra rolls; zero G rolls; two corkscrews)

Nick is first. He picks the Red... and gets Regurgitator. His story is on an ankle injury by Olympic Gold Medal snowboarder Shaun White (according to the Kansas City Star).

1) Who won the half-pipe title?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Danny Kass)

2. In this story, which Olympian pulled out of the event?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Shaun White)

3) What's Shaun White's nickname?
- The Flying Tomato ($50)

4) What body part did he sprain?
- Left ankle ($100)

5) In what state did he injure his ankle?
- Colorado ($150)

6) In which state was the U.S. Snowboarding Championship?
- Vermont ($200)

Two wrong, $200, $400. Go vomit. We'll find Larenz.

Larenz plays Represent. The three words he'll have to remember... lowrider... robot... cobra.

The three objects he'll have to remember... skull & crossbones... hammer... shark...

He gets all six for $300, giving him a game-winning total of $475!

LEVEL 3: XCELERATOR (blast coaster; 2202 ft long; top forward speed: 82 MPH; 225 ft vertical arch; max G's: 4)

This is a categories round called "Motormouth" with these categories in play...

- ZAP-POW (Superheroes & comic books)
- PENALTY BOX (Sports)
- WATCH OUT! (TV/movies)
- KNOW IT ALL (general knowledge)

Larenz says he knows it all... We skip over the food challenge and go right to the Motormouth question...

List as many colors found in a 64 box of Crayola crayons as you can.

- Green ($50)
- Red ($100)
- Orange ($150)
- Brown ($200)
- Tan ($250)
- Blue ($300)
- Violet ($350)
- White ($400)
- Black ($450)

That is a whopping $2250, giving him a total of $2725! He can risk half of that on the Bonus Question. He's going for it... For $5450 or $1362....

The Final Question: How many islands make up the state of Hawaii?

"Three." And.... nothing. Larenz leaves with $1362. We're sitting on the launchpad awkwardly. It was eight. How about a ride just for funsies anyway?

We'll be back next WEDNESDAY. That's important. More questions, more rides, more money. On a WEDNESDAY. Until then, thanks for riding Brainrush, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

For more information on the show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Brainrush.