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Teenagers are about to take on America's wildest rides for over $5000!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Lamorne Morris
Co-Host Sarah Karges
Creator Michael Krupat
EP Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti, Dave Noll, Michael Krupat, Rob Swartz, Jon Cooper
Packager Superdelicious for the Cartoon Network
Origins Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Airs 8p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Eddie vs. Matt vs. Shanavea
July 11

there are shows that are of the ilk, "Answer questions, win money." Then there are shows that are adrenaline paced. And then, there's Brainrush, a high-velocity combination of the two.

LEVEL 1: BOOMERANG (Height: 11 stories; Top forward speed: 48 MPH; Length: 875 ft; Loops: 6; max G's: 5)

First up today is Eddie, who wants to become a pilot when he grows up. His Quick Quiz...

1) What is the mythical Mexican creature that resembles a coyote?
- "Gaucho?" (CORRECT: Chupacabra)

2) How many quarters are there in the term "two bits"?
- 2 (CORRECT: 1)

3) What is newer, text messaging or e-mail?
- Text messaging ($25)

4) What is the most populated country in the world?
- China ($50)

5) Is Triple H a rapper or a wrestler?
- Wrestler ($75)

6) Who sings the current hit "Right Round"?
- Flo Rida ($100)

7) How many legs are used in a three-legged race?
- Four ($125)

8) Which is a dog breed, Siamese or Pekingese?
- "Siamese." (CORRECT: Pekingese)

So Eddie picks up $125 for five right answers.

Next is Matt, who likes to breakdance.

1) What body part is "Kyle XY" missing?
- Belly button ($25)

2) Is Two-Face a superhero or a super villain?
- Super villain ($50)

3) TRUE or BOGUS: Cotton is the main ingredient in cotton candy.
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Bogus)

4) What is smaller- a molecule or an atom?
- Atom ($75)

5) Who is older, Jesse McCartney or Robin Thicke?
- Robin Thicke ($100)

6) In what year was the US Constitution written?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: 1776)

Nice little run with Matt getting $100.

Hoping to beat that mark and get to the next round is Shanavea, a dancer and rapper.

1) What's the capital of Florida?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Tallahassee)

2) Who's younger, Flavor Flav or Snoop Dogg?
- Snoop Dogg ($25)

3) How many live action "Star Wars" movies are there?
- Six ($50)

4) Is Otto Mann from "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy"?
- "Family Guy" (Correct: "the Simpsons)

5) What's heavier- an ounce or a pound?
- Pound ($75)

6) What state is known as "The Lone Star State"?
- Texas ($100)

7) TRUE or BOGUS: The rapper name Eminem is spelled the same forwards and backwards
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Bogus)

So Matt & Shanavea are tied at $100. Bring on the tiebreaker! The question: What is the Boomerang's total ride time in minutes and seconds?

Shanavea: 1:30.
Matt: 2:10.

Correct... 1:45. Shanavea moves on. Matt gets $100, but he's got to go.

LEVEL 2: SILVER BULLET (3125 ft of suspended metal; top speed: 55 mph; cobra rolls; zero G rolls; two corkscrews)

Shanavea's first. She picks the blue envelope... getting HURLING HANGMAN. Watch out for three letters. Each letter is worth $50. The puzzle... ALSO worth $50.

The letters to remember.... F, L, and R. She remembers them all for $150. The puzzles...


Freak, Maul, and Burp... are all right for $150 more, $300 total.

Eddie gets THE REGURGITATOR. The story he'll try to remember is one about Barack Obama's black Portuguese waterdog named Bo from USA Today.

1) In which state was Barack Obama born?
- Hawaii ($50)

2) What is the name of his dog?
- Bo ($100)

3) What state did the dog come from?
- Pennsylvania ($150)

4) What number president is Barack Obama?
- 44 ($200)

5) According to the story, what color is Barack Obama's new dog?
- Black ($250)

6) What is the name of the traditional Hawaiian necklace used in the story?
- Lei (SWEEP)

$300 more to Eddie's total gives him $425 to Shanavea's $400. Eddie moves on to...

LEVEL 3: XCELERATOR (blast coaster; 2202 ft long; top forward speed: 82 MPH; 225 ft vertical arch; max G's: 4)

This is a categories round called "Motor Mouth" with these categories in play...

- ZAP-POW (Superheroes & comic books)
- PENALTY BOX (Sports)
- WATCH OUT! (TV/movies)
- KNOW IT ALL (general knowledge)

Eddie takes Penalty Box. Will Eddie take a $100 chili cheese dog? No he will not.

Now the big question... Remember, the more answers named, the more money earned.

The question: Name as many sports played at the Summer Olympics as you can.

- Discus ($50
- Javelin ($100)
- Baseball ($150)
- Football (acceptable for soccer, $200)
- Basketball ($250)
- Track & Field ($300)
- Pole Vault ($350)
- Archery ($400)

That's a total of $1800, giving him a total of $2225! Now will Eddie risk at least half his stash in the Bonus Question? Yes he will.

The FINAL QUESTION: The Heisman Trophy is awarded to college's best player in what sport?

"College football..." This is for $4450 and the victory ride.... or for $1112 and absolutely nothing in the term of rideage... LAUNCH IT! That's a new record on the rides, $4450.

Programming note. Starting this Wednesday, you can ride the Brainrush on Wednesdays AND Saturdays, with new rides launching on Wednesdays. So we'll see you then with more sick rides, more boggling questions, and more cash money. Until then... Thank you for riding the Brainrush, and enjoy the rest of your day.

For more information on the show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Brainrush.