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Teenagers are about to take on America's wildest rides for over $5000!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Lamorne Morris
Co-Host Sarah Karges
Creator Michael Krupat
EP Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti, Dave Noll, Michael Krupat, Rob Swartz, Jon Cooper
Packager Superdelicious for the Cartoon Network
Origins Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Airs 8p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Vin vs. Chris vs. Blake
July 4

Welcome back to the park that never closes on Brainrush. Remember, you must be at least as tall as your TV in order to experience the rush. Keep your hands inside the chair at all times, and enjoy your Brainrush.

LEVEL 1: BOOMERANG (Height: 11 stories; Top forward speed: 48 MPH; Length: 875 ft; Loops: 6; max G's: 5)

Player 1 today is Vin, who would want to buy a Ferrari with a million bucks. No Ferrari here, just a Quick Quiz.

1) Who is taller: Mini Me or Wee Man?
- Wee Man. ($25)

2) How many syllables are in the word one?
- One ($50)

3) What state was Kobe Bryant born in?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Pennsylvania)

4) Who was Bill Clinton's Vice President?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Al Gore)

5) How many chambers are there in the human heart?
- Four. ($75)

6) TRUE or BOGUS: Ronald Reagan is on the $5 bill.
-  Bogus ($100)

7) Does Russell Martin play football or baseball?
-  Football (CORRECT: Baseball)

8) TRUE or BOGUS: is in the "Wolverine" movie.
-  Bogus. (CORRECT: True)

9) Who's older: Steve Carell or Paul Rudd?
-  Steve Carell ($125)

That's five right for $125. And his "beat" is "hearting".

Hoping to score his beat is Chris, who likes to play with his dog and play basketball. He wants to donate his money to charity.

1) Which athlete has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated the most times?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Michael Jordan)

2) How many inches are in a foot?
- 12 ($25)

3) How many volcanoes are in Hawaii?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: 5)

4) Is Venom a superhero or a super villain?
- Super villain ($50)

5) TRUE or BOGUS- Beyonce was in the third "Austin Powers" movie.
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: True)

That was freaky. Chris leaves with $50 and his stomach intact.

Next is Blake. Yes sir... He's a skateboarder. Can he ollie out the deal?

1) How many vowels are in the word "vowel"?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: 2)

2) What does the Spanish word "bueno" mean in English?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Good)

3) Is the cockapoo a dog or a cat?
- Dog ($25)

4) TRUE or BOGUS: Hugh Jackman is in "The Lord of the Rings".
- Bogus ($50)

5) What weighs more: a thousand pounds or a ton?
- Ton ($75)

6) Is Pantera a disease or a metal band?
- Disease (CORRECT: Metal band)

7) Tobey McGuire was in the movie "Seabiscuit".
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: True)

Three correct is enough to go to level 2. Chris is out of it with $50. So far, though, Vin leads, $125-$50

LEVEL 2: SILVER BULLET (3125 ft of suspended metal; top speed: 55 mph; cobra rolls; zero G rolls; two corkscrews)

Blake goes first with his game in the blue envelope... THE REGURGITATOR. Time to become an instant expert on the world's first cloned camel in Dubai (according to USA Today).

1) What animal was cloned?
- Camel ($50)

2) How many humps does the camel have?
- 1 ($100)

3) How many days was the camel in gestation?
- 375 (CORRECT: 378)

4) Where does the story take place?
- Dubai ($150)

5) Name one of the two most common uses for camels in Dubai.
- Racing ($200)

6) In which month was the camel born?
- April ($250)

Blake is up to $325.

Vin is next with ... STREETWISE. He needs to remember five letters and then unscramble them.

The letters... K, S, N, A, T

Vin gets four for $200. Now to unscramble. The hint: "another word for nasty and disgusting." He solves STANK for $50 more. With that, Vin wins with $375 to Blake's $325.

LEVEL 3: XCELERATOR (blast coaster; top forward speed: 82 MPH; 225 ft vertical arch; max G's: 4)

This is a categories round called "Motor Mouth" with these categories in play...

- ZAP-POW (Superheroes & comic books)
- PENALTY BOX (Sports)
- WATCH OUT! (TV/movies)
- KNOW IT ALL (general knowledge)

Vin goes with "Zap-Pow". But before he goes zap-pow, we have an order of chili cheese fries. Finish it, and it's $100 in your pocket. Vin downs the fries and pockets the cash.

Now the big question... Remember, the more answers named, the more money earned.

The question: List as many members of the Fantastic Four as you can.

- The Torch (acceptable, $50)
- Mr. Fantastic ($150)
- The Thing ($300)
- Invisible Girl ($500)

That gives Vin a total of $875... plus the $100 from the chili-cheese challenge. But does he want to double his winnings? He does.

The FINAL QUESTION: Aquaman is from what underwater city?

"The City of Atlantis?" This is for $1750 and the victory ride.... LAUNCH IT!

Back next with with more sick rides, more boggling questions, and more cash money. Until then... Thank you for riding the Brainrush, and enjoy the rest of your day.

For more information on the show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Brainrush.