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June 20

Teenagers are about to take on America's wildest rides for over $5000!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Lamorne Morris
Co-Host Sarah Karges
Creator Michael Krupat
EP Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti, Dave Noll, Michael Krupat, Rob Swartz, Jon Cooper
Packager Superdelicious for the Cartoon Network
Origins Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Airs 8p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Kaitlin vs. Trevor  vs. Darnell
June 27

Welcome back to the park for more BrainRush. More big money, more big rides, and more big players hoping to face off with both.

LEVEL 1: BOOMERANG (Height: 11 stories; Top forward speed: 48 MPH; Length: 875 ft; Loops: 6; max G's: 5)

Player 1 today is Kaitlin, who is a varsity swimmer for her high school. Here's her Quick Quiz.

1) Which animal is known for building dams?
- "I don't know!" (CORRECT: Beaver)

2) How many positions are on a professional baseball field?
- "11?" (CORRECT: 9)

3) Is "Flavor of Love" a dating show or a cooking show?
- "Dating show." ($25)

4) How many days are in the month of May?
- 31 ($50)

5) Is Hot Topic a TV show or a clothing store?
- Clothing store ($75)

6) Is Gambit a superhero or a super villain?
- Supervillain (CORRECT: Superhero)

7) Is quiche a perfume or a food?
- Food ($100)

8) What precious metal is stored in Fort Knox?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Gold)

9) TRUE OR BOGUS: Paul Blart is a move about the Clone Wars.
- "I don't know." (A: Bogus)

She craps out on half of her questions more or less for $100.

Next up on the Boomerang Quick Quiz is Trevor, who likes lobsters and hates rollercoasters. Well, he should be right at home, right?

1) How many positions are there on a basketball team?
- "12." (CORRECT: 5)

2) Is Chris Rock a comedian or a singer?
- Comedian ($25)

3) Is "The Human Torch" a superhero or a super villain?
- Superhero. ($50)

4) Who's older- Michael Phelps or Dustin Pedroia?
- "Michael Phelps" (CORRECT: Dustin Pedroia)

5) What's the largest human organ?
- Skin ($75)

6) TRUE OR BOGUS: The number 4 has four letters.
- True ($100)

7) Which planet is bigger: Mercury or Uranus?
- Uranus ($125)

8) TRUE OR BOGUS: Malia & Sasha are Barack Obama's daughers.
- True ($150)

9) How many suits are there in a deck of cards?
- Four ($175)

$175 is more than pretty good. It's enough to go into the next round.

But will Kaitlin join him, or Darnell, a gamer and a children's book writer?

1) Which professional hockey team is based in Los Angeles?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Kings)

2) How many Hobbits are there in "The Fellowship of the Ring"?
- 4 ($25)

3) Is Andre 3000 a rocket ship or a musician?
- Rocket ship. (CORRECT: Musician)

4) Is "Blades of Glory" a movie or a TV show?
- Movie ($50)

5) TRUE OR BOGUS: The band My Chemical Romance is from New Jersey.
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: True)

6) How many points is a safety worth in a football game?
- 6 (CORRECT: 2)

7): What ocean borders the East Coast of the U.S.?
- "I don't know." (CORRECT: Atlantic)

So much for the writer, but he does get $50 for his time.

LEVEL 2: SILVER BULLET (3125 ft of suspended metal; top speed: 55 mph; cobra rolls; zero G rolls; two corkscrews)

First up is Katilin, and her game is "Represent". She will be told three words. She has to locate three pictures representing those three words. Every picture or word is worth $50.

WORDS: Mohawk... Headphones... Chainsaw.

PICTURES: Key... Peace Sign... Banana.

She gets all of the words and two pictures for $250 more, $350 total.

Trevor is playing the Regurgitator, Hit Man on a roller coaster. Today, he'll try to be an instant expert on the San Francisco Giants at LA Dodgers' home opener (from

1) How many runs did the Dodgers score in the game?
- 19. (CORRECT: 11)

2. What team did the Los Angeles Dodgers play?
- San Francisco Giants... eventually ($50)

3. What is hitting a home run, a triple, a double and a single, all in one game?
- "An overall ... something!" (CORRECT: Hitting for the cycle)

Did we mention that Trevor doesn't like rollercoasters. He has another reason to hate them, as he leaves the game with $225.

LEVEL 3: XCELERATOR (blast coaster; top forward speed: 82 MPH; 225 ft vertical arch; max G's: 4)

This is a categories round called "Motor Mouth" with these categories in play...

- ZAP-POW (Superheroes & comic books)
- PENALTY BOX (Sports)
- WATCH OUT! (TV/movies)
- KNOW IT ALL (general knowledge)

Kaitlin goes with "Watch Out!" But before she goes on the Xcelerator, here is a funnel cake. Eat it in 30 seconds, and you get $100 no matter what. She... doesn't. Folks... You eat a funnel cake like you mean it. 

And now.. the question. Remember, the more Kaitlin names, the more she earns.

The question: Name as many "American Idol" top 10 finalists from any season as possible.

- Kelly Clarkson - $50
- Ruben Studdard - $100
- Clay Aiken - $150
- Diana DeGarmo - $200
- Kellie Pickler - $250

That's five for $750, giving her a total of $1100! But now comes the hard park. Will she go for double or half on the Bonus? She's going for it!

For $2200 for $550...


She... doesn't know. It was "Evan Almighty." No victory ride and no doubler, meaning that Kaitlin leaves with $550. But still... we launch the ride anyway, because we're nice like that.

Back next with with more sick rides, more boggling questions, and more cash money. Until then... Thank you for riding the Brainrush, and enjoy the rest of your day.

For more information on the show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Brainrush.