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Teenagers are about to take on America's wildest rides for over $5000!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Lamorne Morris
Co-Host Sarah Karges
Creator Michael Krupat
EP Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti, Dave Noll, Michael Krupat, Rob Swartz, Jon Cooper
Packager Superdelicious for the Cartoon Network
Origins Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Airs 8p Sat, Cartoon Network

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Antwone vs. Hope vs. Jake
June 20

It's a simple game show... Answer questions, win money. The only thing is... you're on a roller-coaster... AND you don't know you're on a game show until you're locked in your harness.

Strap yourself in and hold on tight, because you have to be THIS smart to win on... BRAINRUSH!

Here's how it works. Surveillance cameras and secret agents are hidden all the way throughout the park. Whoever sits in the right seat at the right time will be chosen to play the game. In Level 1 tonight, three players will ride the Boomerang. The two who earn the most cash go on to Level 2, the Silver Bullet, an even meaner coaster. Whoever has the most money at the end of Level 2 goes on to the final coaster, Level 3's Xcelerator, where they will have a chance to win over $5000.

LEVEL 1: BOOMERANG (Height: 11 stories; Top forward speed: 48 MPH; Length: 875 ft; Loops: 6; max G's: 5)

Contestant #1 is Antwone, who likes playing basketball.

The first part of the ride is called "Quick Quiz". For every question Antwone answers right, it's $25.

1) Who is the leader of the Fantastic Four?
- Mr. Fantastic. CORRECT ($25)

2) What does CIA stand for?
- "I don't know." (Central Intelligence Agency)

3) Vin Diesel: Actor or product?
- Actor. CORRECT ($50)

4) Tom Brady: professional footballer or basketballer?
- Football. CORRECT ($75)

5) True or Bogus: The General Lee has five tires.
- Bogus. CORRECT ($100)

Next up is Hope, who likes to draw manga.

1) True or Bogus: Nick Cannon is Danica Patrick's brother.
- Bogus. CORRECT ($25)

2) Who weighs more: LeBron James or Allen Iverson?
- LeBron James. CORRECT ($50)

3) How many letters are in the word "seven"?
- Six (Five)

4) Sasquatch is another name for what monster?
- Bigfoot. CORRECT ($75)

5) Is "The Lonely Island" a vacation spot or a comedy troupe?
- Comedy Troupe. CORRECT ($100)

6) Which is worth more: three dimes or five nickels?
- Three dimes. CORRECT ($125)

Finally, we have Jake, who is a twin.

1) What is the national language of Brazil?
- "I don't know." (Portuguese)

2) True or Bogus: Will Forte is a character on Mad TV.
- Bogus. CORRECT ($25)

3) How many time zones are there in the world?
- 50. (24)

4) What's longer, a yard or a meter?
- Meter. CORRECT ($50)

5) Is the character "Quagmire" from the Simpsons or Family Guy?
- Family Guy. CORRECT ($75)

6) Who is the second President of the United States?
- "I don't know." (John Adams)

7) What Major League Baseball team plays in Arizona?
- Diamondbacks. CORRECT ($100)

After Level 1, Hope is definitely moving on with $125. Antwone and Jake are tied at $100. The tiebreaker question is about the Boomerang. The answer is a number, and the person who comes closest to that number over/under will go on.

TIE: What is the top speed, in miles per hour, of the Boomerang?

Jake: 50
Antwone: 75
CORRECT: ... 48. Jake moves on, but Antwone leaves with $100.

LEVEL 2: SILVER BULLET (suspended; cobra rolls; zero G rolls; two corkscrews)

Jake goes first, since he is behind. This part of the ride is called "Choose Your Destiny", because in each of Lamorne's two envelopes is a different game.

Jake chooses red... "Streetwise" is the game. During the ride, Lamorne will tell Jake five letters. For every letter he remembers at the end of the ride, he gets $50. Then he has to unscramble them to form a slang term for another $50. So if you do it right, there's $300 to be made here.

The letters: N E S R T. Jake remembers... four of them for $200.

Now to unscramble. Hint: another name for your mom and dad.

Correct: RENTS. Jake doesn't make it, so he comes out of level 2 with $300.

Hope's game is "The Regurgitator". On the slow ride up, Lamorne will read a story. Then on the ride down, he'll read six $50 questions about the story, in this case, it's a story about the Megamouth shark from Scientific American.

1) What animal was recently caught?
- Big Mouth Shark (Megamouth Shark).

2) How much did the megamouth shark weigh?
- 11,000 lbs (1100 lbs)

3) How many times have the megamouth shark been spotted?
- 31 (41)

4) When was the first megamouth shark spotted?
- 1976. CORRECT ($50)

5) In what country was the shark found?
- "I don't know." (The Philippines)

6) How long was the megamouth shark?
- 13 feet. CORRECT ($100).

At the end of Level 2.... Jake leads, $300 to Hope's $225, meaning that for Hope, it's sayonara. But it's sayonara with $225.

LEVEL 3: XCELERATOR (blast coaster; top forward speed: 82 MPH; 225 ft vertical arch)

This is a categories round with these categories in play...

- ZAP-POW (Superheroes & comic books)
- PENALTY BOX (Sports)
- WATCH OUT! (TV/movies)
- KNOW IT ALL (general knowledge)

Jake goes with WATCH OUT!. NOW before he goes on the ride, Lamorne gives Jake an offer... a cheeseburger. Should he eat it before going on the ride, he'll win another $100 right now. Jake... eats it! And I seriously hope it stays down.

Now Jake will only get one question, but it has multiple answers. The more answers he gets right, the more money he takes home.

The question: Name as many Transformers characters as possible.

- Bumblebee - $50
- Optimus Prime - $100
- Megatron - $150

... and that's all he can name. So he wins $300 more for a grand total of $600. But that bank can be doubled on one final question on the Xcelerator. Answer correctly, and the Xcelerator will take off, meaning he wins $1200 for a grand total of $1300 (can't forget that $100 burger). Answer it incorrectly... and no bonus ride, and the winnings are halved.

Jake.. is playing the bonus! The final question...


Jake guesses Marlon... And the Xcelerator is GO for $1200, $1300 total!

Back next with with more sick rides, more boggling questions, and more cash money. Until then... Thank you for riding the Brainrush, and enjoy the rest of your day.

For more information on the show, including never before seen footage, visit, keyword Brainrush.