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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Chapter 8 Verse 8, Figure 8 -
October 11

-What weapon did Herod execute James with?
-What is another name for the book of Acts?
-What holiday is associated with the Three Wise Men?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win....


Last week, Judson's Legacy took the first of 2 semis and the other semis have The Boys Next Door, Georgia's Grace Girls and The Food Fighters awaiting the challenge. Get set for a biblical battle only one can bring.


The Boys Next Door
Pasadena, CA
Charity: Oasis USA, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking
Team Members: Drew Vinson (student); Sam Altis (student); Matthew Blanton (student). These buddies and neighbors may like to joke around, but when it comes to their weekly trivia events, they are serious competitors. Each grew up as a Christian, but didn’t come to the full realization of his faith until adulthood.
Georgia Grace Girls
Atlanta, GA
Charity: Hope Center, a charity that provided Samantha with a free sonogram
Team Members: Samantha Jesse (waitress); Samantha’s mom, Mae Lynn Biggs (nanny); Lesley Hill (event planner). This is a feisty group of women who love God and have each found their faith tested. Mae Lynn helped her daughter Samantha with her pregnancy in college and Mae Lynn’s best friend, Lesley, provides support to the family and is a sympathetic shoulder whenever they need it.
The Food Fighters
Charity: Foodlink Inc., an organization that feeds the hungry in Sacramento
Team Members: Stephen Law (student); Michael Chen (assistant industrial hygienist); Ed Law (business owner). These three call themselves “the Jeremy Lins of Bible trivia.” Ed, who owns a window cleaning business, has always taught his six kids to lead a Christian life. His son Stephen is a high school sophomore who is passionate about knowing God. Michael is Stephen’s youth pastor and fellow competitor in bizarre eating contests.

We start with...


More tweets from the Bible and 10 points will be given. First....

1. "@____________: Jesus just asked me to give up a life of taxing people & to follow him instead. Twist my arm! #NeverLikedMath"- Judas, Philip, Matthew or Nathaniel?

The fighters add up Matthew to the right equation. Next....

2. "@____________: Crazy dream last night. Fat and skinny cows. No more bbq before bed"- Jacob, Potiphar, The Baker or Pharaoh?

The fighters wake up with Pharoah. 2 for 2! Lastly:

3. "@____________: Partying after Bro Mo parted the Red Sea. Just sang a song about it. It's epic and you can dance to it"- Eve, Priscilla, Miriam or Hannah?

The fighters get the hat trick with Miriam. It looks like the other 2 have to adjust weapons while the choir sings so we can move on to...


1. Who's famous for arguing w/ a donkey- Baal, Balaam, Boaz or Bubba?

Balsam is the answer and the nous get on the board.

2. Who tore down & rebuilt barns in Luke 12:18- Hezekiah, Ahab, a fool in a parable or King Dale, Jr.?

The boys score again with a fool in a parable getting the girls fooled. They've yet to get on the board.

3. Who pretended his wife as his sister twice in Genesis- Abraham, Isaac, Lot or Lazarus the Cable Guy?

The fighters rung in with Abraham. Correct! Lastly....

4. Who killed an enemy commander w/ a tent peg- Jael, Joash, Jeroboam or Jim-Bob the Baptist?

The boys fire back with Jael and after that last round, it's all about the men, 75 for the boys and 55 for the fighters respectively and the girls will kick off the next one called....


Tell us if its a holy city or space place in the Star Wars franchise. The girls first have.....


it's a Space Place and they got it! Next, the fighters have thus place.....

Paddran Aram

It's a holy city and they got it, too! Last up to bat, the boys have.....


Holy City is their guess and it is! Clean sweep with a GPS! Next up...


We get a video of a kid about 3 men thrown in the fiery furnace, so let's fire it up with the Girls going first on the subject.

1. What was the name of the king who threw them in the fire- Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus?

They get the middle one, and it's right. None extra for spelling. The fighters want to know....

2. The king saw a fourth man in the fire. What did he say the man looked like- a king, shadow or son of the gods?

They choose son and it's correct! The boys will close it out with.....

3. What part of their bodies does the Bible specifically say wasn't burned- their hair, eyes or toes?

They answer with long, beautiful hair and it's correct! After that round, it's the boys 175, the fighters 155 and the girls 100. No need to let the sunshine in, because a tornado warning for the girls could mean they need a miracle in...


You know how we do. 3 answers, all by yourself and if you're last, you're gone. The boys start with:

Sam: Which three of these Old Testament books have the most chapters- Job, Proverbs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel or 2 Chronicles?

They get Isaiah, Ezekiel & Jeremiah and the hat trick is bestowed. The girls go next....

Mae: In Exodus 20:17, which three of these are you specifically told NOT to covet in The Ten Commandments- your neighbor's donkey, goat, house, husband, land or servant?

They get Donkey & house, but for land....they landed in the wrong place. Servant was the one. The fighters could get in easily with this query:

Stephen: Which three of these are examples of the "armor of God" mentioned in Ephesians 6- breastplate of faith, helmet of salvation, shoes of victory, belt of truth, Sword of the Spirit or shield of peace?

They get the helmet, the belt and the sword and plow their way to meeting up with the boys in the finale. The girls will get $2500 more for a total of $22,500.

The final showdown is upon us. Whoever gets this will meet Judson's Legacy in the finals. All you have to do is know this....


So off they go while the Choir sings with the notable absence of Taro Bando and the Kart Wheelies.

The boys are the first to go, they get......7. That means the fighters must punch their ticket by getting 8 correct to win....and holy cow, they wiz through with no problem. They win! However, Minnie's Food Pantry could still get in with the boys getting one last chance by playing a tiebreaker for that 3rd spot. It's played TPIR contestants row-style without the models, but whoever cometh closest winneth. Okay? Here she goes:

SUDDEN DEATH FOR WILD CARD BERTH IN FINALS NEXT WEEK: Psalm 119's the longest chapter in the Bible & it's the embodiment of what this show's all about. God's word, & it contains a verse for what's appropriate right now- "Your word is a lamp to my feet & a light for my path". How many verses are in Psalm 119?

The pantry get 2200, but they might've gone over, because the perfect guess bell sounds for the boys with....176. Both of them are going! Next week, the battle concludes. One of these 3 teams will be $100,000 richer. Find out who it is. My name is Pierre Kelly.


For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.