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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

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Chapter 6, Verse 66 - The Boys Next Door/Team Drama Mamas/Sweet Reeses
September 27

-Name the 3 men in the fiery furnace.
-In what sea did the Pharaoh's Army drown?
-How old was methuselah when he died?

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win....


It's the final preliminary competition. Next week starts the semifinals. So far, Minnie's Food Pantry, Judson's Legacy, Food Fighters, Georgia's Grace Girls & the Power Team have all secured spots. We have 3 final teams to make the transition complete and they are:

The Boys Next Door
Pasadena, CA
Charity: Oasis USA, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking
Team Members: Drew Vinson (student); Sam Altis (student); Matthew Blanton (student). These buddies and neighbors may like to joke around, but when it comes to their weekly trivia events, they are serious competitors. Each grew up as a Christian, but didnít come to the full realization of his faith until adulthood.
Team Drama Mamas
Charity: Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis
Team Members: Crystal Evans (private caregiver); Amber Marsh (stay-at-home mom); Deborah Odehnal (student/office manager). These drama-loving women put on plays for their Sacramento church. As a missionaryís daughter growing up in Papua New Guinea, Amber would stay up all night reading the Bible. Amber finds her creative outlet in the church plays. Debbie is a breast cancer survivor and mother of nine who does mission work around the world.
Sweet Reeses
Charity: Created Treasures Performing Arts Academy, a school that uses the arts to teach and heal
Team Members: Daniel Reese (student); Susan Marie Reese (teacher); Derrek Reese (high school social worker). Having survived personal crises earlier in their lives, Derrek and Susan Marie have been married several years and created a healthy home for Daniel and his sister where they enjoy playing Bible trivia, Bible Pictionary and Bible Outburst.

This will be a test of knowledge & nerve on the Bible and only the Bible. Hold on to your plush toys....


Let's jump in with:


It's not about getting a life alert, it's actually about a fall in the bible. 10 points up for grabs. Let's dive in.

1. After the Fall, which of these did God say was a consequence for Adam- world's colors fading, life of toil, never knowing love or going bald?

The Reese's answer with a life of toil. Double, double toil & no trouble, they get 10 points, next question, on the double!

2. After the Fall, which of these did God say was a consequence for Eve- pain in childbirth, shorter stature, colorblindness or high heels?

Boys Next Door answer with pain in childbirth. They're not kidding around, it's right. Last one....

3. After the Fall, which of these was part of God's punishment for the serpent- turning poisonous, growing fans, crawling on his belly or lisping?

Drama Mamas answer with crawling and guess what? Everybody's on the board at the end of the period.

Time for the choir to sing, after that its....


Can you correct the mistakes from these verses gone wrong? They sure could for 25 points. Let's begin.

1. "Therefore go & make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the BANKER & of the COP & of the Holy MACKEREL."

The boys answer with FATHER, SON & SPIRIT. All correct! Next mad verse....

2. "Trust in the HULK w/ all your DUCKLINGS & lean not on your own SHRUBBERY."

The Reese's ring in with LORD, HEART & UNDERSTANDING. Correct! Our next mad verse is....

3. "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who SKYPE him, who have been ZOMBIFIED according to his CALENDAR."

The boys answer back with LOVE, CALLED & PURPOSE. Correct again! Our last mad verse.....

4. "How WEIRD & pleasant it is when brothers BREAKDANCE together in RESTAURANTS!"

Very silly. The Reese's answer with LOVELY, PRAY & UNISON, but that's wrong. The boys jump in with GREAT, DWELL & UNITY. Got only 1 right, but not close enough. The answer: GOOD, LIVE & UNITY. 2 rounds are in the books and the scoreboard reads: the sweet Reese's with 10, the boys next door with 35 and the Drama Mamas with 10. The next 2 are duos as we start things off with:


You have to tell us if it's Song of Songs or Just Wrong, meaning that someone made it up. The Drama Mamas begin with this...

1. "Your teeth are like a flock of sheep coming up from the washing."

They say Song of Songs and they're....right. The boys have this ..

2. "Your eyes are like a cow's; like the noble bulls of Bashan."

They say its just wrong and it's just RIGHT! The Reese's end up with this statement:

3. "Your temples behind your veil are like the halves of a pomegranate."

They say just wrong...and it's wrong. It's actually Song of Songs. Moving on to...


More biblical "who done did its" for 50 points. The drama mamas have this....

1. "The victims: An armor-bearer & a king/The location: A battlefield on Mount Gilboa/The motive: Two apparent suicides"- was the king's name Saul, Josiah or Rehoboam?

They say Saul, and it's right! The Boys have this....

2. "The victim: A 98-year-old priest/Cause of death: A broken neck from falling off a chair/The location: The side of the road by the city gates in Shiloh"- was the victim Samuel, Eli or Phinehas?

They say Eli as in Eli Manning and they score! The Reese's need to gain momentum with this:

3. "Missing: Joseph/Evidence: Bloody coat found by Joseph's brothers/Analysis: Blood not human. Suggests faked death"- was the animal where the blood came from a sheep, cow or goat?

If you said sheep, you're wrong. Goat is the answer and they got it. After 4 periods, it's the boys with 135, the drama mamas with 110 and the Reese's with 60. And now the solo act known as....


Somebody is going home after this. The boys next door are going first. They want to know Which three of these miracles are mentioned in at least three of the Gospels- cursing a fig tree, feeding the 5,000, transfiguration, miraculous catch of fish, calming the storm or healing the 10 lepers?

They get feeding and calming, but is catch there?....BUSTED! Transfiguration is the third one.

The Reese's are next, they have this:

Susan: Which three of these people from the Bible lived to be over 150 years old- Ishmael, Isaac, Shem, Enoch, Joshua or Job?

She gets Shem & Enoch, but is Joshua there?....nope. Isaac was the 3rd one. The Drama Mamas want to make a dramatic comeback with this....

Crystal: Which three of these men are listed by name in Luke's genealogy of Jesus- Noah, Jesse, Jonah, Judah, Lot or Saul?

She gets Noah, Jesse & Judah....and they're all right! The mamas & the boys move on, but the sweet Reese's are sour with $2500 in their pockets.

And the final spot is up for grabs. The final bible study showdown has this subject for you to ponder.....


So both teams exit for 10 minutes while the choir sings with the notable absence of Dan Forden and the Kombat Kapers.

Time to rise & shine. The mamas go first, they get....5. All the boys need to do is get 6 for the victory or 5 to tie. Anything less and the mamas win. And the boys do with 2 ticks on the clock. The boys next door slam the door shut on the drama mamas for the victory! The drama mamas will be crying home to their mamas with $5000. Next week, the semifinals are set. Which 2 of the 6 teams will go to the finals. Find out in October. I'm Pierre Kelly saying:


For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.