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If you don't know your Bible... you haven't got a prayer in this charity tournament.

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Chapter 5, Verse 10 - Georgia Grace Girls/Victorious Secret/Firefighters
September 20

-True or False: There are 7 deadly sins in the bible
-True or False: The phrase "Eat, Drink & Be Merry" is in the bible.
-True or False: Sodom was turned into a pillar of salt after turning away from Gomorrah.

If you could answer these and a bunch of other questions, maybe you've got what it takes to win....


Welcome to our 5th episode. Georgia's Grace Girls won a spot in the playoffs on our last episode for knowing the testaments. 3 more teams are set to butt heads on scriptures. And they are:

Team Reborn
Los Angeles
Charity: The Black AIDS Institute, an organization which focuses on AIDS in the black community
Team Members: Daryl Vinson (business owner); Roderick Leak Sr. (biology teacher); Reborn (motivational speaker). Daryl credits God with his miraculous recovery from heart failure. Aaron found God after going to church to attract a girl’s attention. Roderick grew up going to church. Now these longtime friends spread the word of God through “holy hip-hop.”
Team Courageous Geezers
Charity: Shriner’s Hospital for Children, a hospital that has treated Diane’s son at no charge
Team Members: Andrea Goeke (self-employed); Robin Long (substitute teacher); Diana Marshall (office manager). Close friends and co-workers, these three women have each felt God working in their lives—as in Andrea’s husband’s battle with leukemia and Diane’s 2-year-old son’s treatment for infantile scoliosis, a severe curvature of the spine.
The Power Team
Charity: The Power Team, a group that spreads the word of God through strength and martial arts skills
Team Members: Jamie Morrison (Power Team speaker); Dallas Morrison (stay-at-home mom); Matt Dopson (Power Team speaker). Jamie, formerly a troubled kid who turned to God, and Matt, who never drank and saved himself for marriage, work with the Power Team. Jamie’s wife, Dallas, is the former road manager for the Power Team, but now stays home to raise the kids.

Buckle your safety belts, because $20,000 is in the cards for one team and this biblical thrill ride is about to go 180 degrees. So....


To kick things off....


We got more biblical tweets from someone in the bible and 10 points are up for grabs. So we begin with....

1. "@________: Saw a flying wheel w/ eyes last night. No more 1am barley bread binges. #Not4Prophet"- Peter, Obadiah, Ezekiel or Saul?

The power team dominate with Ezekiel. We are off & running!

Next tweet....

2. "@________: I'm Xerxes' new queen! He doesn't know I'm Jewish. Hope this doesn't complicate anything."- Vashti, Esther, Jezebel or Naomi?

With Esther, the team take 2 for 2 in this round. Last tweet....

3. "The crowd chanted & now I'm being released! They must be really mad at this Jesus person. #DontCare #Gotta Go"- Barnabas, Bartholomew, Barabbas or Bartimaeus?

The chicks chirp with Barrabas. Correct. Period over and the team have 20, the chicks have 10 and Reborn yet to score. While the choir sing like birds, I want to remind you to download 2 songs from the choir if you checked your email on to tonight's show. Now we move into....


This time, the choir will sing songs that pertain to a question. 25 points if they can sing out the right answer. Listen & learn....

The choir is singing about a tax collector who is also a tree climber. Who dat? The team knows it's Zaccheus. Good for them.

Another selection tells us.....

What grumbling community of people weren't allowed to see The Promised Land for 40 years?

Reborn says its the Children of Israel, but you know what? We'll take that as Israelites. Good work, they're on the board. Next....

They sing more about a chariot that flew away....so answer this....

I think you know that "mantle" is another word for "cloak", so who picked up Elijah's mantle?

Reborn take the lead with....duh, Elijah. Lastly, they sing about Zephaniah to the tune of Damien Sandow's entrance theme. So spell the name please....and the power team get it with no mistakes whatsoever. After that, it's the team 70, reborn 50 and the chicks with a dime.

Time for the part of the show where 3 becomes 2/3. To do so, we must play.....


We at TABC wanna know who placed these rather than on the Internet? 50 points are at stake and the Chicks are down to 2 as we look at this:

1. "Staff for sale: Used as walking stick for four decades. It blossomed once, but it's been normal ever since. Smells like almonds"- who's most likely to sell that staff?

They say its Moses, but that was a brick dunk. The answer: Aaron. Goose egg for the chicks. Power Team has this to stare at:

2. "Linen belt for sale: I wore it, buried it, then dug it up to demonstrate Israel's doom. Comes with broken pottery I used in another prophecy. It's what I do"- what Old Testament prophet would most likely have posted this ad?

It went with Isaiah, but they went with the right answer: Jeremiah. Reborn has this as well....

3. "Cheap sword: Only used once, to cut off a servant's ear. (It got reattached.) Have to give up weapons as I am now the leader of a church. 2 shekels OBO."

They go with Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater and its correct!

Moving on to:


The chicks have this:

1. In Acts 12, a king's told he has a godlike voice. When he doesn't give credit to the Lord, an angel strikes him down & turns him into worm food. Who is this king?

They find the right wormhole with Herod. Way to go!

Next is the Power Team. The question:

2. When angels attack! According to the Bible, those who worship the Beast will suffer when an angel of the Lord pours out one of Revelations' seven bowls of what?

Lucky Charms? Soup? Nope. God's wrath and they're right!

Lastly, Reborn with this:

3. Hey, census taker- count THIS! In the Old Testament, an angel killed 70K Israelites w/ a plague after what king took a census?

The Timer of Doom got them stumped. If you're playing, it's David.

Checking the scores: Power team 160, Reborn 100 and the chicks yet to fly out of the coop with 60. But this game can change things. After we hear the choir, it's time for everybody's elimination round:


it's just a solo test to find out if you're in or out. The power team goes first, they want to know the 3 false gods in the Bible:

Molek, Balrog, Dagon, Artemis, Skrull or Behemoth?

They get Molek and Dagon, but it was Balrog that gave them a knockout blow to the head. Artemis was the third one that would've gotten a Benjamin. Just so you know, it's TABC, not Street Fighter. The Chicks are ready to fly. They want to know the 3 wives David was married to:

Abigail, Bethsheba, Hadassah, Sheerah, Michal or Zipporah?

They get Bethsheba and Michal, but Hadassah isn't it. Third one: Abigail.

As for Reborn, 2 will put them in the showdown. This question will decide it:

Jesus made seven familiar "I am" statements. Which three of these are other statements he made in John- "I am not the Messiah", "I am the Lord's servant", "I am not of this world", "I am thirsty", "I am He" or "I am the rock"?

They drink up with thirsty, but does "he" put them in?.........yes they do. If you're wondering, the Rock isn't it, but "not of this world" is. Reborn put the people's elbow to the chicks ending up dead birds with $2500.

Do you smell what is cooking on the stove? Uh-huh, $20,000 on the plate in the final bible study showdown if they know a lot about:


Off to the lion's den they go while the choir sings with the notable absence of Jim Johnston and the Smackdown 7.

Ding, ding, ding, it's time! The power team goes first and they get......6. Reborn is up and 7 will give to them......but they got 4, so the Power Team power them up to victory! Reborn will rap it up with $5000 in the charitable doggy bag.

That's a wrap. Another TABC will be ready to go for you next week with 3 teams competing for the final playoff spot. This is Pierre Kelly saying....


For more information on the teams and charities and to watch full episodes online, go to gsntv.com/bible.