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Planning Ahead Is Good, Kids
July 25

THE STORY SO FAR! Frank wins HOH, but the big meltdown that ensued was Willie deciding to make a statement by headbutting Joe and calling the women a bunch of see-you-next-Tuesdays. So Big Brother, more as a result of the headbutting than anything else, said "See you" to him.

It's Day 14, and EP Alison Grodner has just apprised the houseguests of the events. Britney is down to two players through no fault of her own, though being teamed with Willie is sure to come back to bite her and anyone else who dared to do so.... that would be Shane, Jojo, or Danielle.

Meanwhile, it's happy hour, as Boogie's Frank gets to nominate and evict two for one this week. Janelle is working with Boogie on this, but she doesn't fully trust him, even if it means backdooring through the use of a pawn. Pawns go home, kids.

In the arcade, Jojo tries to curry favor with Frank, who warned her what would happen if they voted with Willie. "Danielle didn't have that choice. You did." A lot of it was Willie's fault to begin with, but a lot of it was also Jojo's fault for going through with it.


True to his word, Frank nominates two of the people who wanted him gone thanks to Willie... SHANE and JOJO.

It's gonna be a long week for anyone named Shane or Jojo, who are now feeling the fallout of Hurricane Willie. At least they have a chance to take themselves off of the block later. All they can do is relax and not cause any drama... This is relevant.

Meanwhile, Danielle gets a free ride this week, but Boogie is concerned that Danielle will have to go up if someone wins the POV.

"It's time to pick players for the Veto Competition!"  Joining HOH Frank and nominees Shane & Jojo are Ian, Ashley, and Wil. And your host, a guy who looks like Guy Fieri, has the temper of Gordon Ramsay, and (thankfully) the knife skills of Masaharu Morimoto.... JOE!

But first, Danielle starts to become bummed as her fate is determined by everyone else.

Ashley's ready for someone to wife her.... Someone who loves going out to eat, someone who loves snacks, movies, family, Monopoly, travel, stars, sleep...  Ian?

VETO COMPETITION #2: Big Brother Cantina

Hidden in the giant bowls of guacamole, salsa, cheese, and beans are menu items that you'll use to match the master menu on the other side of the yard. Person who gets the most menu items right in the fastest time wins.

Answers are revealed in reverse order starting with the person who finished last.

Ashley: 13/16
Frank: PERFECT! (Wil eliminated)
JoJo: PERFECT! (Frank eliminated)
Ian: PERFECT! (JoJo eliminated)
Shane: if he's perfect, he wins... PERFECT! Shane wins the Power of Veto.

Frank should've went for Boogie's idea... now Danielle is in danger.

Shane meanwhile thinks about the next Coaches Comp, as Boogie thinks that if you nurse Shane back to health, he could be unequivocally loyal. But the key is keeping it all on the low. Which Shane... doesn't do. One thing he couldn't do and he does it anyway. So he works all the angles, but he needs to keep it under the radar. 

Danielle is worried that she's not going to have the votes and the power to stay in the house... so Dan makes a power play... by ABANDONING his sinking shipwreck of a contestant. "This is exactly what she needs. I'm trying to light a fire underneath her." There's a lot of things that she can do to save herself, but will she do any of them? Shane tells her that he doesn't know which way he's voting, though it's obvious that he's going to vote for JoJo to stay. At this point, Danielle realizes that she is truly on her own in this house and in this game.

And mascara tears are creepy.

Shane's thinking about putting up another player to take his place... perhaps Wil. Backdoor him. Get him out of the game. Sounds crazy, but if it works, Jojo and Shane could be back in this game. It's an elaborate plan, and if it works, it'll be genius. They do have the votes to get Wil out of the house, but what will Frank ultimate decide?

AMERICA'S VOTE! On the menu for the Have Nots...

1) Cereal & salmon
2) Garbanzo beans & giblets
3) Lima beans & lemons

Text to 81818 or vote online at CBS.com/bigbrother.


It's pretty much obvious that Shane is going to use the Power of Veto to save himself. But the question now, who will Frank put up as a replacement?

Frank names... DANIELLE as the replacement nominee, meaning that tomorrow, either she or JOJO will be packing her bags and going home. Will Danielle fight back? Will JoJo regret being a pawn? And will Coach Dan follow Danielle out the door? See you in 24 hours.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.