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Eviction Night #1: Kara vs. Frank
July 19

THE STORY SO FAR! From the moment they entered the house, the Coaches have been controlling the game, dictating everything from who gets nominated... (Frank and Kara) to who to use the Veto on (nobody). But the power lies in the hands of their players... Who will they evict? The battle lines have been drawn tonight... Night 13.

The coaches may think that they're controlling the house, but they should know more than anyone that the players are holding all of the cards.  Shane decides that he doesn't want blood on his or Willie's hands. Kara needs at least five votes to stay in the house. Frank says that Willie is the key to keeping himself in the house. Willie says that he's good, and he'll have the votes to stay. Whatever Willie wants to happen will happen.

So Willie starts to get to work on JoJo, Shane, Joe, and Wil. That's enough to stay. The key is strength. Kara is impressionable, because Dan is so convincing. He can't be trusted. Joe's on board, so it looks like Kara is heading home.

Janelle has to make sure that Dan is still good with him. Janelle spends a lot of time with him, which is throwing up a red flag on Britney's end. But Britney notices something else... the Coaches are also on the memory wall with keyholes next to their faces, which leads her to believe that the Coaches will, at some point, enter the game as players. It makes sense, because there are 10 after week one and 9 after week two, which is jury. That's not enough for a full season. So something is DEFINITELY going to happen.

Willie decides to call a house meeting with the rest of the players... and tells them what Britney told him. Willie says that they can play the game without the coaches' involvement.

Meanwhile, Boogie... is asleep.

Will Willie's move unite the house... or start a war? Nothing's changed with Frank. Wil, on the other hand, is taking a 24 hour break from the game. Frank is not taking a break. He's worried that the meeting might've harmed him more than helped him. Joe told Frank about Willie's plan to split the votes. At this point, Frank isn't willing to trust Willie. Joe isn't happy with Willie mocking Wil. Wil isn't having that. That's going to come back to bite Willie in the ask. Britney thinks Willie's a good person.... and bottom line... Britney? "I say this because I love you... but you're screwed." Willie heads downstairs to get to the bottom of this with Frank. And this... doesn't end well. End result: just let everybody vote out who they're going to vote out.


We will hear closing arguments from Kara and Frank before voting. Frank says that everyone knows how hard he fought to stay in the game. "Nobody should let a bully dictate how they play this game and how they vote. Bullying is not okay outside this house or inside this house." Kara says that they are playing as individuals, and someone on their team has made a deal with the person you're trying to save.

Remember, the Coaches must abstain, as must the nominees. HOH Willie will only vote in case of a tie.

The vote to evict is FIVE.

Danielle: FRANK
Shane: FRANK
Ian: "The lovely KARA"
Jenn: "I sadly vote to evict KARA."
Ashley: KARA

By a vote of 5 to 3... Kara Monaco is evicted. PLEASE LEAVE THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE.

HOH COMPETITION #2: Big Brother Break-In

Breaking News into the Big Brother Newsdesk, there's a burglar in the house. What they witnessed during that news story will be the stuff of challenge. Miss a news SOS could mean that you miss out on the HOH.

1) The burglar is accused of stealing a carpet tile
2) The burglar is accused of taking two bites of food in the storage room.
- NOT GUILTY (three bites) - Shane out.
3) ... shaving his right leg.
- GUILTY - Wil and Frank are left in.
4) ... while attempting to steal a sneaker off the shelf, not wearing a hat.
5) ... after drinking the milk, not putting the cap back on.
6) ... while doing the robot, not wearing gloves.
- GUILTY. FRANK is the new HOH!

But we're not done yet. Well, Willie looks like he might be as he walks off silently.

Anyway, there's a wrinkle in the plans of the coaches. The coach that wins this week's Coaches' Competition can either keep their player safe OR choose to trade one of their player for another coach's player. Everyone is eligible except the HOH.

And on that note, let's eavesdrop on the houseguests... Until Sunday...

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.