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July 12


Fifty-two cameras record your every move. Ninety-five microphones capture your every word. Big Brother is watching.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper & Eric Pierce, GSNN
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Announcer Clayton AS Halsey
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Rich Meehan
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I Was 10 When I Watched You The First Time
July 15

THE STORY SO FAR! A musician, a chef, a bartender, a spray tanner, a server, a marketer, a nurse, a carpenter, a model, a student, some guy from Florida, and the brother of one of the biggest villains in reality TV history all descended upon a house fully intent on playing a straight-forward game of Big Brother. That... didn't happen, as the game added four coaches - four of the best players in Big Brother history. With that twist came the first eviction of the series, as Jodi, the server, was eliminated on night 1.

It's now day 2 in the house. Dan gets rid of Jodi, because Danielle and Kara get along very well. If his two players get along, it's better for him. They get along A LOT to the point where they decide to make their team official.

Meanwhile, Boogie and Dan talk about alliances, perhaps to get one or the other to the $100,000 Coach's Purse at the end. His question: "Are you ready to Will it up?" As in, are you ready to team up to get to the end? Janelle and Britney counterforce with their own little "Girl Power" deal. Janelle is ready to fight against ALL of the so called tricks of the trade.

"Who wants to see my HOH Room?" I do, Russel... Willie! This year, the HOH Room also has a coach's suite. There's some weirdness with Britney being in the same room almost.

Ian's taking the night to just soak it all in, being in the house. Also in the house... the Big Brother Spy Cam. Everyone thinks that Ian's up to something, but really, he's just happy to be here.

Janelle and Britney decide to work together, but they will not have a vote, so they're just going to have to coerce their players to vote the way they want. In the HOH room, Willie lets the cat out of the bag. He says that he doesn't want to be That Guy. He wants to play his own game. Janelle is cool with that for two weeks. All it takes is six votes to rule the house. Britney's players are on board. Can Willie get Janelle's players on board by playing this as "their only option"?

Willie decides to get Frank in on the game if only to get another person on side. Boogie hasn't talked one lick of strategy with him. So it's a matter of who will help who. Frank's here to play HIS game, not Boogie's game.

Meanwhile in the lounge, let's talk about Janelle's baby, and Ian... can't stop moving. He's the house creeper. Everyone in the house is just creeped out by him. And then... he gets naked.

Frank and Boogie decide to talk. Frank is comfortable that he'll be in the house next week.

Julie needs everyone in the living room! There's a new wrinkle!


Each week, the Coaches will battle against each other for the power to keep one of their players immune from nomination. This will be held before a nomination typically. To raise the stakes even higher, the Coaches Competition will determine who will be the week's Have-Nots.

In this day at the races, the Coaches will race in heats. The heat winners will face off in the final round. It's a race to your opponent's tail. Literally. First coach to grab their opponent's tail wins.

Heat 1: Boogie vs. Britney. Winner: BOOGIE.
Heat 2: Dan vs. Janelle. Winner: JANELLE. ... because Dan threw it.
Final Heat: Boogie vs. Janelle. Winner.... BOOGIE!

Boogie chooses to grant... IAN safety.

Now each coach must pick a Have-Not for the week. They pick... Shane... Danielle... Ashley... and Ian.

And with that comes slop by the bucketload. Ian, the superstalker... says that it's "mediocre dining". As for the Have Not Room... It's... vertigo inducing. Honestly the most twisted HNR ever created.

Now that Ian has safety, Willie has to rethink his game plan. Dan doesn't want to lose Kara. Boogie doesn't want to lose Frank. Willie has no idea which direction he's going to take.

Boogie says that he's sitting pretty, but he doesn't have any idea that right now Britney and Janelle are holding the cards and the power. Meanwhile, Joe is doing some cooking, while Danielle is feasting on slop. BUT here's the thing... Joe's cooking all of these elaborate dinners and we only get so much food for the week. He could be a volatile character. Boogie tells Willie to pick someone off, then blend back into the group. Of course it's going to be a seed to grow into a tree for Joe to hang himself from.


Joe thinks that either he's safe or he's living with a bunch of liars. ... Umm... yes?

Willie says that the players AND the coaches are going to be surprised.

Remember, Ian cannot be nominated.

The keys pulled... JoJo... Shane.... Wil... Danielle... Ashley... Jenn... and Joe.

Frank and Kara are the first nominees for eviction. Will the Power of Veto save one of them? Find out Wednesday.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.