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Our Team Is Screwed
July 22

THE STORY SO FAR! Britney noticed something interesting about the memory wall. Not only do the players have keyholes and pictures, but so do the coaches. That is the moment when Willie decides to rally the house together to play the game for real. One or two more Hantz Outbursts sends Kara out in a 5 to 3 vote and gives Frank the keys to the HOH Room. But tonight, it all comes to a head.

It's still day 13 in the house, and the house is dealing with the news that the Coaches Competition will have an added crutch: the winning coach can grant immunity to a player or trade one for another.

Meanwhile, Dan is down to one player, Danielle. But remember, as long as you have one chip, you have one chance. Boogie thinks that this vote is more the House vs. Willie than Frank vs. Kara. So what was Willie doing afterwards? He thinks that the worst person could have won HOH. Shane thinks that he's a hot head who doesn't treat people with respect AND that he's questioning his alliance with him. Janelle is also questioning her ties, saying that Britney can't keep her players in line.

Dan's play for Danielle? Keep her close to Janelle's team. That way, when all hell breaks loose, they have another bargaining chip.

Jojo tells Frank that she can trust him.

"Who wants to see my HOH Room?" Not Willie. Meanwhile, inside the HOH room, Frank's got a T-shirt: "Julie Chen is my homegirl."  Also, a picture of Li'l Boogie, Mike's son Brady.

That was awkward.

Britney tells Willie that she's putting her reputation on the line. No one wants to be attached to a sinking ship. She's convinced that Shane and Jojo are going up if Willie wins the POV. He has to learn to keep his mouth shut or else he's going home. But the thing is... he knows that he's a problem.

So what exactly is a wenis? Apparently it's part of your elbow. Yeah, I'll believe that. I'll also believe that Shane and Danielle are in a bit of a flirtationship. Not a full-blown showmance yet. "If something happens, it'll be because it's real." They always believe that, Danielle...

The Coaches are talking about their competition to be held shortly. Britney is thinking about trading or cutting her losses. Boogie decides to convince Britney to cut her losses. She says she's not an idiot.

A new day arrives, and Janelle's talking about her new family that she had to leave behind to play the game. Dan... same thing.

Back in the Have-Not Room, Boogie tells Ian not to force anything if he wants to "date" Ashley while in the House. Boogie thinks that this'll help Ian be a little more comfortable not only around women but around everyone else. Luckily, Ashley's game for it. And hey... a bowtie. Bowties are cool. I'll believe Ian & Ashley more than I'll believe Shane & Danielle.

Shane and Jojo are in a bad situation because of Willie, and right now he's trying to think about how he's going to play the game.


Transfer all your cash from one side of the balance beam to the pedestal on the other side. You can only take one brick at a time. If your money falls, or you do, you're out. Last one standing, or the first to stack all their cash and hit the buzzer at the end, wins.

Boogie could've won it... but he jumped off the beam before he hit the button. Stupid Boogie is stupid. And Janelle is the winner!

So what will Janelle decide? She decides... to save Ashley this week. Not only will she do that, she also assigns Have-Nots... Those four are Willie, Jojo, Shane, and Ian.

"I've never seen a bigger group of (^_^) in my life." And it begins. He calls the females (^_^)s, starts a fight with Joe, and causes the feeds to go down for a few moments.

"Willie, go to the back bedroom. Houseguests, do not follow him."

Everyone is wise to heed Big Brother's words. But BB is not done yet...

"Willie, come to the DR NOW."

... but Willie is! So what happens now? Here's Allison over the Voice of God...

"As you know, violence is not tolerated in the Big Brother House. So Willie has been removed from the game." A catch 22 if you're Britney, but in the end, he did it to himself.

For now, the game continues.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.