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Fifty-two cameras record your every move. Ninety-five microphones capture your every word. Big Brother is watching.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper & Eric Pierce, GSNN
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Moving Day
July 12

The often imitated, never duplicate houseguests-in-a-fishbowl reality game show is BACK! And this year, there are more twists and turns than ever before. Let's meet our new breed of houseguests...

- Jenn Arroyo; 37; Musician; Brooklyn
- Joe Arvin; 41; Chef; Schererville, IN
- Frank Eudy; 28; Unemployed; Naples, FL
- Willie Hantz; 34; Tankerman; Dayton, TX
- Wil Heuser; 24; Marketing Consultant; Louisville, KY
- Ashley Iocco; 26; Entrepreneur; West Hollywood, CA
- Shane Meaney; 26; House Flipper; Bennington, VT
- Kara Monaco; 29; Model; Los Angeles
- Danielle Murphree; 23; Nurse; Tuscaloosa, AL
- Jodi Rollins; 42; Restaurant Server; Calipatria, CA
- Josephine "JoJo" Spatafora; 26; Bartender; Staten Island, NY
- Ian Terry; 21; Engineering Student; Pittsburgh

All of our participants are surprised with the invitation to the biggest party of the summer... Notice I said "invitation". This is relevant. We'll get to why LATER. Right now, it's time to move in.

First up, Wil, Ashley, Jodi, and Frank. Next up, Ian, Shane, Jenn, and Danielle. Ian... is a HUGE reality TV fan. The last four, Willie, Joe, Kara, and JoJo, are in the house. JoJo has a piercing on her trachea. Seriously.

Champagne starts floating and we have our housemate that looks like a girl (Wil), our housemate that looks like he could be related to somebody (Willie... and Ian's the first to pick it up), and the housemate who's willing to lie about her occupation (Danielle... teacher my butt).

Everyone's smiling and happy, but remember, it's day one.

It may be day 1, but we're going to start with the twists now, because FOUR of the greatest Big Brother players to ever set foot on the CBS Studios Radford lot are coming back, not as players... but as coaches. AND THEY ARE!

- Dan Gheesling (BB10 winner); 28; Catholic HS teacher & coach, Dearborn, MI
- Britney Haynes (BB12, 4th place); 24; pharmaceutical sales rep; Huntington, AR
- Mike "Boogie" Malin (BB2/BBAS winner): 41; bar owner; Los Angeles
- Janelle Pierzina (BB6/BBAS 3rd place): 32; VIP cocktail waitress; Miami Beach, FL

The four enter the house one by one. These four will be playing their own game, hoping to guide a team of houseguests for as long as they can. The winner's coach will receive $100,000. For Janelle's it's a case of revenge, because, if you remember, Boogie was the vote that evicted Janelle to begin with.

Dan's the first to SAY something about Willie looking a lot like Russell. Willie plays it off in public, BUT he's obviously concerned that this may harm his game a bit.

LIVING ROOM! Julie's back. Remember, each one of our houseguests were given an invitation, instead of a key like in seasons past. Well, you'll have to earn one of 11 keys. That's right, ONE of you is going home TONIGHT. First, the coaches have to pick their squads...

- TEAM DAN: Danielle, Jodi, Kara
- TEAM BRITNEY: JoJo, Shane, Willie
- TEAM BOOGIE: Frank, Ian, Jenn
- TEAM JANELLE: Ashley, Joe, Wil

HOH COMPETITION #1: Slumber Party

Work your way across a course of spinning and tilting beds to reach a lot of teddy bears. If you fall off, you must get back on the platform you fell from. First team to bring back three and turn their nightlight off at the end of the course will win. The coach of the winning team will choose ONE of their teammates to be the first HOH. The coach of the LOSING team will choose the first person to be evicted from the game this year.

WINNER... TEAM BRITNEY! In second... Janelle. In third... Boogie. That means that Team Dan will vote someone out tonight.

But first, Willie, with the game ball, gets the first HOH of the season.

Meanwhile, Dan has to send one of his players out of the house. He's going to look at who will play this game the best. Jodi says that she did the best that she could do. Danielle says that Jodi may be the first to cause drama in the house.

Now, Julie wants a decision.


Remember, the evicted houseguest will have one minute to say goodbye, gather their belongings, and walk out the front the door.

Dan decides... to send JODI home. Everyone has earned their house key.

"If that's only the first night... We've got a whole summer of things in store for us." Well said, Ian. Well said. Next time, it's a competition between the coaches, and the first nominations of the summer. Till then, we'll leave a light on for you.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.