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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
Creator: Mike Fleiss
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"Flyby Time" - November 10

We are down to three women - and one Byron. The three women is Mary, the woman who isn't going to open up because of a lengthy Bachelor past, Tanya, who isn't going to open up because she's seen what happens to the devastated women on previous Bachelors, and Cynthia, who has opened up - maybe too much - as she gets into fights with Byron in limousines and hotel rooms. Then there's Byron himself, who only wants women who want to spend the night with him. Sounds like a winning group, eh? Didn't think so. And they wonder why the ratings on this season is taking a beating...

This time, it may be Byron taking the beating, as in this episode, he goes off to meet the women's friends. He will be going to the women's hometowns, and he gets to go via (insert plug here) Marquis Jets! He wants to see the women in their environment - and find out where they call home.

We start with Plano, Texas - Tanya's hometown. Byron is concerned that she hasn't been giving 100% in terms of her feelings - and he wants to see some reciprocation. He meet Tanya with Mandy, Becky, Allison and Kathleen (her four best friends) as they all go to a surprisingly empty saloon. They ask him about his job and sponsorships, whether or not he would be able to relocate (he says that he can) and they talk about his fishing. Becky was surprised how content Tanya has been with him.

That contentment lasts right through riding a mechanical bull, as they all take turns getting thrown by the metal steer. Tanya, who stayed on longer than Byron, was impressed that he went out of his element to try something new. After share a hug and a smooch, Tanya and Byron are separated while Tanya's friends ask Byron is he is falling in love with her. He says that if the emotions were running in the direction of Tanya, then he would go to one knee and propose to her.

After Byron leaves, the girls tell Tanya that he seems to be a great guy and they toast to him. Byron was very happy at how she came out of her shell with her friends, and they go off to spend some alone time in her apartment. They cook up a homemade Texan meal, and smooch while the food is heating up in the oven. She tells Byron that if she gets up to the 'meeting her family' part of the series, then her mom and sister will be there, but her dad, who is a private guy, will not be. Byron says that it's fine, and he sees that this cautiousness runs in the family. He is excited that she is opening up, though and they share some more smooching. Tanya says that he finally got to see a part of her that's been missing for a long time, and he is happy to see her eyes light up, adding that he thinks that he may have a future with her.

Will he have that same sort of future with Mary? He meets her at a softball field as he is wondering if she can open up the same way that Tanya did. So far, it looks like she can, as they embrace on the pitchers mound. She throws up some softballs to Byron, who smacks them around. Byron then throws some to Mary, who also knocks them out of the park. Foreshadowing?

Mary will be taking Byron to see Mark and Lisa. He knows them, because he dated Mark. Wha? That's odd, and Byron figures that it's odd too, as he is really wondering if she is living her life in the past. They do arrive, where they meet Mark, Lisa and their kids. Lisa is nicknamed 'The Inquisitor', and she immediately goes to work on Byron. They talk to her about relocation, and he said that he would relocate to Florida. They then ask Mary why she returned, and she said that everything happens for a reason. Lisa, who thinks that Mary is a free spirit, wants to make sure that Mary's feet are grounded as they have a personal talk. She says that there will be things that she won't want to see, and she doesn't want to be hurt again, but she does want to try again.

While that is happening, Byron wanted to know what Mark saw in Mary that had him date her. Mark says that the good qualities in her in endless, and she asks him the same question. Byron says that they had the same sort of
personality, and they can teach each other things. Mark thins that Byron is sincere - but is still concerned about her getting hurt.

Mary is still starting to open up as they go to her pad. Like Tanya, Mary is also concerned about him meeting her parents, because they were also hurt before. Mary is wondering if Byron is upset about it - and he is. 'Why should I have to pay the price for Bob?' Answer - 'As much as I am cautious about my heart, I am even more cautious about theirs.' Mary is concerned that if she continues to hold back, Byron will send her in the limo home. Byron says that it's her call, and she is still holding back, adding that it's something that he will need to think about in his final decision. Uh-oh...

Next up - a trip to see Cynthia. He thinks that she could be his soulmate,
and she agrees - but she is very scared in wondering if Byron feels what she feels. They hang out on the beach and talk about the waves. They then frolic in the waves, as Byron says that he has much more 'fun energy' with her than the other girls.

While frolicking, Cynthia runs into her friends, and she knows she needs
their approval. Tamara and Bill are there to give their honest opinions, and they start off with an honest discussion about people and their ages. Bob jokes about his marriage as a 2 year expensive date, and it seems like he is finally comfortable enough to talk about his past.

Bill takes Byron to talk about Cynthia, and Bill says that he is ready to be serious with her. Bill talks about the sort of guy that he looks for, while the women are chatting about the stressfulness of this situation. Tamara asks her if she can see her spending the rest of her life with him, and she says that she thinks so - then she knows so. Tamara was impressed with their chemistry, and Cynthia gets the nod of approval.

After Byron praises Cynthia's friends, they stop in front of the Beagle Grill. The place is closed, but Cynthia says that she is an investor in the place. Byron is impressed, as Cynthia says that he needs to know about everything in her life. They go inside the place, where Cynthia thanks him for being her first patron. AwwwBarf.

The conversation turns serious, when Cynthia asks Byron if he would propose to the woman who is left. He says that he would - if it's the right women under the right circumstances. She says that she is asking because the same butterflies that she had for her first love are coming out now. She tells him that if he has the same feelings for other women that he has for her - do not give her a rose. She tells him not to pick her as a runner-up - only pick her if she is going to win the whole thing. Byron asks her to be aware that he is serious about his feelings for her, but the look on his face says it all - he is thinking about back-pedaling.

Asking to not get a rose if they will not be the last person picked spells trouble. As a guy, I would NEVER want to hear that from a woman in terms of making up their mind. That ploy has been tried over and over again - and every time, it has failed miserably. Even earlier on with Jayne and Cheresse, the tactic was tried, and both of those women were escorted to the limo. Cynthia cries about how true her feelings are for him, but she may have made a fatal mistake here.

With all three dates completed, we go back to the studio mansion. Byron stares at the three women's pictures, and he will be able to speak to each woman one more time before he has to make a decision. Tanya says that tonight has been the most nerve-wreaking night she has had, Mary says that she got hurt at the Final Three the last time she was on the show, and Cynthia says that it's difficult to be optimistic.

Chris tells the women that all three of them get one last chance to talk with Byron - and Mary is the first one to do so. She is nervous about the next phase, and she goes back to the issue with meeting her parents. She decides that she is still thinking about it - but she won't automatically say no. Mary is wanting things to work out - but if they don't, she will be very devastated.

Cynthia is next, and she apologizes for her actions yesterday. She says that she has mood swings and she didn't realize how deep she is in. Byron agrees and he goes back to her conversation, and him saying that he was taken aback with her saying that if she wasn't going to be the one, that she would not want a rose. She makes it very clear that she wants a rose, but as she leaves, she says that her intuition says that it wasn't settled with him.

Finally, Tanya talks to Byron. He still thinks that she is holding back, and she agrees that she probably is, subconsciously - but she has been honest with him in her head and heart. He is wondering if she is still caught up in their relationship, but she assures him that she is and they share a smooch. Afterwards, she is frightened by the fact that he is still questioning her motivation and she is very concerned.

Byron says that the last chance conversations were the deciding factor as he calls the three women up to the Rose Ceremony. After the standard blah blah blah from Chris and Byron, he makes his decision. Getting roses are... Mary, and.... Tanya. Cynthia is eliminated, and I am guessing that both her feeling that her demand would be her undoing and her women's intuition was right on the money.

Cynthia looks away - and looks like she wants to be anywhere else except talking to Byron. He says that she is fun - but doesn't see them developing a lifetime relationship. She says that she can't take back the past - and she wished that she could. Byron says that she deserves the best - and to not settle for less. Cynthia was a free spirit - maybe too free, as her mood swings finally got to Byron. Cynthia says that maybe Byron may need someone more grounded and less of a free spirit. That groundedness was missing, and that's why it didn't work. She says that she thought she had a stronger connection - but apparently not. The other two women toast to their existence in the show, and we end the episode.

Next week - the women tell all as we get an hour of sniping and gossip. This is probably the best part of the series, so come back in 7 days to experience it.

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