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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
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"Eight Women... Six Roses..." - October 20

Byron Velvick is now down to 8 beautiful women - but Cynthia doesn't want to be one of the 2 women eliminated this episode, so she asks Byron for some time alone with her and some Sangria. She wants to get to know him in a non-competing manipulative way, adding that some women are trying to force themselves onto him (read - Krysta). Byron agrees with this and he in intrigued. They both enjoy each other's company and she thinks she has a good connection. I didn't see anything more than a good conversation, though...

Jayne sees an invitation - and she hopes it's for her - but this date goes to Tanya, who invites her to visit the land and the sea. This is Tanya's first individual date, and she adds that she feels secure - but this is the one piece that hasn't fit yet. They get into a limo as they toast to an exciting

Byron takes Tanya out for a drive and Byron says that he wants to cruise around the city. What Tanya doesn't know is that he means it literally, as he drives it right into the lake. Tanya curses as they get drenched, adding that he didn't to mention to bring her swimsuit. Byron calls her a trooper and is happy that she didn't give him an attitude. The car is a car/boat, and as it glides across the water, Tanya's date glides along, with her adding that she is glad that he has a sense of humor.

As they get back onto land, Tanya says that she feels very at ease with Byron. During dinner, they talk about her wants, desires and feelings during dinner, and Tanya says that she is looking for someone to mesh with, adding that she is looking for a best friend. They also toast and exchange glances, which leads to kissing...and more kissing...and kissing some more as Byron wants another date. Byron says that the date has had him switch gears in terms of people, and that gets the women in the house concerned. They talk about their dates and the drama, as Andrea is going nuts and Krysta thinking that Andrea is 'over the top'. Andrea says that she is here to find her soulmate - and is here to fall in love. She adds that she would tell him tonight that she is in love with him. She may want to hold that thought as Byron and Tanya have some kissing in the hallway - kissing that can be heard by everyone. He then walks in - and sees all of the women sitting there. Oops. He quickly says hi and hightails it out of the room.

The next morning, Byron invites Mary out for a massage. Cynthia's reaction? "He likes brunette's...with small boobs." Mary asks if Sabrina the dog is coming, and she finds out that there is no dog masseur. As they get body massages, they talk about Mary's experiences, and adding that he was heart-broken when Bob said the right things to her. She wants the fairy-tale ending, and she says that the time spent with him has been very nice so far. She is VERY clothed about revealing her feelings again, and maybe it's evident to Byron, as she says that she's his type, but there's a lot that he doesn't know about her. They share a small smooch as they part ways...

...and Byron gets to meet with Elizabeth, as we see the first multi-racial solo date in the Bachelor history. They have a ride in a helicopter and eat dinner in an aquarium. Elizabeth asks Byron questions about him, such as what he sees in her and how he's like. Byron says that this was a 'husband interview' and although he says that she is here for the right reasons, there's nothing there that says that he has any feelings for her. There is no kissing when lunch is finished and it feels more like a business meeting than a date. Elizabeth has gotten as far as any minority has on this show - but I don't think she'd going any further.

Byron brings the women in that night - and he proposes a pajama party. He wants to do it to see how the women interact with each other - and he just wants to hang. He has lingerie for all of the women - adding that Sabrina the dog isn't going to wear any lingerie. Heh. Both the clothing and the fact that all of the women have to change together makes Jayne feel uncomfortable, but Krysta, who has no problems with is, gets down first. He is met with Byron - and a can of Silly String. They wait for the rest of the women to come down - then ambush them as well.

Everything is going well - until Truth or Dare, which always gets nerve-wreaking. Andrea does a strip-tease dance for Byron, and she felt bad - maybe because she didn't get the reaction that she wanted when Byron was blushing. That also upsets Mary (who already had to deal with it with Bob) that she wants out of the room.

After another question about Jayne asking if she has any desire to kiss
Cynthia (she doesn't), the women dance around and Mary is now crying on the sofa. Byron consoles Mary as they walk outside, while Cheresse says that the new rules are that the woman who creates the most drama gets the most attention. Meow.

Byron talks to Mary, who says that the slumber party reopened new wounds between her and Bob. Byron says that he won't force someone to stay if they don't want to, but adds that if she thinks that they have a connection, then she should stay. She agrees to stay and everything is hunky dory again.

Byron comes back after consoling Mary - and now it's Jayne's turn to have drama. She yells at Byron for running out with Mary, adding that he destroyed everything that they have been working on. Jayne tells him that they are all roller-coastering and crying, adding that maybe she should break down and cry if it means that she can get more attention. Byron thinks that the slumber party was the right thing to do at the wrong time, and while he likes Jayne, he is seeing some serious issues popping up...

...but Krysta is first, and is standing outside Byrons's room with 2 glasses of champagne, waiting to open the door to Byron's room, wanting some private time. Jayne swoops down, asks Krysta if she is spending private time. She says she is, so Jayne comes right into the room and tells Byron that he better show up now to the hot tub. Byron does so, leaving Krysta and 2 champagne glasses by the door outside. "I realized that I have been blocked by the mute." She tries to stop him, but Byron yells at her, and that could put Krysta's stay on the show in jeopardy.

Byron comes into the pool, and Jayne yells at him for stopping the world because he chose Mary. Byron defends himself while the women are shocked at Jayne's behavior, adding that Jayne seems to be having a hard time. He says he is shocked by Jayne's actions, and he doesn't know what to do at the next elimination ceremony.

The next morning, Jayne asks Cynthia if she thinks the women are still upset with her - then says that she doesn't care what the women think. Krysta speaks to some of the other women and vents to them, adding that he seems to be talking to the psychotic women. They talk about it, hoping that it's loud enough that Byron hears it as Krysta now makes fun of Mary crying her head off and Jayne going ballistic and gunning down everyone. If Krysta does get eliminated, they really need to do a Bachelorette for her - she is incredibly entertaining.

With that, we go straight to the Rose Ceremony. This time around, we get no last chance talks and only 6 roses. Apparently, the psychotic talk didn't work, because the first person that's called to stick around is Mary. Next up is Tanya, Andrea, Cynthia, Cheresse...and...Jayne. Eliminated: Krysta and
Elizabeth. Elizabeth regrets not getting to know more about him and wonders what went wrong (you're not an emotional looney, that's what), while Krysta is sad, misjudged the situation, and realized that she needed to be more aggressive. "It sucks when people think that they like you when they obviously don't. I'm's going to be difficult to get over him." Krysta sheds a tear as she leaves, while Byron, who says that this was the toughest decision of his life. They end with him and the 6 women toasting.

So Krysta (the form of entertainment) and Elizabeth (the African American), two of the women with any form of common sense, are gone. We now have three strong and sane people (Cynthia, Cheresse and Tanya) and three emotional wrecks (Mary, Andrea and Jayne) - and according to next week's previews, one of them goes over the edge. We'll see if the lovers or the looneys get kicked out in the next episode.

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