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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
Creator: Mike Fleiss
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"Ghosts of Seasons Past" - October 13

We are down to 10 women. After this episode, we will be getting rid of four more and be down to 8. Wait a sec - when did 10-4=8? You'll understand the new Bachelor math by the end of the episode.

But we have to start with the beginning of the episode, where Byron is convinced that one of the ten women left will be the woman that he will be spending the rest of his life with. He gets to select a woman for another date, and he selects.... Andrea, who is thrilled that she finally gets some alone time.

Less than happy about it is... Jayne, since her and Andrea are 'completely different' and she doesn't know what Byron's looking for. She is so bothered that she goes over to Byron's room as they talk about it. After chatting a little bit, it boils down that she just doesn't like competition. Byron tells her not to quit, because he thinks and talks about her and that Jayne is very in his world. They wind up cuddling and kissing, and Byron adds that Jayne is that type of woman that he was looking for in this experience.

After the smooching session with Jayne, it's now Andrea time. She is looking for confirmation that Byron could be her husband and when Byron kissed her in the limo, she decides that she wants more. They change transportation from limousine to B-5 Bomber, as they fly a little bit in the back of 'An Executive Sweet' bi-plane. They look over the channels in the sunset, then look at each other as Byron called it a perfect moment.

Meanwhile, the other women discuss their feelings for Byron, and wonder aloud if they are getting a rose for the next ceremony. Jayne, now sure of herself, says yes, while other women wonder if their connections are as strong as other people's connections. Cheresse says that it's what Byron is looking for - if he is looking for a housewife who will cook and clean while she's not there, then she shouldn't be there. She's also adding that it seems like Andrea's looking at this like it's her house, and that the other women are there to help her land Byron. There seems to be a little galvanization against Andrea...

...who is currently sharing champagne with Byron. She tells him that it's been a lonely year for her, and she is excited to find someone who finally 'works'. They smooch some more as they conclude their date.

For the next date, Cynthia feels like it needs to be her, because she doesn't think she's had enough time with him, while Cheresse looks at the fact that he's divorced - and it's a good thing, because it shows how serious he is. Krysta says that she hopes it's her - but if anyone tries to steal in, she'll kick their @ss. That's typical Krysta...

...but what's not typical is the date that Byron will be going on. Byron gets a 'mystery date' - which none of the women will be going on. Byron gets an envelope with directions on where to go, while the women will be getting a tape with information on who he is going out with. Byron is as lost as the women are, and he will doesn't have a clue who it could be. The women, on the other hand, have a major clue, knowing that it has to be a women - and maybe someone from Byron's past. We will see how close the women are, as Byron drives to an apartment with a question mark on the door. He walks into a room, sits down, and sees two women coming up am elevator shaft...

The women get the VCR tape and plop it into the VCR. They are close when they say it's a woman from the past, but it's not from Byron's past - it's from the Bachelor's past. The first woman is... Heather from season 2 of The Bachelor. We get a recap of her time on the show, including the Bachelor eliminating her and her teary breakdown afterwards. Krysta's remark? "The b!tch is going down."

The second woman is... Mary from season 4. We see how she was more serious than Bob - and she could be a potential threat to win the whole thing. The women first laugh as they remember her - then turn deadly serious - but Krysta makes fun of both of them. "Heather from Texas - cheerleader, pageant girl... too much, too frigging much." Mary: "Hi. My ovaries are drying up - I gotta have a baby tomorrow." She adds Toni's "Game On!" and I am convinced that they have to be somewhat related.

Heather (32, Flight Attendant, TX) and Mary (36, Real Estate Sales, Tampa, Fl) both meet Byron and explain their Bachelor past. Byron says that he never watched the show, which is why he had no idea. Apparently this season, a bunch of people will say that, but I digress. He says that they are a much better surprise that his family or friends, since they look much better than his family or friends. Heh. Byron seems to be attracted to Heather, adding that they are both looking for love, which works for him.

The women remaining at the house are not very happy campers, as Krysta vows to stay up until 5am to see what happened with Byron. Meanwhile, Byron asks Mary about her life, and she says everything is good with her life - except that she has no family, Byron says that he does want kids running down the dock with him, and that, of course, turns Mary on.

Krysta leads the women to meet Byron and the new women, and she acts very nice, since, according to her, you "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." (C-Note: Nice Lythgoe) Heather and Mary go up to their rooms, hoping that the women are mature and no one is imitating them. Right on cue, Krysta does her Heather impersonation, adding that she did 'this' (then she hugs and ambushes Cheresse) a lot - and it didn't work out for me. So I want to meet some new friends' as Krysta goes over to attack the rest of the women. That was hysterical and all of the women break into laughter. While Heather and Mary hear the laughter, they don't hear what caused it, so Krysta is safe.

As morning comes, the new women still don't feel comfortable from the old women. The old women, laying out by the pool, are still disturbed by watching the tape of the new women, with them talking about how Heather acted like a slut. Byron comes down and ask the women about the videotape. Krysta says truthfully that the women were very possessive after watching the tape, with Andrea adding that the women are not his type. If both new women Heather and Mary get a rose at the ceremony, look out...

Speak of the ceremony, Byron talks to Chris about the ceremony - and Byron has a last chance talk with three of them. He selects Suzie, Heather and Cheresse. Kristie is concerned if one of the new women get a rose and she doesn't get one due to lack of time. Suzie will be getting more time, and she says that she is uncertain about her feelings coming from him, but she is still interested. Byron says that he is satisfied with his decision on Suzie, and that spells trouble for her.

Heather is called up next, and she is comfortable with the situation. She says that the rose ceremony is good - but they don't get easier as they go along. Byron says that he thinks that Heather is in it for all the right reasons, which may be the wrong thing to say as Krysta and Andrea, looking on, wonder if she is truly genuine.

Cheresse, who didn't have a lot of time to talk to Byron since their date, was wondering why Byron hasn't been seeing her. He asks the same thing and both are wondering why the other one hasn't gone out of their way to find them. That spells trouble for Cheresse as well, as she makes a bee-line to the bathroom - and stays there. Krysta senses that the last conversation didn't go too well, and everyone is wondering how safe - or unsafe - they are.

It's time to wonder no more, as Byron has 8 roses for 12 ladies. He offers the roses to Andrea, Jayne, Elizabeth (so that African-American woman makes it past the third episode - that's a new record!), Cheresse (the last conversation apparently didn't hurt), Tanya (where has she been this episode?), Mary (NEW WOMAN!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!), Cynthia (who Byron calls Cindy) and.... Krysta. OUT: new woman Heather, Canadian Kristie (sorry, Ryan!), Amanda and last second conversationalist Suzie.

Heather said that coming back was hard -but it didn't work out, though she came back with the intentions of falling in love. Amanda says that her lack of aggression cost her while Kristie is disappointed, but she at least laid everything out on the line. Byron says that now he really has to look and see who fits with him.

Next week - the women realize that this is an actual contest, and the claws start to come out. Join us when we how deep the marks go.

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