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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
Creator: Mike Fleiss
EP: Mike Fleiss
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Airs: Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET on ABC

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"When Good Bachelorettes Go Bad" - October 27

The six women are divided into groups of sane people (Cynthia, Cheresse and Tanya) and not so sane people (Mary, Andrea and Jayne). While the women are convening, Jayne was using the treadmill while the women are wondering what Jayne was doing yelling at Byron. Jayne explains that she was sticking up for the women when she asked Byron where he left for the hour. Mary, knowing they were talking about her, rebuts it and says that she was upset and she appreciated Byron talking to her. Jayne just mm-hmms it and looks down.

But it wasn't Jayne who gets called up to chat - it was Cheresse. She tells Byron that she was upset that some people ruined the party - but she says that Mary wasn't the person she was referring to, adding that Byron was a
gentleman about it. Byron likes Cheresse's wisdom and maturity, unlike other people (Jayne). Cheresse can be catty, when she says that she wonders how some of the beautiful people could be single - and now she knows why. Byron asks if she meant all of them, and she says no, but they chat about that while sharing kisses.

Byron calls up Cynthia for the first date, and she brings her toothbrush with her, just in case something gets stuck in her teeth. Byron says that he likes her quirky side, so he doesn't mind that - or the limo trip to the ocean for a little picnic talk. He also mentioned that Cynthia was one of the only people who asked him about his intentions, adding that she is motivated by the same intentions to find true love. They see dolphins pop out of the ocean, and they see that as a cue to kiss each other. "I've never had that connection with anybody else, and I hope that (Byron) felt the same way." Andrea discounts Cynthia as a threat, saying that she's more fun-loving than serious - so it's a good thing she didn't see them lip-lock in the limo.

Cynthia comes home and says that she wants to tell everyone about her date, but she doesn't want anyone to feel jealous. Nooooooo, of COURSE talking about her exploits isn't going to enrage people like Jayne. She gets upset - but maybe calmer when they see two boxes with gifts, but the boxes are for Mary. Inside the boxes are shoes and a red dress. Cynthia equates Jayne to a tiger who is waiting to pop up - and sure enough, Jayne says that she is jealous - and furious that Byron didn't pick her. Those claws may be coming out soon...

...but for now, it's all about Byron and Mary as they go to Hotel Casa Del Mar. They munch on food and toast to ground zero, as Mary wants Byron to think that past experiences will not keep her from a relationship. He said that the past marriage taught him a lot, and Mary is encouraged by his optimism. Byron agrees, and says that she seems sincere to find that person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She says that she is scared of getting hurt - but he may be worth the risk. She still thinks that as they get into a hot tub after dinner. Byron is concerned about how fast this is going, but he is happy that they shared some sparks together - and that it's too good to be true.

What's too good to be true is the next invite for Jayne - but even with that, she still thinks that the women don't trust her. She has good reason, as the women still think she's behind the drama. Staying out of it is Amanda, who actually likes Jayne. Well, drama begets drama, as the women are convinced that it could be a 'last call' date. As they say that, Jayne comes in and a hush falls over the room. As Jayne closes the door and leaves, a voice yelling 'we hope you freak out' is heard. Nice.

Byron was confused with Jayne's attitude at the Bachelor party, and he wants answers. She says that she didn't come from a huggy, kissy family, and she needs to work on being a huggy kissy girlfriend. They toast and spend the night hanging out with some kittens in the barn. After the cats, they talk about the affection and Jayne wants Byron to be more aggressive. Byron thanks her for the night and they share kisses. Jayne says that she is falling for him - but realizes that there are girls waiting for him at home.

Those girls are quiet and subdues when she comes home, and she decides not to gush about the date. The women joke about Jayne not being excited, and that causes her to snap. She curses out the women about sharing, adding that her date wasn't about Cynthia. Cynthia talks back to Jayne, and with that, she leaves the house. "It's unhealthy for me to be in a house with a group of girls, all vying for the same man, and all being mean behind each other's backs." Well, not each other's backs, Jayne - just yours.

Time passes... and Jayne doesn't return. Jayne needed some time to breathe, and she goes... to Byron's place. Mary asks the rest of the women to look for her, and although Cynthia didn't think that Jayne wanted to be found by her, they all decide to go out and look. She confers with Byron about her problems, and Byron asks her is she is strong enough to deal with this. Jayne says that she wants to leave, and the look on Byron's face says that he will help her attain her wish. Byron says that it's time to go to bed, and he sends her back to the house.

Jayne goes out to the patio, where she is met by Andrea, who tries to calm her down. Jayne wonders how she is going to deal with the rest of them, adding that she doesn't want to talk about anything. She quickly goes up to the room, curses the women out, grabs the covers and then tries to leave, but then gets stopped by Mary, who says that they went out to look for her. She doesn't believe her, but Andrea says that they did and they decide to talk. They talk it out as Jayne is concerned that they are all taking about her. Cynthia gives her a hug, but once Jayne goes to bed, they continue to talk about her - and they all hope that Jayne goes bye-bye at the next rose ceremony.

Speaking of which, it's time for Byron to have the three last conversations. He wants to speak to Tanya, Cynthia and.... Jayne, who goes first and is worried about what Byron is thinking. Jayne says that there were words between her and Cynthia, but they are over it, adding that Cynthia doesn't know her. Byron says that his perception is based on what he knows, not what the women say, while the women are wondering what interactions he has with her.

Cynthia is asked by Byron next - and is asked about the drama. Cynthia says that the drama is stuff she hasn't dealt with since high and junior high
school, adding that he can ask her anything he wants to about that. Byron doesn't, but he does talk about the relationship and how he'd like to continue it.

We finally get to see Tanya for the first time in this episode, and she is relieved about it, because she wants to know if the interest is still there. He says that it is, and she is looking for reassurance - but she doesn't get it this time, and that concerns her.

Byron says that he knows he's going to hurt someone, but the four people he won't hurt tonight are... Cynthia, Mary, Tanya and... Cheresse. Hurt and
eliminated - Andrea and Jayne.

Andrea takes it... well, as well as can be expected. We didn't see much of her being looney - and the fact that she was getting cut in this episode is why. She is very disappointed, but she is cordial and professional about it. Far less professional is Jayne, who feels betrayed. She confronts him as they hug and says that he lied to her. Byron says that he didn't, but she insists that she led her on and she stormed out. Byron felt hurt, but he saw her unravel and got out of the relationship at the nick of time.

Usually, the final four get trips to their hometown, but this time (to save  money it seems), those four women will be getting overnight dates. We get
another twist, as the women get the decision on whether or not to invite him to their private suite. We get that, secrets, and of course, more fighting as we move from 4 to week.

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