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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
Creator: Mike Fleiss
EP: Mike Fleiss
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"Meet the Bachelor(s)..." - September 22

With all of the good, is the bad. With all of the Yom Kippur brisket, there is the massive stomach ache. With all of the good shows, there has to be a turkey here somewhere...

Though I get to cover America's Next Top Model, I ALSO have to cover... The Bachelor.

Thanks, Chico.

(C-Note: One more peep, and I'm giving you another audition show.)

If you haven't figured it out already, I DESPISE this show.

Where do I start? You have bad editing, bad story-telling, the woman that you never hear from wins the heart of the Bachelor, and since the guy is much more interested in fame than love, they split up a few months later. Yuck.

However, Chico has threatened me with a visit from Jase and Holly, so I have to do it. Oh, the agony.

We start off with a quick blurb, and then we are taken to a mansion in California. Chris Harrison is back, who has said that there has been many things in the Bachelor family - including Trista and Ryan's wedding (well, that was the Bachelorette, not the Bachelor). Since the Bachelor has been 0-5 in producing marriages, there are some new rules. Rule #1 - When everything is over, the bachelor will either propose marriage - or he'll walk away alone - no mamby-pamby fence sitting this time around. #2 - There will now be TWO Bachelors, not one, who will be competing for 25 ladies. For the first episode, it will be the ladies deciding who will stay - and who will go. The Bachelor 6 - meet For Love or Money 4. For Love or Money 4, Meet The Bachelor 6.

Let's meet the guys. Guy #1 is Byron. Guy #2 is Jay. This is a fake setup as the two guys walk towards each other and I hate this show already. The guys walk into a mansion where all of the women will be inhabiting. Byron insists that Jay will not take his woman from him, and Jay is impressed with Byron, but Jay never bets against himself.

The guys sit together in a VCR room, where they see info about the other person. Byron, a blond tan guy in his early 40's who looks like a retired surfer dude, is a professional Bassmaster and was born and raised in Huntington Beach. He loved fishing with his dad, but their parents got divorced when he was 10. When he graduated from California, he went into fishing and has won the Bassmaster U.S. Open Twice. In addition, he is in the Top 5 money winners of all time.

Mike, Byron's friend, says that he is a normal guy who will probably find love in the group. Mike says that Byron is looking, as Byron had a wife, but was divorced because his wife preferred Vegas over him. Byron wants the unification of 2 souls.

Here is guy #2 - Jay Overby, who has short cropped black hair that is graying on the sides. He sold his computer business in Chicago in 2002, and then he moved to real estate in NYC. He has been successful there too, and he wants to take the success in the love scene, He was born in Ridgewood, NJ, as part of 7 siblings. He went to prep school in New England, and he was 25 when his dad passed away, and he swore to take care of himself, so he wouldn't die prematurely.

Jay likes to play golf, and his brother Mike says that if he can't pick one of 25 women, then he should retire from that field. He loves his family, and they are convinced that he will find the next woman in The Bachelor.

Chris takes both guys to see all of the pictures of the women. In addition, both guys will be able to see all of the women enter the mansion via closed-circuit TV. Byron seems assured that he can get the girls to like him, while Jay is very intimidated.

As the guys are looking on, the women's limousines arrive and the women come out. Chris tells the women that all 25 of them will be moving in today - and this is the first time that they will all move in together before meeting the Bachelor. The women eye the mansion as one of them brings a dog with them. It's time to... yep, you guessed it... meet the Bachelorettes!

#1 - Cherisse (31, Advertising Director, St. Louis, MO) - a long, brown haired women who thinks men think she is intimidating and unapproachable. Both men find her gorgeous, and she looks like a keeper.

#2 - Cynthia (37, Charity Director, Hermosa Beach, CA) - a blond haired woman (same length as Cherisse) describes herself as a ripe fruit and is ready to come off the vine.

#3 - Amanda (27, Cosmetics Buyer, NY, NY) - Long black haired lady who hasn't found the right guy

#4 - Carolyn (36, FInancial Advisor, Tulsa, OK) - Short brown haired lady who claims she has good life experiences and her Southern values may give her an edge. We'll see...

#5 - Amy (27, Marketing Coordinator, San Diego, CA) - Short cropped blonde who 'escaped' from the dating cesspool and who wants a commitment.

#6 - Wende (28, Model, Austin, TX) - She has reddish-brown bouncy hair and describes herself as a wild-ass woman. Both guys likes her - but she is one of the most jealous women you will ever meet. THis has potential personality disorder written all over her.

#7 - Lisa (33, Teacher, West Palm Beach, FL) - Light blonde women who says that if the chemistry is right, she'll fall in love within three minutes. Lisa, meet Wende...

#8 - Kristie (32, Bar Owner, Windsor, Canada) - Another brunette with shoulder length hair, she says that listening to people talk about their relationships in the bar has taught her a lot. She can be a girl - or a guy and watch football all day. Look Ryan! A real-live Canadian on an American show!

#9 - Andrea (33, Dental Hygienist, Denver, CO) gets a little teary-eyed when she thinks about love. She has 8 yards of silk and is ready to make this happen.

#10 - Nicole (28, Headhunter, Libertyvill IL) steals people from jobs as a profession. She looks like a cross between Pamela (the contestant) and Carolyn (the Donald's helper) from The Apprentice. She wants to steal the guy as well.

#11 - Kerry (31, Nurse, San Francisco, CA) has looooong flowing brown hair and is a romantic gypsy, waiting for the right person to tie her down.

#12 - Jayne (37, Dog Groomer, Key Largo, FL), is on the shy side as her and her long shoulder-length brown hair doesn't get asked out much, In a show when you have to be open, being shy is NOT a good thing... but both guys find her beautiful, which has to be a good thing.

#13 - Krysta (28, Financial Analyst, Oklahoma City, OK) can't settle for a guy who can't handle her. This women, who looks like Toni from Paradise Hotel around 100 pounds lighter, must have someone who will wine her and dine her. 'The attitude is - all's fair in love and war.' Ok everyone, let's all say it together - We have found the resident BITCH!

#14 - Leina (28, Advertising Executive, Chula Vista, CA) wants to have 4 kids and is battling the clock. She is a black-haired Polynesian, and Jay says that she looked like someone who he used to date. Oops.

#15 - Tanya (31, Special Ed. Teacher, Plano, TX) has gone through lack of dating spurts as she has gotten older. She feels like there is nothing going on in her life - so she came here.

#16 - Elizabeth (28, Pharmaceutical Sales, Chicago, Il) is looking for someone who is confident and who can be her strength. In the words of Aldo, we have found the minority woman who will survive the first cut and not the second, which is the norm for all of the women in the Bachelor series.

#17 - Alma (35, Cafe' Owner, Aurora, OH) has wanted to get married, but she has some terrible luck when it comes to getting a man. She hopes that God has picked her for this. Uhhhhh. Ok.

#18 - Kristin (27, Office Manager, Pensicola, FL), a cute blonde version of Adria without the Southern accent, just bought a house and got 2 puppies, so finding a man on this has NATURALLY got to be the next progression in her life, right?

#19 - Jennifer (31, Account Executive, Seattle, WA), a bright blonde haired lady, says her lips are her breast..I mean BEST feature. You can see that I beg to differ - and so does the camera person, who pans in on them.

#20 - Abby (29, Acrobat, Henderson, NV) who looks like a young Sissy Spacek, likes to keep her job a secret, because then met usually follow up with inappropriate questions. Heh.

#21 - Natalie (34, Writer, Santa Monica, CA), has a lot of love in her heart and is very romantic. She wants to be a part of something special and I think she is sticking around for a while.

#22 - Melinda (39, Photographer, Nashville, TN) reminds me very much of Stacy from Who Wants to Marry My Dad 2. She says that she hasn't been in a spot where she had to fight for her love, but if he was Mr. Right, she'd step it up a few notches to get him. 'Watch out, girls!' she says with a laugh. Foreshadowing?

#23 - Susie (32, Insurance Broker, Hollywood, CA) has decided that now is the time to look for love, as this blonde Asian woman hasn't had a chance to had a chance to focus on her personal life.

#24 - Ashley (31, Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA) has been married before, but this brownish/blondish woman wants to try it again.

#25 - Kelly (34, Actress, Beverly Hills, CA) is the proud owner of a 4 month old bulldog, and insists that the Bachelor HAS to like dogs, or the high-maintenance brown/blonde is out of there rather quickly. Maybe quicker than planned, if that dog isn't house-trained. The guys think she is beautiful - but we don't know if they are referring to the girl or the dog.

Both of the guys think the women are stunning. The women think about the men... in their imagination, because they still haven't seen them as they are sunning by the pool. Kelly brings the dog to the pool, while Krysta, who doesn't like dogs, is thinking about drop kicking Bobo (the dog) into the pool.

Chris comes to meet the women, and tells them that they are about to meet the Bachelor right now. Much to the women's dismay, they aren't ready to be seen, and when Jay comes out, he gets some warm applause. Lisa thought he looked like an older Richard Gere. Chris tells them that there is one more person to meet - and Byron comes out. Chris says that there are two Bachelors, and we get more applause and laughter. Cynthia thinks that Byron is hot. Chris tells the women that they will be handing out the roses at the Ladies Choice Rose Ceremony - and the women squeal for joy. The joys turn to awwws when Chris tells them that whoever the women don't pick is gone. Chris also tells the women that the guys have been spying on them all day, and that also gets some of the women concerned.

The men get to mingle with the ladies and Byron calls Cynthia the wrong name - 3 times. The men tell their stories and Kelly say the men are complete opposites - Byron is the strong rugged type, while Jay is the solid successful city guy. Andrea thinks that because of their age, they are more sincere in getting married. Jay is asked about his hobbies - and he loves to travel internationally. He admits that he is looking for a city woman, while Byron doesn't want a city woman. Byron thinks he has an edge because he is more real - and it seems like it as Jay says that he has to sell himself to the ladies. Well, that's not a way to attract chicks. Kelly chats a lot with Jay - which irks Krysta, who wants to spend one on one time with him. Kelly may be getting drop-kicked into the pool right after Bobo.

The women seem split on this - and some of the women are looking for qualities of both of them combined. Uh-oh. Byron comes over to talk to Cheresse and her crew, and he says that he has been married before. He said that his lady was youthful - and he adds that marriage under the age of 28 should be illegal. Well, that was sort of bad, as that gets spread around very quickly and the younger women are murmuring.

Meanwhile, Krysta finally gets some alone time - with Jay. Krysta is leaning towards Jay - unless Byron has some family money, since she doesn't think that fishermen make much. Nice. She says that she will campaign for Jay in the house, and we wonder if we have our first intergender Bachelor alliance.

Wende, who's 28, thinks she has a connection with Byron (despite the age), while Cynthia gets to connect with Jay. He says that he wants to have kids within a year and a half with kids, and Cynthia is torn. Her mind - Jay, her heart - Byron, who wants to have the woman that he would find sexy at 70. Byron is asked if he would marry someone who didn't want kids, and he said yes, adding that he wouldn't give away the perfect woman for that. Jay said that he had to marry a woman who wanted kids, and that could be just as damning as Byron's statement that he didn't want anyone under 28.

Both Jay and Byron think that they did as well as they could as the sun is setting. Darkness hits, and the women are still chatting about their potential choice. Krysta, as promised, is campaigning for Jay, while the older women are leaning towards the more fun Byron. The men, on the other hand are wondering who they will pick. Byron wonders if it's a lifestyle issue, while Jay wonders what the girls are thinking about.

The next scene is Chris telling the women that there is a platter of white and yellow roses. A woman will take a rose (white for Byron, yellow for Jay) and place it in front of the box of the man they want to e The Bachelor. Whoever gets the most roses stays.

We get the final appeals by the guys. Jay in a very rehearsed speech, says that he wants to find his lifetime love and that he'd be honored to be the Bachelor. Byron, on the other hand, thinks the ladies look beautiful and is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. He thanks the ladies for giving him a chance and he hopes he is with them at the end of the night. Jay's speech was borderline clinical, while Byron's really seemed heartfelt. Point to Byron.

Chris has the men turn around, so they can't see who is voting for - or against - them. He tells the women to follow their heart - and they begin. We don't see all of the votes, but we see Leina (Jay), Ashley (Byron), Elizabeth (Jay), Cherisse (Byron), Tanya (Jay), and Wende (Byron).

Time to tally the votes. 13 roses wins. The first rose goes to... Byron. Jay gets the next one. The roses then go to, in order, Jay, Byron, Jay, Jay, Byron, Byron (4-4 Tie at this point), Byron, Byron, Byron, Jay, Byron, Jay, Byron, Jay, Byron (Byron up, 10-7 at this point), Byron, Byron (who is now at 12 - Jay needs the rest). He doesn't get it. Byron gets the 13th rose and wins, 18-7.

Jay leaves and he isn't happy. "I'm not accustomed to losing... when you go back and you can't help but see the difference of lifestyle, it could simply be that they just weren't into my personality. There was some consolation knowing that there were some women that were very interested in me. At the same time, it's sad, because I'm no longer there. I'm gone. I'm out of the picture." Don't you get that feeling that this isn't the last time we've seen Jay?

Byron is hoping that right in front of him is the woman that he'll spend the rest of his life with. Right now, he is nervous, because it's now his time to eliminate the women. The first rose ceremony is tonight. The women asked each other who they voted for, and they all say Byron. Yeah, like anyone will admit now that they voted for Jay. Oh wait - Krysta did - but she also thought that Byron was a nice guy, and she is afraid that the women will use the vote against her. Elizabeth also voted for Jay - and she is wondering if he will give them a chance. Well, he doesn't know - unless people are dumb enough to tell him...

The women start getting catty immediately, going after Kristie and wondering how old she is. Krysta adds that she has no clue how a guy would find her attractive. Meow. Ryan Vickers, go defend her honor right now. Krysta feels that she is younger and hipper and sees herself getting a rose. Uh.. Krysta, those are the qualities that I think he DOESN'T want.

The evening has arrived and the women joke that Byron is firing 10 of them. Heh. Krysta repeats the 'All's Fair and Love in War' mantra and slaps Kristin, who called her a b!tch. Meeeeeoooooow.

Byron comes in and has a toast. He tells the women that tonight is based on the merits of tonight, not on who voted for who last night. Andrea, who is a romantic, said that his words pierced her heart. Byron doesn't know who is better - the ones he has met, or the ones he hasn't. Krysta is the first woman to steal Byron, and she tells him that she is very glad that he's here. Keep in mind that she voted for Jay - and she admits that her focus has shifted to Byron. Byron admits that she is a firecracker and likes her aggressiveness - but maybe it's a little harrowing. Uh oh...

Leina, who is Polynesian, give him a good luck lei. Byron spends time with her - and with the reserved Jayne. She finds him captivating, and he agrees, so she seems like a keeper.

Some of the women are dancing with Elizabeth, while others are listening to Byron talk about his usual day. Andrea is spying on him, and she is falling in love with him, adding that he has all of the qualities that she is looking for. Kelly was impressed - but she doesn't get it, while Andrea wants to make sure that she has her time with him. So we have a beeeotch AND a potential stalker. Wonderful.

Byron wants more roses (don't we all), but he wants some more one on one time. Cheresse is glad she got it, because she says that if you don't put yourself out, you don't deserve a rose. Cheresse is looking for a best friend, someone who wants to keep the romance alive. Byron says that she has the same hopes and dreams that he does, and that seems like a match.

On the other hand, Jennifer wants a rose, but she isn't being aggressive. Neither is Andrea, who has been affected by him - nor Ashley. Krysta, who has had time with Byron, decides to talk trash about Kristie, which pisses off AMy to the point that they tell her to cut it out. Krysta takes that as them turning on her, and she lets them have it. "When people turn on me, I can be a total b!tch." Nooooooooooooooo Reallllllllly? She goes back and talks to Byron - and then trashes the ladies in front of HIM.

Byron FINALLY gets time with Andrea, who says that she has nothing to lose. She says that she is excited to be around him. She splits a strawberry as a simile to her heart opening and she thinks she made a connection. Tanya gets to converse with Byron - and she was one of the people who voted for Jay, but admits that she would have voted for Byron had she have had the time that she had now. I sense a conversion...

Byron is convinced that his soulmate is here - somewhere. All of the women are concerned about their chances and Byron admits that it isn't going to be easy. After a quick stay upstairs, Byron comes back to the women, who are organized for him. Chris reminds the women that 7 of them voted against Byron, so if they get a rose and don't want it, they should let him know immediately. Byron says that the rose is an investment, and if they don't accept it, to give it up so someone else can have the opportunity. Getting roses are... Cheresse, Wende (the wacky model), Tanya (who voted for Jay), Leina (the Polynesian who also voted for Jay), Kelly (with Bobo the dog), Jayne (the quiet one), Natalie (Ms Romantic), Elizabeth (The African American, who voted for Jay, and who, as the statistics say, makes the FIRST cut), Krysta (BIIIIIOOOOOTCH who voted for Jay), Amanda (who has love in her heart as a wolf howls as she is called up to accept the rose), Kristie (Much to the dismay of Krysta. Go Canadians!), Susie (WHO?), Cynthia (WHO?), Ashley (Who apparently did get that One on One conversation - but we didn't get to see it), and.... Andrea (the romantic who was affected and who could be a potential stalker). OUT - Amy, Melinda, Carolyn, Lisa, Kerry, Alma (guess God wasn't on her side), Nicole, Kristin, Jennifer and Abby.

The women leave, most of them teary-eyed. Lisa was wondering why she didn't get a rose, while Melinda thought she had a connection - but apparently not. On the other hand, Byron thought that he selected the best 15 women, but everyone that we knew voted for Jay got selected, so Byron may not be the greatest judge of character...but no one cares right now, as Byron joins everyone for a toast. End of show.

My take? Well, they are certainly trying to stack the deck to make sure we get a relationship, so that I have to give them props for. It's very noticeably that both the Bachelors (in their early 40's) and the ladies (no one younger than 27) are older then the norm. Now, can they solve the problem of bad editing (you know, the one where we learn about everything with one woman, when it's the one that you don't know anything about that wins)? If they can, then I may actually like this. Next week, we'll find out if I like what I see on the second episode.

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