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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
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"Dog Show" - September 29

We have eliminated 15 women - and one guy - in the first show. We start the episode by the ladies learning that two people will be moving in, which doesn't please the ladies at all. There is a lady that moves in - Sabrina, who happens to be the dog of.... Byron! Byron and his dog are both moving in, and the ladies are enjoying it. Even more importantly, there are no rules in terms of hanging out with him, so the women are very happy - especially Kelly, who already has her dog on the premises.
There is a catch, however - since Byron is living at the house, there is no real reason for group dates anymore. Therefore, the only dates will be individual ones, and there are only two of them to be had. To add to the pressure, the first one will be...TONIGHT!!! AHH!!!
Andrea, Kelly and Kristie will be the first people to be with Byron. as they will help him move in. Meanwhile, some of the more reserved women are having... uh... reservations because they realize they need to be more outgoing. Byron toasts to the roommates next door, and they all seemed to make a good impression.
Then there's Jayne, who is really happy that Byron has moved in, since she is terrible at dates, Tanya shares that assessment, while Kelly is getting one on one time with Byron. That upsets the women, because she, liked Krysta, voted for Jay. Here come the claws... which are protracted when Kelly talks about the 2 1/2 year itch. Is that really something that you want to say to a potential husband?
Andrea makes Byron a sandwich, and Krysta is already noting that Andrea has fallen for him and is taking notes. The other women are wondering who Byron will pick for the first date. Byron makes up his mind, puts his choice in an envelope and leaves it on a podium by the pool. Krysta runs over there first, as she hopes that its for her - but of course it isn't. It's for.... Cheresse. She is happy that she got it - but now she is wondering if she got it because he's interested - or if she got it because she's on the fence and this is his way of finding out. We're not overthinking too much, are we?
Cheresse is looking for commitment, so she's hoping that Byron is the one. He takes her out to Okes, which looks like a cowboy bar. They are surprised by.... Brandi??? Well, that's not really cowboyish. Well, Brandi first rehearses, then gives Cheresse a private performance (not THAT sort of performance, pervs!), She doesn't lip sync very well, and it really looks like this is more of a rehearsal for a new song than performing. She says that it was the most unbelievable evening in her life. The women, meanwhile, are making fun of the date, with Krysta wearing nothing but an apron. Now THAT would get more of my attention than Brandi.
They do get to talking besides Brandi, and Cheresse seems to be very happy with the date. Kristie, meanwhile, is not happy being alone, so she writes a little letter to Byron and leaves it and three roses outside his door. Meanwhile, Krysta has the same idea, and she also writes a letter - but she notices the letter with three roses. She adds more roses to that and leaves her letter there, while a jealous Kristie looks on. Byron comes back and sees both letters - and then realizes that this may only be the beginning of a heated rivalry. You think?
The next morning, that rivalry gets nastier as Kristie confronts Krysta about it. Krysta tells Kristie that she didn't know that anyone left a note before she saw it, and she tells her to grow up or get out. They hug and make up - but Krysta says to the camera that Kristie is full of crap and we have drama.
We get more of it as we have one less person to worry about. Leina decides that she is in love with her best friend and bows out gracefully from the competition. That was graceful - Cynthia's reaction to who gets the second date isn't as we find out that it is...Jayne who gets it. She is shocked and Cynthia bleeps out a response. She says that she is getting annoyed that Byron hasn't noticed her. Hello - it's a competition - it's your job to make sure that he recognizes YOU - not the other way around.
Jayne, who is terminally shy, is very concerned that if she doesn't open up, she's not getting a rose. They decide to go fishing, as Byron wants to know how she does in his world, as they toast on the pier right next to the boat, Jayne notices how he lit up when they were fishing and how he was teaching her. She forgot to be nervous around Byron, and she was actually getting into it and kissing the fish - which turned him on. Well, whatever floats your boat, so to speak.
After the fishing, Byron comes back to cook the meal that they had caught. They toast to catching and eating their very first fish, and Jayne says she's having a great time. She says that she was concerned about coming out of her shell - and Byron says that she is a sweet girl.
While that is going on, Amanda and Leina come out to where the girls are hanging out in the living room and announces that her heart is somewhere else - and therefore, she's leaving. The girls are hugging her, but Wende, probably echoing the girls sentiments, is glad that she's gone, because it's one less person to eliminate. Heh. Now Leina can really get Leied back home. Heh, heh, heh...
After Byron and Jayne talk about each of them having to make it happen, they head on back to the house. He says that he can see a relationship there - but Jayne is worried about the 14 girls waiting back home. Well, make it 13. When Byron gets back, he gets the note from Leina, and he just says that it's cool that Leina is honest enough that she can go after who she wants. It didn't really seem like he was that into her, based on that reaction - so it wouldn't surprise me if that was part of her rationale.
One less woman is very good news for the women who are still there - but the bad news is that there is no more hanging out party - which means that certain women have said their last words to him. He is allowed to select three women for a last chance talk. He selects Natalie, Jayne and Kristie to have those talks with. Chris goes downstairs and relays those same thoughts to the women - and Natalie is up first. Natalie doesn't like the news, because she feels that he thinks that she is on the fence. She then says that she is concerned that Byron has been married before. Byron says that he should be concerned if he wasn't married and Natalie says that she wants to be serious. Byron isn't liking this vibe and this spells trouble for Natalie.
Byron calls in Jayne next, because he wants to make sure that she is interested. She is, but she is shy and she needs to work on it. They snuggle a little and I am convinced that Jayne is staying.
Kristie is the last person called - and that upsets Krysta, because she is concerned that Kristie, who doesn't get along with Krysta, is going to trash her behind her back. Kristie is more concerned about her own role in the game, and she says that she is trying to sell herself to Byron - something that Byron notices, wondering if she is in it to play a game. That doesn't sound too good for Kristie.
We'll see as Byron approaches the women and invites the following women to stay with him and Sabrina the dog - Tanya, Amanda, Elizabeth, Cherisse, Andrea, Suzie, Jayne, Kristie, Krysta and.... Cynthia. OUT: Natalie, Kelly, Wende and Ashley. Ashley is disappointed, but she saw that there wasn't a major connection. Wende saw one - but not a reconnection after he moved into the house while Kelly thought that they weren't each other's type. Only Natalie thought there was more of a connection than Byron thought and she immediately leaves to cry away her sorrows. Awww...
Next week, 4 more women will be upset - but all of the women will not be  happy as two women from the television's show past will have a second chance to woo The Bachelor. Tune in next week to see who they are - and if that's enough to get Krysta away from attacking Kristie.

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