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In the sixth go-round of the match-making series, twenty-five women will have their pick of not one, but two single bachelors, ready to settle down... reality-TV style.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Chris Harrison
Creator: Mike Fleiss
EP: Mike Fleiss
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Airs: Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET on ABC

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"The Master Card" - November 3

This is the interesting part of the Bachelor. Usually in the series, we learn more about the people that Byron doesn't choose - and we learn more about Byron. We'll see if we get to see if we like what we learn.

The women are told that each of them will have separate dates with the women. They are all given cards as invites to their fantasy suites - however, it's the ladies that decide if they are going to use that card with Byron. In addition, all of the women are now leaving the mansion, and the next time they will be seeing each other will be at the next Rose Ceremony.

Cynthia says that Byron needs to show her that he's interested in her to get the card, while Mary knows that he will be going on overnight dates with all of the women. Byron looks at the card more as an opportunity to spend more time with them, and less as a time to just be intimate. Suuuuuurrrrreeee...

The first date is with Mary, who he says needs to be more open and less guarded. Mary wants to separate herself form the other ladies - and from the past. She likes to be a daredevil, and to both enjoy themselves, they decide to have some extreme sports fun - including ziplining, as Mary decides to go through the woods on a zipline while dangling by her ankles. Yowzers. She likes a guy who is a kid at heart, and they share the moment with a kiddie-kiss.

They share lunch at a picnic in the woods as they talk about romantic moments. She wants to have a wedding at the top of the cliff, hearing nothing but a waterfall and them, while Byron concurs. They toast to the moment. They hang out some more and then at night, Byron asks Mary what she is feeling about. She says that he has to have three more dates, and last time she was in this situation (on the Bachelor 4), she was hurt by Bob. "I'm not saying that he can't be intimate, but if he chooses to do so, he doesn't choose me." She asks Byron to promise that if he is feeling anything else for any other woman, to not give her a rose as the ceremony. Byron's response, 'I have not even begun to keep you here for anything other than the best of intentions.' She buys what he is selling and offers him the fantasy suite, adding that she shouldn't have been as nervous as she was. Byron says that she made the right decision. We'll see...

Byron's second date is with Tanya in Vancouver. She wants to go far away from the mansion scene - and standing go carts is a start. They continue to reminisce about the past with lunch on the grass, and they continue to chat with dinner on the roof of their hotel. She says that this is the farthest she's been from Plano, Texas, and they start getting serious about future plans.

She then realizes that she has to tell Byron something...she voted for Jay. Oops. She added that she did it because she didn't know Byron as well as she does now. Byron says that her choice is completely irrelevant, and Tanya is happy that this is a person who can take things in life and build with it. Byron is attracted by her being herself, and he enjoys it. They go downstairs, where Byron has another surprise for her - a surprise singing from Cheri, who sings a love song to them. Tanya was impressed - impressed enough for her to give Byron the card for the fantasy suite.

At the suite, Byron feeds Tanya chocolate strawberries as they chat some more. She is concerned that he could fall for another woman, but she just rolls with the punches and hopes for the best.

Date #3 is with Cheresse, and Byron says that this is an important date because they need to see if they can reconnect. She hopes that Byron is as excited as she is, and the excitement starts with some boating. Byron is happy about the time they spent together and they share some smooches as they quickly move to dinner. She toast to the light at the end of the tunnel, as she adds that she is having a lot of fun, since it seems like it was natural.

During the diner discussion, Cheresse is happy that he has been divorced, and adds that it adds to the fact that he is serious, as she was divorced herself. Byron is able to open up as he talks about his past. Cheresse gets her fantasy card, and elects NOT to use it, because in a real life dating situation, even after the 4th or 5th date, she wouldn't be inviting back to her home and as they may be going to see her family, she wouldn't want them to think of him as someone who's already slept with her. Byron tries to tell Cheresse that he just sees this as an opportunity to spend more time together, but she says that this is her, and that she is taking a stand. 'Now you know something about me', and Byron is attracted to someone who is like that.

Now from a strategic point of view, this is a disaster, but it also makes sense, because Cheresse wants to know if Byron cares about her - or just wants to bed her. We'll find out what his intentions truly are...

...after his date with Cynthia. He says that Cynthia brings out a different person in him - but he wants to know if she can bring out the soulmate in him. Cynthia insists that she is looking for the right husband as well. She greets him with presents of Swedish Fish and Nightcrawlers, adding that she wrapped them herself. She seems a little more high-maintenance than usual today... maybe she needs a massage. They both get a massage - while resting on their backs in the water in the swimming pool. Not really a lot of time for conversation, but they both enjoyed it. They also look like they will enjoy dinner, but before they get to dinner, Byron is transfixed on Cynthia's dress. Cynthia is transfixed at the dinner place - in the middle of a winery embedded in a mountainside. She is loving the dinner, and adds that he makes her feel whole, and says that there are no words that can describe the way she feels. They have a lot of physical/sexual energy, and she has no problems offering her Fantasy Suite cars to Byron.

She may have wanted to rescind that card when she asks him about his ex-wife. The kissing soon turns to hissing, as Byron goes off on Cynthia's exes. She wants to press the rewind button, realizing that Byron is still dealing with that issue. Byron doesn't want the past to come into the present, and Cynthia wanted to know if he is over her. Based on the fact that he was cursing his ex's name out, I would say it is. They do wind up working it out, and she thinks it was a good sign that they kissed and made up - and kissed some more in the limo going into the fantasy suite - and kissed some more once they were in the fantasy suite. They spent the night as Cynthia closed the door on us, so we can only imagine what happened next.

Can the women imagine one of them being eliminated? One of them will, as their limos convene with all of the women having concerns. Cynthia is concerned about their argument, Cheresse is concerned about restarting a relationship, Mary is concerned about her past wounds and Tanya is concerned about investing too much of her in Byron. Byron says that the following ladies do not need to be concerned - Tanya, Mary and... Cynthia. Cheresse doesn't need to be concerned anymore either, because she's just been eliminated.

A wounded Cheresse looks on as Cynthia picks up the rose. Byron was impressed with her integrity and was hoping that he could rekindle what happened on the first date, and he couldn't rekindle it. Byron says that the fact that Cheresse was the only one not to use her Fantasy card didn't come into play, but according to what we saw, and based on Cheresse's reaction, it did. Byron tries to get any sort of consolation from Cheresse, and he doesn't get it, when she just tells him that he made his choice, and good luck. In the limo, she says that he found something in the girls that he didn't find in her, adding that it was 'f#cked up'. I agree with that. Women who we don't know a lot about + main character who took a major hit in likability = me not being surprised to see the ratings drop next week because of it.

We'll find out all about the women next week, as Byron goes to their hometowns. The women's friends will get to ask him the hard questions, and we'll see if he can redeem himself in 7 days.

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