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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice? Check out the Portfolio to see who is still in the running!

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host: Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
Origin: Trump Tower, New York City
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"The Final Showdown" - December 8

Both Randal and Rebecca, unknowing of the fates of their fellow candidates, are waiting to see who will return. Both are fully expectant that Alla will be the one coming back, so understandably when through the rack of the door they see a suit they are confused. Through the door walks the Donald and after asking them who they thought was coming back, he reveals that Randal and Rebecca have made the final 2. Randal and Rebecca are floored and the glee beams from their faces. Rebecca says that she was in shock, but now both realize that they are teammates no longer and the game has once again changed.

Trump then lets them know that they will be having a fancy dinner with George and Carolyn this very evening. They both get gussied up and dinner ensues.

Carolyn and George are their usual amiable yet professional selves and keeping the topic on business, Carolyn asks the candidates if they have given any thought to who they would like to work with on the final task. Rebecca replies that she has and very quickly both candidates are alerted that they will have to make their decisions before the end of dinner. Pressure, on.

Both Randal and Rebecca name their top 3 and the lists are quite similar. Rebecca wants Josh, James and Chris while Randal wants Josh, James and Mark. Time for some negotiation. Rebecca offers Josh for James and Randal agrees. Then Randal wants Chris and Rebecca complains that she had picked Chris from the start. Randal then made it clear that he wanted him anyway. It came to a coin flip and Rebecca won Chris. Randal then takes Mark and Rebecca changes her game plan once again, throwing Toral into the mix. Carolyn warned that Toral might be a risk seeing that Rebecca did once say to Toral that she should be fired. Rebecca is willing to take that risk and confirms Toral. Randal then selects Marshawn and the teams are set. Now back to the boardroom for the tasks.

Rebecca will lead Capital Edge with James, Chris and Toral in an attempt to run a charity comedy event sponsored by Yahoo for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. The event will be hosted by Joe Piscopo

Randal will lead Excel with Josh, Mark and Marshawn to manage the Outback Softball VIP Challenge at Keyspan Park on Coney Island. Excel will be raising money for Autism Speaks.

For the first time in Trump history everyone seems happy to be working and respectful of their PM’s. Given, the challenge has only just begun, but by giving the candidates free reign over the selection process, we may have a very competitive final.

Capital Edge heads to BLVD to check out the location for the comedy show, they are very pleased with the performance space Rebecca seems very comfortable and professional speaking with the club representative, but she does admit that she is mainly keeping a can-do attitude.

Excel heads to Keyspan Park and discusses logistics as far as setting up a VIP area and making things flow. Randal is very excited about the celebs that will be showing up and thinks today’s weather would be perfect for tomorrow’s event.

Mark and Rebecca meet with Yahoo Exec. Beth Lawrence to talk about incorporating advertising with the theme of the night and the methods of obtaining donations. Yahoo expresses some ideas but mainly steps back because this is their first time ever heading up a charity event.

Rebecca then takes her junket to Infinity Marketing to get some help as far as setting up the stage. She wants to make the sage into a computer monitor and turn the steps into computer keys. Infinity Marketing warns that this will have a large price-tag and as a result Capital edge is back to the drawing board, trying to streamline their ideas.

For some comedy, Chris is describing the shimmering shine and glittery gleam of the fabrics he has chosen for the décor of the comedy event. This is only funny if you remember that Chris is a former NFL lineman. Imagine a 6 foot 4, 300-pound man trying to sell a doily and I think you will get the idea.

Excel is meeting with Alison Singer, CEO of Autism Speaks who explains to them the gravity of this event. She tells them that 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with autism Josh hears the message loud and clear as his wife is pregnant; however, Alison is worried that Randal may be a little aloof to the emotional message’s affect on fundraising. She felt that Josh seemed like the leader and is concerned that this disjoint may affect the success of the event.

Chris and James have dinner with Joe Piscopo who makes it clear that he is excited to help. He calls himself “Joey Benefit” and says that where there is a great cause he has a tuxedo.

Back at the office, Rebecca is clearly tired, but her team is still impressed with the way that she is staying on the ball. Chris even says that as much as he loves Randal, if he expects to beat Rebecca, he has his work cut out for him.

Now Randal is staffing up his team for a trip to Party City in order to pick up some provisions. Randal has Mark reschedule a meeting with a radio personality who will be calling the softball game from 10:15am to 11:00am and for the first time Mark disagrees with a move that Randal makes.

Well, Party City ends up taking much longer than expected, and as a result, Mark is forced to cancel his meeting. On the plus side, Excel finds some megaphones that they think will work great to help promote the message that Autism “speaks.”

Capital Edge meets with Jake Glaser and they confirm that he is going to speak during the event. Everyone is positive, and more importantly organized.

Excel heads back to the ballpark to meet with the execs from Outback and he gives them the run down as far as the logistical set up for the event will go. The Execs address tomorrow’s weather and Randal claims the weather will be great tomorrow just like today. The execs question whether or not everyone will need to be under a tent, and Randal says that everything will be fine.

Capital Edge is fighting to fend off questions from the Yahoo execs that have swooped down to the club. Rebecca lets them know that there will be décor, but no purple food. Upon mentioning the auctioning off a seat in the Yahoo Chair at the beginning to the evening, but the execs put the kibosh on that and eventually it comes around that donation envelopes will be placed in the gift bags.

Back at Excel, Mark is on the field setting up the tents and chairs. He goes through an inquisition from the outback executives and he is worried that all of the work will not get done if only Mark is on the field setting up the event.

Now for the challenges that will be hopefully resolved in the season finale.

Capital Edge receives a call from Joe Piscopo and they are told that Joe can not do the event because of Union contracts. Can Capital Edge resolve this or find a replacement host.

Excel is burning the midnight oil setting up the field, but worse yet, there is an impending threat of rain in tomorrow’s forecast. Only time will tell how things turn out, and that is all that you are going to get until the Live Finale next week. Our 4th Apprentice is about to be chosen, so stay tuned for the finish of a historic season.

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