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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice? Check out the Portfolio to see who is still in the running!

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN

Host: Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
Origin: Trump Tower, New York City
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"To Lead or Not To Lead" - December 1

Hugs and cuddles are shared as Felisha returns from the boardroom, and Felisha is down on herself from Carolyn calling her the weakest player remaining. The return party gave way to a celebration dinner at Grand Central with the final 4. They manage to enjoy dinner while they are all still preoccupied with the competition. Enough with the sentimentality, on with the task.

Trump meets them at the NASDAQ stock market, and let’s the candidates know that they will have to make a 60 second promotional video for Microsoft Live Meeting, a software tool that allows collaboration on documents from remote locations. Each team will be given cinematographers and an editor to help them complete the task. The best video as judged by Microsoft Execs wins.

Felisha jumps up and tells Alla that she wants to be project manager, and Alla agrees. Later when meeting their crew, Felisha gives Alla the reins as director, but acts insecure as she is worried Alla will steal the spotlight. Trouble is looming

On Excel, Rebecca steps up to be PM, and Randal wants to help her get the win. They hire actors to act out their scenes and unfortunately the actor was not good at conveying a sense of urgency. In the hallway, Randal prompted Rebecca to question the performance and boom! The actor is fired and Randal steps in.

On the Capital Edge set Felisha is still concerned about Alla taking over too much as the director. Nonetheless, she decides to remain the actor and begins to lift some heavy luggage into a taxi to convey the difficulty of travel that could be avoided if she had used Live Meeting. Before they get halfway through the shot, Alla calls Cut and asks for the shot to be redone. After about 4 more instances of this Felisha is getting madly frustrated, but not nearly as mad as Alla who feels that her hands are being tied by Felisha not being willing to delegate.

Capital Edge then heads to the edit, and Felisha gives the lead to Alla complaining off camera that Alla is an all or nothing employee, who must be given all control to be effective. Then they hit a bump in the road when the editor tells them that they have overshot content wise and have approximately a two and a half minute piece if he makes it as tight as possible. Alla jumps into the rescue and goes to her plan B of using Microsoft screenshots and text to relay the message. Felisha lets Alla take the ball and run with it and it seems that Capital Edge is finally getting on the fast track.

Over at the Excel edits Rebecca and Randal seem confident in their acting performances (Rebecca acted as well). More importantly, Carolyn is very positive on the video. She then asks Rebecca and Randal how long it took them. Rebecca freaks out thinking that Carolyn was suggesting that their video was amateurish, but Randal calms her down and they seem ready to present.

Excel presents first and they seem to have pleased the executives with their video that shows Randal and Rebecca role-playing a situation where travel disasters end up ruining their company meeting (associates get stuck in Chicago). The presentation goes smoothly, and as the Donald approaches Microsoft’s offices, Alla and Felisha prepare to present.

Capital Edge, dressed in red focuses more on still and text, but the video feels quite rushed and many of the titles and captions are unable to be read, but the concept is strong.

As the teams re-enter together, Microsoft, states that they really liked the story approach that Excel went with and that the Capital Edge presentation relied to heavily on making the viewer read the information. With that kind of a judging explanation, there can only be one result. Excel wins and Rebecca gets a win as a PM.

As a reward, Randal and Rebecca will be heading on a trip around New York on a schooner, enjoying the majesty of the city. Better yet, Randal’s wife and Rebecca’s boyfriend join them on the trip. The sweet trip is nice, but as Randal says, this job interview isn’t over until it is over.

Felisha is sad in the loft and feels as if she is continuing to go through hell. Alla thinks this is because Felisha knows that she can’t say that Alla did anything wrong and that Alla is fundamentally better than her. Alla can’t stand Felisha’s down on herself attitude and separates herself from the situation.

Boardroom Time

Felisha starts things off by harping that Alla was unmanageable to which Alla replies that Felisha would not make a decision as to whether or not she wanted to give Alla any responsibility. Alla continues that Felisha only had one goal in this task and that was to make sure that she was not outshined. Trump mentions to Alla that she is a very difficult person to lead, and Alla disagrees by asking Felisha if there has ever been another time on a previous task when she had a problem with her. Felisha only replies by saying that Alla was difficult on this task.

After some additional bickering, Trump asks to see the video and Trump, Carolyn and Bill all feel that there was too much information in the video. Alla defends herself by pushing the blame onto Felisha and Felisha fires back saying that Alla was responsible for all of the text. Alla denies this, even when Bill points out that she was the director of the film and the edit. Alla denies being in control of the edit and say that Felisha oversaw and interjected at every possible moment. Felisha cries foul and states that she gave control to Alla because without doing so nothing would have gotten done. Trump fires back to the fact that Alla is difficult, but states that she is definitely tough enough to work in NY. He asks Felisha if she is tough enough and on the verge of tears she replies that she wants to be here more than anything. She is then interrupted by Alla who belittles Felisha’s leadership capabilities and Carolyn tries to tell Alla to call off the guard dogs. While the Donald feels that Felisha has been fully truthful otherwise, he doesn’t believe that Felisha has what it takes to work in NYC, and thus Felisha is fired. Felisha is heartbroken but Alla’s face stays stern as she gets up from the boardroom table. Sit Down! barks the Donald and quicker than a flash, Alla is fired as well for being too difficult. What was to be the Final three is now the Final 2 as Trump heads up to the suite to tell Rebecca and Randal the good news. Next week, the gauntlet is thrown down as Rebecca and Randal compete head to head to see who will become the Apprentice. Until then, think about how this might have been different if Alla had just kept her mouth shut.

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