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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

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Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"The Butt Stops Here" - November 11

We start this episode in the usual guessing game, and someone finally guesses right. The correct guesser is Jennifer, who says that Chris was going to get canned anyway - it was just a matter of time. Well, that was pretty harsh.

Harsher still is Ivana, who is still steamed at the now-departed Chris. As she tells Jennifer that he saved her, Jennifer replies with, "I'll take it." Heh. Ivana thinks that Jen has a 'hypnotic fem-bot spell' - and that Chris fell for it. Wes tells Jen that she knows how to dog someone out in a nice way. Everyone laughs, but Jennifer stays conspicuously silent. Hmmm...

The next morning, Wes answers the phone as Robin tells them all to meet at the Levi's building. Donald, Carolyn and Bill Rancic (subbing for George) arrives to tell them the next challenge - they need to create a catalog for Levi's to show that they are selling more than just jeans. They will be showing the catalog to Levi's President Robert Hanson, and the team who creates the catalog that Robert likes the best wins.

Kevin is the manager for Apex and Wes is the manager for Mosaic. Because the sides are uneven (5 - 3), Wes is told to send someone over to Apex. It looks like they finally get a chance to get rid of Maria, as Wes sends over... Kelly? Wha? Kelly thinks that Wes got rid of him because if they go to the Board Room, Kelly will crucify him, Maybe that's true, and maybe him and Andy butt heads, but Kelly, who hasn't done anything wrong yet, is significantly better than Maria, who even lied to them in the last episode. I have a feeling the team is going to royally pay for this move...

Jen, Ivana and Kevin are thrilled that Kelly is coming to them. Kevin finally gets to be the pm as they discuss the catalog. Kevin talks about how they have to showcase Levi's versatility. Ivana suggests that they create a 'Fit Wheel', which would be a jean selector wheel of different sizes. That is an excellent idea - which Jen doesn't get and Ivana is agonizing over. Maybe it's a blonde thing. Ivana, who isn't blonde, is venting. "If you want a corporate lawyer, hire Jen. If you want an out of the box thinker, do NOT hire Jen."

Wes was very happy of the team as Mosaic sat down to collect ideas. He may be second guessing that as Maria goes off the topic and starts talking about the photo shoot, adding that she has experience in layout and magazines. She says that no one else has that sort of experience and she wants people to step out of their box to create the task. Meanwhile, they have no direction as Maria looks to take charge. This gets many people annoyed - Sandy included. "It would be an awful, stupid, ridiculous idea to just leave Maria in charge of it." It looks like the claws are coming out quite quickly on both sides.

Apparently, the kittens will be scratching this episode as we get to the Trump Lesson of the Week - 'Never Lose Your Cool'. You should never lose your cool - unless you are acting and are trying to do something to get them to work harder. Never lose your cool unless you have a reason for doing so. Meow.

Apex goes to the photo shoot, and Kevin was thinking that people would be much more comfortable if normal people are wearing the clothes, instead of supermodels. They put themselves in the campaign - and they emphasized the butt shot. They were all blown away by Jen's modeling - and Ivana thinks she would make a great... model, snickering at the thought. "You want them to act at the drop of a pin, and that's what she does." Ivana is great at the insults, isn't she?

Mosaic uses real models for their photos. Wes admits that he doesn't have much experience, but Maria does - and she promptly takes over what Wes is doing and orders the models around. She usurps Wes and directs, insisting that she has the experience. Remember when Kelly diverted everything to Sandy for the Bridal Suite challenge? Wes should have done just that, instead of letting Maria run the ship without control.

Andy complains that they need to take 3-5 pictures per shot - and Maria is taking 20 pictures per shot. Andy is appealing to Wes to do something, as they are running out of time, but when Wes approaches Maria, she sticks her finger in his face and tells him to back off - and then continues with the shoot. Later on she remarks "Give me bitchy or give me death." Well, she's given us the former and I am sure that the rest of her team want to give her the latter. Sandy is distressed, saying that she would have told Maria to leave the area - but Wes just lets her run the show and I am sure he is wondering if it's not too late to take Kelly back to his team.

Maria FINALLY completes the photo shoot as Mosaic goes up to Yellowfin Graphics Design for the catalog. Sandy wants to see what the catalog looks like, but Maria won't show them, adding that she is designing the catalog. Sandy calls her a control freak and with no other input on the catalog except Maria's, this can't possibly be good. Sandy and Andy still complain about their lack of contribution when Maria shows up - and they get into it. Bill comes in to watch the catfight between Maria and Sandy, which can't be good for morale. Andy is upset at Wes for not reigning in Maria when he needed to, Sandy is upset as she tells Maria that she is a control freak. and Maria is upset that Sandy called her a control freak and is being unprofessional about her attitude. Wes, the project manager, doesn't appear to be upset at all - and that's something that everyone should be concerned about.

After 20 minutes of bickering, Maria FINALLY apologizes and tells Sandy that she won't dismiss anyone from any rooms again. She then breaks down into tears and leaves the room, convinced that no one is her friend - and then says that she is not here to make friends, but is here to win. Well, maybe that attitude is why you aren't making any friends.

Ivana has made friends with the Yellowfin designers, and she gets the second idea of making the fit wheel short enough to fit in the pocket. Jen, who still doesn't understand the concept, wants to see the final project. Kevin is frustrated that Jen doesn't get it and he is forced to give her busy work while the rest of them is doing work. Jen thinks that she is being scapegoated because she has never been in the Second Boardroom. She thinks that Kevin and Ivana are the weak players on the team and that Ivana has a grudge against her. Ivana counters that by saying that every task, Jennifer gets, "more blonde and blonde, and she's getting more prissy." She says this in front of Carolyn - who is blonde. Oops.

The Donald decides to go down to Levi's and see the presentation. If he was in Wes's room, he would not like to see Wes going into the presentation with a different brand of pants on. Andy tells him that he should either switch into jeans or wear a full jacket and tie, but Maria says that he is fine the way that he is. Andy shrugs as Wes makes the presentation to Robert, Tracy King (Vice President - women's division) and Nick Ko (Vice President - men's division).

Wes starts the presentation for 2 minutes - and then Maria does exactly what she's been doing the whole episode - taking over. While she leans over and gets into Robert's personal space, Maria sexes up the presentation, which makes Andy and Wes cringe. They are cringing even more when Maria talks about her love of butt shots and even Robert is starting to cringe. Wes says that Maria took charge of the project - and let Wes down. Robert also calls Wes on not wearing Levi's jeans. Maria tries to cover it up, but Robert isn't buying what she is selling and this spells all sorts of trouble for Mosaic...

...especially, since, Apex, who are all wearing Levi's Jeans AND Levi's T-Shirts. Kevin was fired up - maybe too fired up, as he was sweating, which Jen disliked - as he talks about Perfection and the 'Perfect Fit'. Ivana talks about the jeans - and the jean wheel, while showing off their pictures in the catalog. Robert asks how they came up with the idea, and answering it is... Jen, who had no clue on the conception of the wheel, yet talked about it. A stunned Ivana can only watch as Jen takes credit for the idea - and even Kevin is upset. Ivana decides to cut in on Jennifer when she starts giving wrong information - and she is visibly annoyed at her. Meeeeeow.

Donald comes in with Melania - wearing Levi's Jeans, of course. Robert says that Apex took the idea and nailed it perfectly. It's not as sexy, but it was a good job. Mosaic's idea was sexier, but they didn't deliver as clear of a message and didn't come up with the diversity. Therefore, Apex wins. Donald asks Robert who did the best job - and he said Jennifer, which an irate Ivana says doesn't have one working creative brain cell.

The personal asides will have to wait, as their reward is to spend some time with Billy Joel and listening to him perform. That is a nice reward, as they meet Mr. Joel, as Kelly describes him as an American icon. They talk to Billy about his show as he shows them the Travelator - which has his band go up and down during the performance. Billy Joel plays music from 'Moving Out' and he implores them to take risks.

Speaking of risks, Maria sets out a very risky campaign to get rid of Wes, saying that if they don't follow her, she will label them as sitting on their @$$e$ because they didn't do anything as she led the show. Of course she is neglecting that the reason for that is because she didn't them go anywhere near the show, but I digress. "Operational Misfit, lack of leadership, lack of direction, and the only person in the group that lost twice." Wes realizes this, and he knows that he has a lot to defend. He says that Maria has a lot to defend - and says that she needs to be fired.

As we go to the Board Room, we see that no one is wearing Levi's Jeans (heh) - but they are all much more formal. Donald was wondering why there weren't good butt shots, adding that the only person who wore jeans with them was Melania. Maria immediately goes after Wes, who says that Maria overpromised and underdelivered. Sandy says that Maria took over the project, while Andy talked about Maria needing guidelines - which Wes never gave her. Wes says that he tried to give direction, but Maria says that Wes didn't plan and execute, adding that Wes never wore Levi's jeans.

Donald noted that Andy never spoke during the presentation - and he should have, since he was a debate champion. How come? Andy responds that he learned is not when to talk, but when to listen, and there was too much talking, but not enough listening. Donald liked the answer - and asks Wes who he is going to bring in. Wes says his whole team, and Donald accepts that.

Carolyn starts off the deliberations, saying that Wes is a bad leader. Bill says that Wes can't control the crew, but adds that Sandy is underutilized and Maria can't seem to work with anyone. Donald tells him that he needs to go back to Chicago and be more utilized there. Heh.

Maria and Andy both say that Wes is a lousy leader. Wes talks about the 'Back Off' incident, to which Carolyn replies that he should have benched her, as if someone did that to her, they would no longer be working for her. Wes says that he wanted to, but couldn't afford to lose 25% of his work force, which is a valid point. Donald asks Wes who he would fire, and he says Maria, because she can't be an effective producer. Donald tells Maria and Wes that they both did horrible - Maria for not listening to anyone, and Wes, for not reigning in Maria. So I'll let the Donald take this one... "Maria, you're fired... and I just have to do this, I have no choice... Wes... you're fired also."

Well, I didn't see that coming. Neither did Wes, who's mouth is agape. They both stare daggers at each other as they leave. Both Carolyn and Bill think it was a no-brainer, as Trump says that Andy needs to step up to the plate. What's the worst part about this? Maria and Wes have to take the SAME cab out of the Trump Tower, giving them even more time together. I have a feeling they didn't share any huggy time - evident by Wes saying that he would have at least liked his own cab. Heh.

Let's see who else didn't get any huggy time from The Donald as we see the standings -

So Far, So Good - Kelly, Kevin
So Far, Not So Good - Ivana, Jennifer M.
In Trouble - Sandy, Andy
You're Fired - Maria, Wes

Well, we now have another imbalance - a 4-2 advantage for Mosaic. That will get fixed next week, but who's going where? And who, thanks to project manager exemption, gets to go to the Final Four? We'll all find out in 7 days.

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