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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

Who's fired this week? Check the Apprentice 2 Portfolio!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald Trump
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"Barking Up the Wrong Tree" - October 21

On the last Apprentice, the women get their first win since the last ice age and John's chances to win the game melted away. Unlike the past few weeks, it's the women's turn to guess which of the men would be eliminated. The men ponder again as well, as Wes sticks up for Andy, saying that he brings more on the table in terms of creativity than anyone else. As he says that, Andy walks in the room and hears what Wes is saying. Wes's reward? A big hug from Andy. AwwwwBarf. Wes then says that maybe that will teach the other guys to not pick on young Andy anymore.

Everyone gets served Mexican food as the phone rings. The other line is Robyn, who tells him that everyone has to immediately go back to the Board Room. Andy wants to eat some taco, but he and everyone else comes back. Back in the Board Room, the Donald looks surprised that a number of the people are dressed up casual, adding that he is surprised that some people aren't prepared. Interesting...

Donald has another surprise for everyone. Both teams are to immediately pick a project manager. Wes goes for the men and Jennifer goes for the women. Donald sees that with 6 people on each side, it's time for a corporate restructuring. The restructuring is settled by Wes and Jennifer sending over three people that they don't want over to the other team. Well, that's one way to create drama...

Jennifer goes first and sends Sandy over. Wes sends Raj, who Donald said is probably very happy. Heh. Jennifer sends Maria over, while Wes sends over Chris. Finally, Jen sends over Stacy while Wes sends Kevin over. Hmmmm... the new teams are...

Apex: Jennifer, Elizabeth, Ivana, Raj, Kevin, Chris
Mosaic: Wes, Kelly, Andy, Stacy, Maria, Sandy

Interesting. Wes sends over, in my opinion, the three weakest guys, so I  think he's made a good move. Jen sent Stacy over, which is also a good move, but also sent Maria while keeping Elizabeth, who annoyed everyone. I guess she's figured out how to use Elizabeth - or she kept around a very good scapegoat in case her team fails. Both people have made decent moves. Let's see how it turns out...

Donald tells the people who were traded that it's business sometimes - and to tell the people who were traded that it's time to prove themselves. Sandy adds fire to that, saying that she wants to make Jennifer regret her decision. More artificial drama - you gotta love it.

Wes talks to Stacy and Sandy and wants to know about their contributions. He jokes with Stacy that she is good at being argumentative, to which Stacy says that her questions help. That gets Kelly rolling his eyes and even Stacy admits that she is 100% vocal. Wes sees that - and says that Stacy asks too many questions and can't shut up. He says that's what he needs to be careful about Stacy.

Jennifer does the same briefing - but wants to know weaknesses as well as strengths - and he wants to hear it from the other 2 guys - and not the person asked. Interesting. Raj - Kevin says he's creative, but sometimes long-winded and asks too many questions. Raj says that she's analytical, calculating and beautiful - which makes her dangerous. And I think she would swat you if you asked her out on a date, Raj.

After and the analysis, the group is asked to come to Central Park at 8am in the morning. He talks about the pet business, which is a more than 30 billion dollar industry. Their job is to create any sort of dog business - and the group with the most profit wins. George is once again on business - and this time, so is Bill, so this week's replacement is Alan Weiselberg.

Stacy is not thrilled about dogs - but she'll do what it takes to win. What else will it take to win? Trump's lesson of the week, which is 'Sell Your  Ideas'. If you think an idea is really good, keep going after it, since some of the best ideas were originally rejected.

Both teams get $1,000 of seed money, and Raj and Chris use some of it to get biscuits and shampoo to start a dog shampooing service. Raj and Elizabeth are starting to pitch it, but in Raj's words, "This is working like a hole in the head," and he goes over to complain to Jennifer. Raj wants two locations and he is concerned that they are marching towards defeat and doom.

Wes is also going for the dog washing service - with part of the proceeds going to charity. He asks Engine 74 to do it, but he is told that they can't do anything without a Union decision. Stacy is very upset, and she blames the loss of 2 hours on Wes. Here come the claws...

Andy is continuing to call up shelters and companies, and he gets Kitty Kind to agree to pick up the money. A cat store that will accept a dog donation? Wha? I agree with Stacy that calling everyone up without actually doing anything is a big waste of time. What will be a bigger waste? Andy leaving the cell phone in the now-departed taxi, which effectively stops them from splitting up. Well, if they do lose, we see the three candidates for the Board Room now, don't we?

While that is going on, Raj does another sweep, and without success, Jennifer finally listens to Raj and they agree to split up. Chris, Ivana and Raj go off to split business, and they also lower the service to dog massages (as they realize that dog don't like to get wet) for $1 a minute (since $20 is way too high). Chris, who is stuck massaging with a Rolex watch, feels like a moron...

...but at least they get the service during the lunch hour. This is important because Mosaic doesn't get set up until 12:30 pm, and they completely miss the lunch rush. Their angle is now a doggy makeover for $15, with an additional picture for an extra $5. Stacy wants to add a doggy outfit to the photo, since the reaction is that people would do that, but that gets shot down by the guys.

Stacy isn't done yet, as she goes to a store and shows them that the outfits are $30. The guys still don't want this, because it's too much money - and now they are wasting precious time and not making money for it.

Apex now adds toenail clippings to their services - and that turns out well, as Kevin holds them down while they try to clip their very sensitive toenails. Meanwhile, on Mosaic's side, Carolyn is observing Kelly and Sandy doing work and having fun, Maria doing marketing the services (and being that she's wearing heels and a VERY short skirt, marketing herself), Andy is running around like a lawyer going after an ambulance, and Stacy....well, Carolyn doesn't know what Stacy is doing - and if Trump's assistant doesn't know what Stacy is doing, that spells trouble.

Wes is counting the money, stating that if they win, he'll be a hero, but if he loses, he'll be a Jackass. Chris thinks that his team will be a Jackass, and he'll be shocked if Apex wins. Ivana thinks that if they lose, it's Jen's fault for taking too much control and not delegating enough. After venting over a dinner at Tao, the teams come into the Board Room. Carolyn said that they came in late, but they made a profit of $122.50. Alan said that because of diversification, they made $307.41. Donald says that We's team lost, and he may start looking if there are any Jackass suits left at the little doggy store.

The reward for Apex? A trip to the current Mayor, Michael Bloomberg's place at Gracie Mansion. Nine mayors have lived there and Bloomberg, who more uses it for work, gives them advice in the business world. He tells them not to compromise on your objectives or standards, because the worst thing you can do is compromise and lose. Raj says that knowledge is power, and the trips to get that knowledge from successful people is more important than any trip to a dinner.

Wes is hoping that Stacy will get some knowledge, as he tells Stacy that he will not bad-mouth her - if she does the same. Stacy is already bad mouthing Wes, stating that Donald is going to fire him, so I guess that idea is by the boards. Speaking of boards, Maria, who is exempt, is asked who is responsible. Maria says that it was a simple task that they screwed up on. The attention then goes to Andy, who left the cell phone and costs them valuable time. Donald says that he keeps sticking up for him, and Wes says that Andy needs to be checked on and managed. Andy counters by saying that he closed the charity deal within an hour, but Donald told him that dogs don't want to be known by having their money go to a cat charity.

The attention turns to Stacy, who says that she would fire Andy. Andy says that he would fire Wes. Wes says that Maria is exempt and Sandy and Kelly are completely accountable, so he has no choice but to take Stacy and Andy. All's going according to Wes and Stacy's plan, and at the deliberation, Alan says that Andy should have been more responsible, and they both wonder what Stacy did during the task. This one may come down to final deliberations.

Wes is asked why Stacy is there, and he said that Stacy wasted time to try to buy outfits for dogs. Stacy disagrees, saying that she tried to get her point across, but Wes didn't do anything. Carolyn asks what she brought to the table. Stacy says that she promoted, but Carolyn says that she didn't see do anything. Andy says that Stacy has good ideas, but she has to communicate them. Stacy agrees, but the Donald says that Stacy has to sell them. Wes says that he is a good leader because he sells his ideas. Donald says that he was a terrible manager - but he detests someone for blaming something just because they don't get their point across. We've seen this as why Rob got fired, and now that's the same reason why Stacy is getting fired this week.

Outside, Wes wants to give Stacy a sympathy hug, but she'll have none of that and she just shakes his hand. Donald is tired of not taking responsibility, and says that if you want something, you have to go out and get it. He's looking for that sort of personality, and he didn't get it, hence the boot. I don't know if he made the right choice, but it's apparent that he has given enough time to try to see potential from Stacy - and he didn't get it.

With that, let's see who else is in danger of not getting it...

So Far, So Good - Jennifer M., Kelly, Sandy, Maria, Chris
So Far, Not So Good - Ivana, Kevin
In Trouble - Raj, Elizabeth, Andy, Wes
You're Fired - Stacy

Next week, Andy gets his shot at project manager, while Elizabeth gets her shot at...getting fired by her team? It certainly seems that one of those two will be leaving next week, but you know those wacky preview people. Tune it to see if one of them will be leaving - or if we have a surprise departure.

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