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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

Who's fired this week? Check the Apprentice 2 Portfolio!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald Trump
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Creator: Mark Burnett
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"Send in the Crowns" - September 23

I was sort of thinking about this right after Bradford got fired - how in the
world are the rest of the people upstairs going to handle this? Stacy broke
the news that Bradford waived his exemption and Pamela called it a stroke of non-genius. According to Andy, "It was like saying that you're the world's safest driver, so you don't have to wear your seat belt anymore." Sure enough, Bradford got into the crash of doom, and everyone is stunned. Jennifer says that the team is weaker without him, but that the moral of the story is that you are never safe. Very true words.

Realizing that they are going to be in a huge Stacie meltdown, Stacy calls everyone in to have a meeting and vent. Stacie vents that she was selling her ass off. Marie turns around and told Stacie that her freaking out with the 8 ball freaked everyone out - and that is a huge stigma to overcome. Stacie realizes that she has to prove that she is a viable player - but that is a very big mountain to climb.

The first step up the mountain starts the next morning, as the group meets him in the lobby of Trump Tower. The Donald wants him to think big, as he is with two members of Proctor & Gamble. They will be launching Crest Vanilla Mint Toothpaste. They will be giving them a $50,000 account. The objective is to who can create the biggest buzz - and the winners will be determined by Proctor & Gamble. Someone will be fired except Kelly, unless he wants to pull a Bradford, Marcellas, etc.

The men draw names - and Kevin is the new project manager. He gets the group together and the ideas, ranging from turning the water to toothpaste color, getting the mayor to try the toothpaste while they are dressed up as teeth and pumping the aroma in subways (whaaa?), while Andy will try to create a million dollar sweepstakes and buy $40,000 worth of insurance. It's not a bad idea... well, it beats turning the water into toothpaste.

Trump's Lesson - 'A Penny Saved is a Penny Saved'. You get into trouble when you go over budget. Seems simple enough - how much do you want to bet that someone blows it?

Elizabeth, who worked previously for Proctor & Gamble, decided to be the Project Manager. The idea is to get a celebrity to be there for 30 minutes for an hour. They want someone who is positive, and Mike Piazza comes up. They allotted $10,000 for him - but he wants $20,000. The women agree on it and they want him to kiss someone. He won't do it, but he will brush his teeth with it. The women are sold, and they think it's a home run. Blah.

Andy and Kevin meet with the insurance people at DeVries, and she said that she didn't know if they had enough time. She said to check it through legal, and Pamela says that any time that anyone has to call legal, the answer is usually no. "When the group agreed to do it, we put our eggs, chickens, we put the whole damn pen in one basket. If it falls through, we have no backup plan." Uh-oh...

Apex goes to pick up samples of toothpaste - 20,000 tubes worth. They think that it's the small size - but when they go into the room, they see that it's the regular size, and the total is around 5 times as much as the van that can carry it. Jennifer G, who is with Stacie, is convinced that she is dead weight.

The women have more problems - Jennifer M. wants to use the color photos, which look great. Maria asks the printers how much its going to cost - and they won't know until their budget people get in at 7am the next day. This concerns Ivana, who is the head of the budget. We'll get back to this later...

Andy thinks that if the idea works, then he's going to look like a genius. The idea... doesn't work, and legal wins again. They say that it's an
impossibility to get the liability, and they have to figure out something else. Oops. Apex has to scale it down from a million to three drawings of $5,000 - since that or less does not have to be claimed by the IRS. They also get a circus with fire breathers together, and that looks sort of fun. Kevin thinks that it's a great spectacle, which is exactly what P&G wants.

Meanwhile, Mike Piazza comes on down for Apex, and he is drawing a crowd. He says that he has always used Crest and he never had a cavity in his life. He tries it, and he says that it tastes delicious. Piazza is selling it like a pro - and the women add that they need to have a Crest flyer to get Piazza's signature. Piazza gives out the signatures and it seems like they got a lot more people than Mosaic did.

But not everything was all rosy. It turns out that they allocated $1,800 for the color fliers. The actual cost? $6,900 and change. Ouch, They are over budget by $5,000, which is a direct violation of the rules of the competition. Ivana is trying to talk the price down, while a distressed Maria, who set and negotiated the price, could only watch with a sheepish grin.

Later on that day, the group comes in to meet Diana Dietz and Bryan McCleary, the two judges from P&G. The judges decide that.... Apex created the better buzz. HOWEVER, they also went over budget by $5,000, and Mosaic didn't. Elizabeth didn't realize this until right before the judges, and Donald gets on her immediately for not knowing this.  Therefore, Mosaic wins, and their reward is a dinner on the Queen Mary II. In addition, Kevin is exempt as he adds that he hope he doesn't do what Bradford did. Kevin assures him that he won't. Heh.

Mosaic gets to meet the Grand Commodore, who takes them around the ship, which is bigger than the Empire State Building laid on it's side. They get lobster and filet mignon, and John toasts to the continuous defeat of the ladies. "May they continue forever."

After the meal, the team goes up to the deck of the Queen Mary II, and they are almost blown away by the wind. Chris adores the view of the Statue of Liberty and all of New York, as he reminisces about his ancestors coming over. They wind up singing America the Beautiful, and even Pamela joins in.

The only thing that Apex will be joining in is name-calling, as they are trying to figure out how to get rid of Stacie J. They think that even though she is the worst person, she is not the reason why they lost - Maria is, because she blew the prices on the color copying. Elizabeth and Maria go after each other - Maria is accused of covering her tracks, while Maria accuses Elizabeth of not keeping track. Stacie thinks that they have formed a sorority and she is convinced that she will be going to the Boardroom.

As they enter the room, the Donald reminds them that going 10% over is a lot. Liz was surprised that they went over, and she blames the person in charge of that project - Maria. Maria counters with the agency not getting the idea. George reminds everyone that we wouldn't have this conversation if one item didn't cost over 6 times more than budgeted. Stacie says Elizabeth should have gone, while Stacy and Ivana both point their fingers at Stacie, for setting mini-fires that Elizabeth has to put out.

Elizabeth decides to bring Stacie and Maria with her to the Boardroom. Carolyn thinks that it's a toss-up between Maria and Elizabeth, while George is leaning towards Maria. Donald invites them both back in and asks Elizabeth why Stacie is there. She says that Maria was the person responsible. Donald asks again why Stacie is there, and Maria says that due to her 8 ball antics in the first task, that terrified the girls. Stacie says that this is all blown out of proportion. Donald says that the two people, who hate each them both agree that Stacie is nuts. He asks Maria if they have all seen her do this, and she says yes.

The Donald tells Maria to get all of the women down - and to not say why. Donald wants Stacie to realize that he doesn't want a crazy person running his company. All of the women come back and Donald asks the women what is going on with Stacie, adding that both Elizabeth and Maria were horrible. Ivana says that Stacie flips out while Stacy is wondering if Stacie's behavior was clinical. Jen says it was strange behavior and she was nervous while Sandy was horrified. Donald has said that when they are all pointing fingers at her - there has to be some sort of reason - and remembering Sam and Omarosa from last season, he can't have another loose cannon running around. Donald fires Stacie.

Everyone goes upstairs. Carolyn was surprised, but the Donald says that he had no choice - and once again, I agree. Most of the women don't like each other, but they all agreed that Stacie had to go - and that has to account for something.

This chart also accounts for something...

So Far, So Good - Jennifer M., Stacy, Kelly, Sandy, Kevin, Raj, Chris
So Far, Not So Good - John, Wes, Andy, Jennifer G.
In Trouble - Elizabeth, Maria, Ivana, Pamela
You're Fired - Stacie

Next week - Bill Rancic returns - and he promises to make George look like a teddy bear. Maybe Bill will be crazy by the end of the episode. You have to tune in next week to find out...

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