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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

Who's fired this week? Check the Apprentice 2 Portfolio!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
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"The Last Supper" - September 29

We start out this episode the way we start of the other ones - where the guys, as usual, guess the wrong person is leaving. Raj, as the token wrong guesser for the episode, guesses Elizabeth. The women quickly prove him wrong as they say that Stacie J is fired. The women explain the whole story to Raj, and Kevin, who apparently liked Stacie J, goes after the women, asking them which one of them is clinically certified to say that she was crazy. Jennifer adds to that, saying that everyone may have felt threatened by Stacie, but no one ponied up and said anything until today, so Stacie could be made out to be a scapegoat and save everyone else's hides. Yes, Jennifer, EVERYONE did that, including YOU.

Kevin rightfully rips the women a new one, and at least Jennifer acknowledges it, adding that Stacie J wasn't the reason why they lost. She adds that it was Elizabeth's fault, and she was a terrible leader. The focus now turns to Elizabeth, who tries to explain herself, and then has to leave. "I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach, and I was not sure if I was going to be able to get up." The Elizabeth issue continues and the guys, who are just watching, are licking their lips in wondering how they can carve the women up and eat them for dinner.

They'll have to wait until the next night, because the Donald, who is at Jean George restaurant, is there to meet them at 9am for breakfast. Joining Donald is Carolyn... and BILL RANCIC (last year's Apprentice winner) who is there brokering a deal with the restaurateurs to help them out with Bill's Chicago project. Bill is also filling in for George, who is out on business.

Speaking of restaurants, each team will be working on a restaurant property. The objective - to transform restaurants to eating places. The winning team will be the team with the highest rating in the Zagat book (a book that customers fill out reviews for). The losing team will have someone go bye-bye - unless it's Kevin on the losing team, since he can't be fired this week.

The women draws a name out of the hat, and Jen C. is the new project manager. She says that she wants to keep it simple - and therefore makes it Asian Fusion. Wha? Stacy was these ideas of grandeur, and Jen, who finds Stacy the most annoying woman she has ever met, lets her do so.
Meanwhile, the guys, who draw names out of a fish bowl, draw out Raj's name, and he gets to be the Project Manager. However, it's Chris's forts to be in the restaurant business, and he gives the guys training in greeting people, including the art of the small talk. As he does this, he curses the public out, saying that he hates them - but what he does say makes sense, and he says that he knows how to turn it on and off. Raj says he hopes so...

The women are at the restaurant, and Jen C. likes the decor. Ivana wants to know what the next step is, and Jen C., realizing that she forgot her computer and phone, tells them all to go back to their suite, as she asks for the little munchkin (Stacy). Ivana is frustrated by Jen C.'s lack of planning and she wonders how this is going to get done. I am wondering that too, as Jen C. better make sure that Stacy doesn't hear the munchkin comment, or this episode is going to get very nasty.

That night both teams realize that their places are dirty. Kevin says that their place is now cleaned, while the women are realizing that their place needs to be clean. They decide to pull an all-nighter and clean it themselves - at 4am to do so. Unbeknownst to them, the guys hired a cleaning service for their area - so they didn't have to pull the all-nighter. Ivana is furious. "You have to be at tip-top shape to open up a restaurant. Jen C. just doesn't going to get it. If we are going to pull it off, it's not going to be because of Jen C.'s leadership skills, I can tell you that right now."

The Trump lesson of the week - 'Be Respected'. People have to respect you or you cannot be a leader. That sounds like a direct attack at Jen C...

...who, after 90 minutes worth of sleep, is ready to go. Sandy says that it's frustrating getting no sleep, and it's evident by the women sniping at each other as they get plates, silverware, and everything needed for the restaurant's opening.

John decides to volunteer to paint artwork for the restaurant, as one of the ratings for the Zagat survey is decor. John knows that if the art sucks, he will be in the Board Room, but Raj seems to like it and John seems to be happy.

Far from happy, Elizabeth wants to run promotions and get 2 people. Jen C. says that she can only give her one person, which frustrates her because if they lose, she is going to the Board Room. A sobbing Elizabeth gets consoled by Maria, and she complains that she can't do anything right with the team. Jen M. on the other hand, says that no one has had enough time to do what they want and she needs to get over it.

Another woman who is unhappy with Jen C's leadership ability is Stacy, who is getting nuts that Jen C. is literally hovering over her while she is working. She takes a deep breath when Jen C. talks to her - and she accuses her of rolling her eyes. Jen C. then tells both her and Maria to get dressed. A flabbergasted Maria looks on as Jen and Stacy get into it and Stacy says that Jen C. hasn't earned her respect - and walks away. A frustrated Jen makes a fist sign at Stacy and I am just wondering if Stacy somehow heard that munchkin comment.

Eventually, the women do get all dressed up, and Jennifer M. says that the women, although splintered, are uniting to make sure that they win. Sandy, who is in charge of the decor, says that she did a great job on it - but the two old women who go into the restaurant as the first customers seem to disagree. Jen C., still not learning from her relations with her own team, goes out and badgers the women (calling them old bags to the camera) and tries to persuade them to like the decor, adding that she loved what Sandy did.

The men's attitude is simple - instead of persuading the customers, they have to make sure they are happy with the three things that they are being graded on - Decor, Food and Service. Raj's problem table, which Chris waits on, has 4 guys who are going to the theater, complaining that their soup isn't chilled enough. Chris, who thinks that the guys are gay, sends John (the most attractive one there, according to Chris) out there to help them out - and maybe drop a fork and bend over for them. That seems silly - but being that the first idea was to send him out there to give them all a b$owjob, this seems to be the tamest idea. Sure enough, the guys stare at John, adding that they now like the soup. Well, the women use their sex appeal in the first season to win challenges - all is fair in love and Apprentice competitions.

Back to the women's (Apex) side - and Jen C. is still badgering the customers, who stare at her, wondering when she will leave so they can eat their food in peace. Ivana wisely gets the women to disperse so they can help customers - and tries to make sure that they don't have the impression of loafing around.

At Mosaic, Pamela and Andy both goof around and cater to the customer's every whim. They seem to be having fun, and the mood permeates among the staff. When everyone leaves, the guys think they did a job well done. The women agree - but, as Jennifer M says, "I think we got together and got this accomplished despite Jen C."

But did they win the task despite Jen C.? Back at the board room, we find out the results... Bill says that according to Zagat, they liked the food, but
they don't like the chairs and tables and the women were milling around like a bunch of uptight stewardesses. Food - 22, Decor - 16, Service - 19. Total 57. On Mosaic's side, they like the food and the artwork, though not liking the chairs. They also like the services. Food 22, Decor 18, Service - 21. Total 61. John and Chris pull through as the guys win - again.

As a reward, the guys get to meet Rudy Giuliani. Jen C. is shocked at both the outcome and the reviews as her team has to go back to the Board Room. Ok... so Ivana, Stacy, Elizabeth and Jen M. all are upset at Jen C. That's over half of the team. Jen C. better select very wisely who she brings with her to the Board Room.

The guys meet Rudy in his office, which Raj describes as a museum. He adds that everyone has to be accountable, including the leader, and he adds that the leader needs to know what is important to him and what he believes. The guys are blown away by this and they are grateful for the experience.

On the flip of the coin, Jen C. says how ungrateful the rest of the women are and there is not a bunch of 'witches' that she would like to fire more.
Sandy, who clearly is on the block, since it was her decor that doomed the team, does the right thing - and sucks up to Jen C., adding that she has been the best Project Manager so far. She tells Jen C. that Elizabeth is weak and should be a target. Elizabeth, sensing this, starts to plan out her defense and talks to Ivana about it.

Jen C. continues to talk to Sandy, saying that it was the two old Jewish fat ladies that cost them the win. Within earshot of that comment - Stacy, who is also Jewish. Oops. Jen also calls them b!tches who can kiss her @ss and Stacy has heard enough. Stacy tells Ivana and Elizabeth about what's going on and listening to her, behind her, is Jen C. Oops. Jen C., behind her back, gives her the finger and then comes up behind her and asks her to stop spreading controversy. They get into it, which results in them both being nasty to each other. Ooh, what fun. Stacy: "If Jen C. wants to bring me in the Board Room, she better be prepared for what she's going to be dealing with, because it's not going to be fun for her." CAT FIGHT!

In the Board Room, Ivana says that there is some leadership problems due to lack of sleeping. Jen C. says that her father says that if you have time to
sleep, you had time to work, which doesn't go well with Donald because he notes that the men had a cleaning group work for them. Carolyn says that part of the problem was that the women were dressing in fine style for a more relaxed neighborhood, and says that the decor was a major problem. Jen C., on the other hand, defended the decor and said that it was gorgeous. Carolyn said that it was gorgeous, but was wrong for the environment.

Ivana and Stacy go right after Jen C., saying that she needs to take responsibility. This turns into a shouting match between Jen C. and Stacy, which prompts Carolyn to ask the women if they can ever get along. Jen C. interrupts Carolyn (never a good thing to do) and Carolyn has to put Jen C. in her place - again. Carolyn adds that she is embarrassed to be a business woman.

Trump asks Maria who should be fired - and she says Jen C. Sandy, who is the real person that cost the team the match, also says she would fire Jen C. OUCH! THAT should have been the message to Jen C. to bring in Sandy, but she elects to bring in Stacy and Elizabeth. Both Carolyn and Bill warn her that this isn't a game, and that building alliances is a very good way to leave the game quickly, but Jen C. doesn't listen, stays with her decision on Jen C. and Elizabeth, and there's no doubt in my mind that Jen C. is toast.

Back in deliberations, Carolyn thinks the decision for Jen C. was completely personal, while Bill says that she needed to lead more by example. Donald asks why Stacy is there, and she says that she is a thorn in her side and gets in her way. Stacy says it's personal, adding that she wouldn't want Jen C. to work in her company. Elizabeth adds that it is personal, and Jen C. was looking for a scapegoat. She added that Jen C. undermined promotions. Jen C says that Elizabeth was on the verge of a breakdown, trying to get the Stacie J defense, but Elizabeth and Stacy both quickly shoot that down, with Stacy wondering why Sandy isn't there. Jen C. said that Sandy did more than any of them, but Carolyn says that Sandy was the reason (Decor) that they failed, and she should be there. Jen C. says that she takes responsibility for Sandy, and Donald says that the one chance she had to get off the hook - she didn't use. "Jennifer, this is really easy - you're fired."

Stacy is smug and she and Elizabeth leave quickly, blowing Jen C. off as they leave. Donald feels good about it, as it's been his easiest decision to make in a while. Jennifer leaves in her cab, and I leave you with the ratings.

So Far, So Good - Jennifer M., Kelly, Sandy, Kevin, Raj, Chris
So Far, Not So Good - John, Wes, Andy, Stacy
In Trouble - Elizabeth, Maria, Ivana, Pamela
You're Fired - Jen C.

Next week - Pamela joins the women's team for a competition at QVC. Welcome to Hell, Pamela. We'll see on the next episode how long her sentence is.

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