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Eighteen men and women have been chosen by the most powerful man in real estate for a 15-week job interview, in which only one can be named president of one of his companies.

Who will Donald Trump choose as his next Apprentice?

Who's fired this week? Check the Apprentice 2 Portfolio!

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Donald Trump
Assistants: George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher
Creator: Mark Burnett
EP: Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Trump Productions.
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00pm ET on NBC

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"Lights! Camera! Transaction!" - October 7

Jen M and Maria start the episode as they tell Kevin that the Board Room was brutal, as she agrees with Carolyn that the women have been a complete disgrace. Stacy comes back and says that the witch is dead - and everyone assumes that Jen C. is gone. However, it doesn't stop there - Stacy goes after Sandy for not helping them against Jen C. - and Sandy says that it was unprofessional for crying in the restaurant and that it shouldn't have taken Stacy 45 minutes to order bread. That breaks down into another argument, where John playfully uses the Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter phrase 'Round 1 - Fight!' Even Pamela, who is a woman, is agape and she is glad that she is on the men's team, as she is a competitor first and a woman second.

Everyone gets the call to go to UPS, where Chris is now the project manager for the guys. No mention of the women project manager is announced - because the Donald has had enough of the women. Hence, he pulls Pamela from the men's team to the women's side and has her become project manager. The women don't seem to be too thrilled - and neither does Pamela. Donald tells her that it's going to be tough, as the level of animosity is beyond belief. Well put.

On to this week's task. QVC is one of the biggest nation's electronic retailer, as they ship out 54 million products. The task - pick one of two products from QVC and pitch it live on television. Whoever makes the most amount of money will win, and someone from the losing team will be gone - except Raj, who is exempt.

Everyone takes a bus to Pennsylvania for a 2 and a half hour ride. On the bus, Pamela tells everyone that things are going to be different. She's going to be bossy and b!tchy, because in her words, nothing has been 'f#cking working'. It's all well and good to command respect, but based on Trump's lesson from last week, you have to command respect to get respect and she was being very condescending. Maria agrees with that sentiment and she is insulted by it.

Pamela then does something smart, asking them all what their strengths are. Maria says communications and speech, and while she is talking, so is Stacy. Pam tells Stacy to not interrupt while what is going on, adding that she needs to whip the team into shape. I agree with the sentiment, but not necessarily in how she is doing it, as you can't have bees produce honey by throwing water on them.

The lesson for the week - 'Price it Right'. If you price something too high, they won't buy, but too low and you run out of product.

Raj says that the challenge is huge, because if they do, Trump will equate their success to Pamela, who has been considered the weak link of the men's link.

The women choose the 'It Works' cleaning block. Pamela gives everyone tasks - Jen and Maria will be the communicators, Sandy will be doing set design, Ivana and Elizabeth is working on the script and Stacy will be doing legal and the liaison. Ivana likes it - except noting that Pamela isn't taking
accountability for herself, which is fine if they all win. If they lose...

Pamela asks Stacy for a pricing point for the object, and Stacy first says $19.99, but isn't sure. Pamela presses her, and she says to not to talk to her in that fashion. Pamela sighs and takes the responsibility from Stacy as she creates her own point because Stacy wouldn't give her an answer (though she did - $19.99 - before getting interrupted).

The men choose the DeLonghi Panini Grill. It's their turn to create a price, and Kelly wants to make it $71.50. Raj suggests $69.99, as it psychologically makes it seem like it's $60.00, but Kelly and Raj get into is and Chris is watching the ping-pong match. They keep it at $71.50 and Raj is very concerned about the price.

Pamela wants toe package to be $29.99, but Ivana tries to convince her that it should be lower, as the thought is that $1 a sponge blows as a deal.
Meanwhile, Stacy is doing legal, and Pamela thinks she is being too thorough in legal. Wha? Stacy is rightfully confused. "If you don't want someone thorough to do legal, then don't ask the lawyer."

More chaos on the set, as Ivana and Elizabeth is frowning on Maria's action. They both think that Maria looks like she is having a seizure, while they like Jennifer's work. They think that Jennifer should be the lead spokeswoman and that Maria should just stand there and look pretty. Elizabeth says this to Ivana on the loudspeaker - not realizing that its VERY loud and Maria can hear what they are saying. Oops. Maria says that the meeting will not be necessary as she goes off to vent.

Hopefully, things are going better on the men's side - and they are, as Andy equates all the electronics to a Las Vegas casino. The Donald watches both the men and women's performances on television. The men are having fun - until they get on the air and the callers plummet from 300 to 50. Peg from Oklahoma calls in for a testimonial, and the numbers do go up, but they only sell 191 of the 800 planned. Raj immediately blames it on the pricing, and he gets ready to stick Kelly on the Panini Grill.

The women start out worse, as they get no calls in the first few minutes. Once they show the product, however, they start getting calls in and they sell around 600 units. The number of units sold far outpaces the guys - but did they sell enough, financially?

The tally comes in. The women sell 649 units at $27.23 for a total of $17,944.57. The men sold 252 units of the grill at $71,25, for a total of $17,955. Mosaic wins by $10.43. They get the win, and Chris compliments Kelly on the extra dollar while Raj stares in disbelief. The men, as a reward, will get to meet John McEnroe and Anna Kournikova as the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium to play tennis. Both teams will be selling their product again at QVC on October 11th. Someone on the women's team, however, will be seeing game, set and match.

The guys walk out and see John and Anna play some tennis. Andy idolizes
McEnroe, and for him, it's a dream come true. Raj's dream is to have a date with Anna, and he asks her out. Anna is flattered - and dares Raj to hit back one of five serves. He completely misses the first serve, and it goes downhill from there. Raj calls it Bill Clinton serves, but it does him no good and he loses. The penalty? The guys tell her to run around once around the field wearing nothing but his boxers. Raj, grudgingly, complies, while everyone is hitting tennis balls at him. Even John is having fun as they enjoy the day out.

Remember when Trump was wondering why the women were all aligned against Stacie? Well Stacy bring everyone over to try to figure out how to get rid of Pamela. The women decide that it's either Pamela or one of them, and they decide that it's better that Pamela leaves. Pamela, who is shooting hoops and is working out, thought she was effective, thinks that the other women would be under more fire - but it wouldn't surprise her if she, who was sent to get a win that she didn't get, would leave as well. Foreshadowing?

The women return to the Board Room - and George has returned as well. Donald is upset that the women lost. Pamela thinks it was closer to a tie, but Donald explains that a loss is a loss, regardless. Jennifer says that the price is too low, while Pamela thought the price was too high. Carolyn agrees with.. Jennifer, while Ivana says that her style is not conducive to the rest of their styles. Pamela elects to bring Stacy and Maria with her to the Board Room.

In deliberations, George liked Pamela's leadership, while he thinks that the women should be mad at her. Carolyn agrees, but says that the price was the reason why they lost - and the price was set by Pamela. Pamela is asked why Stacy was in there, and she says that her talking is detrimental to the team, Stacy immediately replies and talks about legal, adding that if he wants another Enron, there's Pamela. When she is asked about Maria, Pamela replied that Maria identified herself as public speaking - but she crumpled on the camera and she had to replace her. Stacy says that Maria wasn't utilized and Pamela didn't want to take accountability. Pamela says that she let people take assessment of people - but more importantly, she didn't assess them because she was too busy speaking at them instead of speaking to them. Pamela tries to argue, but Donald fires her in the middle of her talking, and that's that.

I don't think that she was the worst person, but she made too many mistakes and the price, which did cost the team the match, was right on her shoulders. That being said, some of the women didn't do themselves any favors this past episode...

So Far, So Good - Jennifer M., Kelly, Sandy, Kevin, Chris
So Far, Not So Good - John, Wes, Andy, Ivana, Raj
In Trouble - Elizabeth, Maria, Stacy
You're Fired - Pamela

Next week - the teams do women's fashion. If the women are going to win anything, they SHOULD win this one, right? Or will the guys take this one as well, which will lead Trump to think about firing all of the women? Tune in as we do a little pret-a-porter.

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